1 Iosias appoynteth Priests, & keepeth the Passeouer. 7 Offrings for the Priestes and the people. 11 The order of the Leuites. 23 The vpright life of Iosias. 25 His death & the occasion thereof, and the lamentation for him. 34 Ioachaz appoynted King. 53 The destruction of Ierusalem.

1 And Iosias kept the [Note: 2.King.23.21. 2.chro.35.1. ] Passeouer to his Lorde in Ierusalem, and offred the Passeouer in the fourteenth daye of the first moneth,

2 And appointed the Priests according to their dayly courses, being clothed with long garments in the Temple of the Lord.

3 And he spake to the Leuites the holy Ministers of Israel, that they should sanctifie themselues to the Lord, to set the holy Arke of the Lord in the House, which Salomon the sonne of King Dauid had buylt,

4 And sayde, Ye shall no more beare the Arke vpon your shoulders: now therefore serue the Lord your God; and take the charge of his people of Israel, & prepare according to your families & tribes,

5 After the writing of Dauid King of Israel, & according to the Maiestie of Salomon his sonne, and stande in the Temple (according to the order of the dignitie of your fathers the Leuites) which were appoynted before your brethren the children of Israel.

6 Offer in order the Passeouer, and make readie the sacrifices for your brethren, and keepe the Passeouer after the Lordes commandement giuen to Moyses.

7 And Iosias gaue to the people that was present, thirtie thousand lambes and kiddes with three thousand calues.

8 These were giuen of the Kings possessions according to the promes, to the people, and to the Priestes, and to the Leuites. Then gaue Helkias and Zacharias and [Note: Or, Jehiel. ] Syelus the gouernours of the Temple, to the Priests for the Passeouer two thousande sixe hundreth sheepe, and three hundreth calues.

9 Furthermore, Iechonias, and Samaias, & Nathanael his brother, and [Note: Or, Hasabias. ] Sabias and [Note: Or, Iehiel. ] Chielus, and [Note: Or, Choraba. ] Ioram captaines gaue to the Leuites for the Passeouer fiue thousande sheepe, and seuen hundreth calues.

10 And whe these things were done, the Priests and the Leuites stoode in order, hauing vnleauened bread according to the tribes,

11 And after the order of the dignitie of their fathers, before the people to offer to the Lord, as it is written in the bookes of Moyses: and thus they did in the morning.

12 And they rosted the Passeouer with fire as [Note: Exod.12.1. ] apperteined, and they sod their offrings with perfumes in caldrons and pottes,

13 And set it before all them that were of the people, and afterwarde they prepared for themselues, and for the Priests their brethren the sonnes of Aaron.

14 For the Priestes offred the fatte vnto the Euening, and the Leuites did make ready for them selues, and for the Priests their brethren the sonnes of Aaron.

15 And the holy singers, the sonnes of Asaph, were in their orders, according to the appoynted [Page] ordinances of Dauid, to wit, Asaph, and Azarias, and [Note: Or, Ieduthun. ] Eddinus, which was of the Kings appoyntment.

16 And the porters were at euery gate, so that it was not lawfull, that any should passe his ordinarie watche: for their brethren the Leuites made readie for them.

17 And in that day those things which apperteined to the sacrifice of the Lord, were accomplished, that they might offer the Passeouer,

18 And offer sacrifices vpon the altar of the Lorde, according to the commandement of King Iosias.

19 So the children of Israel, which were present at that time, kept the Passeouer and the feast of vnleauened bread seuen dayes.

20 And there was not such a Passeouer kept in Israel since the time of Samuel the Prophet.

21 And al the Kings of Israel did not offer such a Passeouer, as did Iosias, and the Priestes, and the Leuites, and the Iewes, and all Israel, which were found to remaine in Ierusalem.

22 In the eighteenth yeere of the reigne of Iosias was this Passeouer kept.

23 The works of Iosias were vpright before his Lord with a heart full of godlinesse.

24 And concerning the things which came to passe in his time, they are written before, to wit, of those that sinned & did wickedly against the Lord, aboue euery nation and kingdome, & grieued him with [Note: Or, by worshipping sensible creatures. ] sensible things, so that the words of the Lord stoode vp against Israel.

25 [Note: 2.Chro.35.20. ] Now after al these actes of Iosias, it came to passe that when Pharao King of Egypt came to moue warre at Carchamis vpon Euphrates, Iosias went out against him.

26 But the King of Egypt sent to him, saying, What haue I to do with thee, O King of Iudea?

27 I am not sent of the Lord God against thee: but my warre is vpon Euphrates, & now the Lord is with me, and the Lord hasteneth me forwarde: depart from me, and be not against the Lord.

28 But Iosias would not turne backe his chariot from him, but prepared himselfe to fight with him, not regarding the wordes of Ieremias the Prophet by the mouth of the Lord.

29 But he set himselfe in battel aray against him in the fielde of Megeddo, and the Princes came downe to King Iosias.

30 And the King sayde to his seruants, Conuey me out of the battel, for I am very weake. And by & by his seruants brought him out of the battell.

31 So he gate vpon his second chariot, & being come againe to Ierusalem he changed his life, and was buried in his fathers graue.

32 And in all Iudea was Iosias bewayled, yea, Ieremias the Prophet did lament for Iosias, and the gouernours and their wiues did lament him vnto this day: and this was ordeined in all the kinred of Israel, to be done continually.

33 But these things are written in the booke of the stories of the Kings of Iudea, and euery one of the actes that Iosias did, and his glorie, & his knowledge in the Lawe of the Lorde, and the thinges which he did before, and the things now rehearsed are registred in the booke of the Kings of Israel and Iudea.

34 Then they of the nation tooke [Note: 2.King.23.30. 2.chro.36.1. ] Ioachaz the sonne of Iosias, and made him King in steade of his father Iosias, when he was three and twentie yeere olde.

35 And he reigned in Iudea and in Ierusalem three moneths: for the King of Egypt deposed him from reigning in Ierusalem.

36 He taxed also the people of an hundreth talents of siluer, and one talent of golde.

37 And the king of Egypt made Ioacim his brother King of Iudea and Ierusalem.

38 And he bound Ioachaz and his gouernours: but when he had taken Zaraces his brother, he led him away into Egypt.

39 Twentie & fiue yere olde was Ioacim, when he reigned in Iudea and Ierusalem, and he did euill in the sight of the Lord.

40 Wherefore against him came vp Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon, who when hee had bound him with a chayne of brasse, lead him away into Babylon.

41 Then Nabuchodonosor tooke of the holy vessels of the Lorde, and caryed them away, and set them in his Temple at Babylon.

42 But all his actes, and his prophanation, & his reproche are written in the booke of the Chronicles of the Kings.

43 And Ioacim his sonne reigned for him: and when hee was made King, he was eighteene yeere olde.

44 And he reygned three moneths and tenne dayes in Ierusalem, and he did euill in the sight of the Lorde.

45 So a yeere after Nabuchodonosor sent & brought him to Babylon with the holy vessels of the Lorde.

46 And he made Sedecias king of Iudea and Ierusalem, when he was one and twentie yeere olde, and he reigned eleuen yeeres.

47 And he did euil in the sight of the Lord, neither did he feare the wordes spoken [Note: Iere.38.21. ] by Ieremias the Prophet from the mouth of the Lord.

48 For after that he was sworne to King Nabuchodonosor, he forsware himselfe by the Name of the Lord and fell away, and hardened his necke & his heart, and transgressed the lawes of the Lorde God of Israel.

49 Also the gouernours of the people, and the Priests committed many things against the Lawes, and passed al the pollutions of al nations, & polluted the Temple of the Lorde, which was sanctified in Ierusalem.

50 Neuerthelesse the God of their fathers sent his messenger to call them backe, because he spared them and his owne Tabernacle.

51 But they derided his messengers, and in the day, that the Lorde spake vnto them, they mocked his Prophets,

52 So that he, being moued to anger against his people for their great wickednes, commaunded the Kings of the Caldeans to inuade them.

53 These killed their yong men with the sword rounde about their holy Temple, neither did they spare yong man, nor mayden, neither olde man, nor childe among them.

54 But he deliuered them all into their handes, and all the holy vessels of the Lord, both great and small with the vessels of the Arke of God: and they tooke, and carryed away the Kings treasures into Babylon.

55 And they set fire in the House of the Lord, & brake downe the walles of Ierusalem, and burne their towres with fire.

56 They consumed also all the precious thinges:

[Page 130]
thereof, and brought them to nought, and those that were left by the sworde, hee caryed away into Babylon.
57 And they were seruantes to him, and to his children till the Persians reigned, to fulfil the word of the Lord by the mouth of [Note: Iere.25.11. and 29.10. ] Ieremias,

58 And that the lande might inioy her Sabbaths all the time, that it was desolate, till seuentie yeeres were accomplished.


1 Cyrus gaue leaue to the Iewes to returne. 10 He sent the holy vessels. 13 The names of them that returned. 16 Their aduersaries did let their building, and the Kings letters for the sonne.

1 In [Note: 2.Chro.36.22. Ezra.1.1. ] the first yeere of the reigne of Cyrus king of the Persians, to fulfill the worde of the Lorde by the mouth of Ieremias,

2 The Lord raised vp the spirit of Cyrus king of the Persians, and he made proclamatio throughout all his kingdome, euen by expresse letters,

3 Saying, Thus sayth Cyrus king of the Persians, The Lord of Israel, euen the most high Lorde, hath made me king ouer the whole world,

4 And he hath commanded me to build him an house in Ierusalem, which is in Iudea.

5 If there be any therfore of you of his people, let the Lord, eue his Lord be with him, and let him goe vp to Ierusalem, which is in Iudea, and builde the house of the Lord of Israel: he is ye Lord which dwelleth in Ierusalem.

6 All they then that dwell in the places rounde about, those, I say, that are in his place, let the helpe him with gold and siluer,

7 With giftes, with horses and cattell, and other things, which shall bee brought, according to the vowes into the Temple of the Lord, which is in Ierusalem.

8 Then arose the chiefe of the families of Iudea, and of the tribe of Beniamin, and the Priestes and Leuites, and all whose minde the Lorde had moued to go vp, and builde an house to the Lorde in Ierusalem.

9 And those that were about them, helped them in all things with siluer and gold, horses, and cattel, and with diuers vowes of many whose mindes were stirred vp.

10 Also king Cyrus brought out the holy vessels of the Lorde, which Nabuchodonosor had caried out of Ierusalem, and had consecrated them in the Temple of his idoles.

11 Nowe when Cyrus king of the Persians had brought them out, he deliuered them to Mithridates his treasurer,

12 By whome they were giuen to [Note: Or, Shashbazar or, Sanabassar ] Abassar the gouernour of Iudea.

13 Whereof this was the number: a thousande golden cups, & a thousand siluer cups, basins of siluer for the sacrifices, nine and twentie viols, of gold thirtie, and of siluer two thousande, foure hundreth and ten, and a thousand other vessels.

14 So all the vessels of golde and siluer, which they caried away, were fiue thousande, foure hundreth, threescore and nine.

15 They were brought by Sanabasser with the of the captiuitie of Babylon to Ierusalem.

16 But [Note: Ezra.4.6. ] in the time of Artaxerxes king of the Persians [Note: Or, Bischlemus ] Belemus, and Mithridates, and Tabellius, and Rathumus, and Beeltethmus, and [Note: Or, Shimshi ] Semellius the secretarie, and others which were ioyned to these, dwelling in Samaria and in other places, wrote vnto him this Epistle here following against them, that dwelt in Iudea and Ierusalem, To The King Artaxerxes Ovr Lord,

17 Thy seruants, Rathumus the writer of things that come to passe, and Semellius the secretary, and the rest of their counsel, and the iudges which are in Coelosyria and Phenice.

18 Be it now therfore knowen to our Lord the king, that the Iewes which came vp from you, are come to vs into Ierusalem, that rebellious & wicked citie, and builde the market places, and make vp the walles thereof, and lay the foundations of the Temple.

19 Therfore if this citie be built, and the walles bee finished, they will not onely not indure to pay tribute, but will also resist kings.

20 And because the things pertaining to ye Temple, go forward, we thought it not meete to passeouer such a thing,

21 But to declare it to our Lord the King, that if it bee thy pleasure, it may bee sought out in the bookes of thy fathers,

22 And thou shalt finde in the Chronicles the writings concerning these things, and shalt knowe that this citie did alwayes rebell, and did trouble both kings and cities,

23 And that the Iewes are rebellious, raysing alwayes warres therein: for the which cause also this citie was made desolate.

24 Nowe therefore, O lord the king, we declare it, that if this citie bee built and the walles thereof repaired, you shall haue no more passage into Coelosyria, nor Phenice.

25 The the king wrote againe to Rathumus, that wrote the things that came to passe, and to Beeltethmus, & to Samellius the secretarie, and to the rest of those that were ioyned with them, and to the dwellers of Samaria, Syria and Phenice, these things that followe.

26 I haue read the Epistle, which you sent to me: therefore I comanded, that it should be sought out, and it was founde, that this citie hath alwayes practised against Kings,

27 And that the men thereof were giuen to rebellion and warres, and how that mightie kings and fierce haue reigned in Ierusalem, which tooke tribute of Coelosyria, and Phenice.

28 Now therefore I haue commanded to forbid these men to build vp the citie, and that it be taken heede that no more be done,

29 And that those wicked things, which should molest the king, go not forward.

30 Then when Rathumus, and Semellius the secretarie and the rest, which were ioyned with them, had read the thinges, which king Artaxerxes had written, they moued their tents with speede to Ierusalem with horses and men in aray,

31 And began to let them which built, so that the building of the Temple in Ierusalem ceased vnto the second yeere of the reigne of Darius king of the Persians.


1 The feast of Darius. 16 The three wise sentences.

1 Nowe when Darius reigned, hee made a great feast to all his subiectes and to all those of his owne house, and to all the Princes of Media and Persia,

2 And to all the gouernours and captaines, and lieutenantes that were with him, from India vnto [Page] Ethiopia of an hundreth and seuen and twentie prouinces.

3 And when they had eaten and drunke, and were satisfied, they departed, and King Darius went into his chamber, and slept, till he wakened againe.

4 In the meane time three yong men of the gard, keepers of ye kings body, saide one to another,

5 Let euery one of vs speake a sentence, and he that shall ouercome, and whose sentence shall appeare wiser then the others, Darius the King shall giue him great gifts, and great things in token of victorie,

6 As to weare purple, and to drinke in gold, and to sleepe in gold, and a chariot with bridles of gold, an head tyre of fine linnen, and a chayne about his necke.

7 And hee shall sit next to Darius for his wisedome, and shalbe called Darius cousin.

8 Then euery man wrote his sentence and sealed it, and put it vnder the pillowe of king Darius,

9 And said, when the king rose, they would giue him the writing, and whose sentence the king and the three Princes of Persia shoulde iudge to be wisest, to him should the victorie be giuen, as it was appoynted.

10 One wrote, The wine is strongest.

11 The other wrote, The king is strongest.

12 The other wrote, Women are strongest, but trueth ouercommeth all things.

13 And when the king rose, they tooke the writings and gaue them to him, and he read them,

14 And sent and called all the noble men of Persia and of Media, and the gouernors & the captaines, and lieutenants, and the consuls,

15 And sate him downe in the counsell, and the writing was read before them.

16 Then he sayde, Call the yong men, that they may declare their owne sentences. So they called them, and they came in.

17 Then hee sayde vnto them, Declare vnto vs the writings. So the first began, which had spoken of the strength of wine,

18 And said on this maner, O ye men, how strong is wine! it deceiueth all men that drinke it.

19 It maketh the minde of the king and of the fatherlesse both one, of the bonde man and of the free man, of the poore man and of the rich man.

20 It turneth also euery thought into ioye and gladnesse, so that one remembreth no maner of sorowe, nor det.

21 It maketh euery heart riche, so that one remembreth neither king nor gouernour, and causeth to speake all things by [Note: Or, poundes. ] talents.

22 When men haue drunk, they haue no minde to loue either friendes or brethren, and a litle after they drawe out swords.

23 But when they are from the wine, they doe not remember what they haue done.

24 O ye men, is not wine strongest, which compelleth to doe such things? and hee helde his peace when he had thus spoken.


Of the strength of a King. 13 Of the strength of women. 34 Of the strength of trueth, which sentence is approued, 47 And his petition granted.

1 Then ye seconde which had spoken of ye strength of the King, began to say,

2 O ye men, are not men strongest, which beare rule by lande and by sea, and ouer all things which are in them?

3 But the king is yet greater: for hee ruleth all things, and is lord of them, so that they do al things which he commandeth them.

4 If he bid them make warre one against another, they doe it: if he send them out against the enemies, they goe and breake downe mountaines and walles and towers.

5 They kill and are killed, and doe not passe the commandement of the king: if they ouercome, they bring all to the king, aswell the spoyles as all other things,

6 And those also which go not to warre & battell, but till the earth: for when they haue sowen it againe, they reape it, and bring it to the king, and compell one another to pay tribute to the king:

7 Yet he is but one man: if he bid, Kill, they kill: if he say, Spare, they spare.

8 If he bid, Smite, they smite: if he bid them, Make desolate, they make desolate: if he bid, Build, they builde.

9 If he bid, Cut off, they cut off: if he bid, Plant, they plant.

10 So all his people and all his armies obey one man: in the meane while hee sitteth downe, hee eateth, and drinketh and sleepeth.

11 For these keepe him rounde about: neyther can any one go and do his owne businesse, neyther are they disobedient vnto him.

12 O ye men, howe shoulde not the king bee strongest, seeing he is thus obeyed! So he helde his tongue.

13 Then the third which had spoken of women and of the trueth (this was Zorobabel) began to speake,

14 O ye men, neither the mightie king, nor many men, nor wine is strongest: who then ruleth them or hath dominion ouer them? are they not women?

15 Women haue borne the king & all the people which beare rule by sea and by land.

16 Euen of them were they borne, and they nourished them, which planted the vines, of which the wine is made.

17 They also make mens garments & make men honorable, neither can men be without women.

18 And if they haue gathered together golde and siluer, or any goodly thing, do they not loue a faire and beautifull woman?

19 Doe they not leaue all those things and giue themselues wholy vnto her, and gape, and gaze vpon her, and all men desire her more then golde, or siluer, or any precious thing?

20 A man leaueth his owne father which hath nourished him, and his owne countrey, and is ioyned with his wife.

21 And for ye woman he ieopardeth his life, and neither remebreth father nor mother nor countrey.

22 Therfore by this ye may know that the women beare rule ouer you: do ye not labour and trauell, and giue and bring all to the women?

23 Yea, a man taketh his sword and goeth forth to kill and to steale, and to saile vpon the sea, and vpon riuers,

24 And hee seeth a Lion and goeth in darkenesse, and when he hath stollen, rauished and spoyled, he bringeth it to his loue.

25 Wherfore a man loueth his owne wife more then father or mother.

26 Yea, many haue runne mad for women, and haue bene seruants for them.

[Page 131]

27 Many also haue perished and haue erred and sinned for women.

28 Nowe therefore do you not beleeue me? is not the King great in his power? do not all regions feare to touch him?

29 Yes I saw him and Aparne, the Kings concubine, the daughter of the famous Barracus, sitting on the right hand of the King,

30 And shee tooke the crowne off the Kinges head, and put it vpon her owne, and strooke the King with her left hand.

31 Yet in the meane season the King gaped and gazed on her: & if she laughed at him, he laughed: and if shee were angry with him, he did flatter her that he might be reconciled with her.

32 How then, O ye men, are not women more strong, seeing they do thus?

33 Then the King & the Princes looked one vpon another, & he began to speake of the trueth.

34 O ye men, are not women stronger? great is the earth, and the heauen is hye, and the sunne is swift in his course: for hee turneth rounde about heauen in one daye, and runneth againe into his owne place.

35 Is not hee great that maketh these things? therefore the trueth is greater & stronger then all.

36 All the earth calleth for trueth, and the heauen blesseth it: and all things are shaken and tremble, neither is there any vniust thing with it.

37 The wine is wicked, the King is wicked, women are wicked, and all the children of men are wicked, and all their wicked workes are such, and there is no trueth in them, and they perish in their iniquitie.

38 But trueth doeth abide, & is strong for euer, and liueth and reigneth for euer and euer.

39 With her there is no receiuing of persons nor difference: but she doeth the things which are iust, and absteineth from vniust and wicked things, and all men fauour her workes.

40 Neyther is there any vniust thing in her iudgement, and shee is the strength and the kingdome and the power, and maiestie of all ages. Blessed be the God of trueth.

41 So hee ceassed to speake, and then all the people cryed and said, Trueth is great & strongest.

42 Then the King sayde vnto him, Aske what thou wilt besides that which is appoynted, and we wil giue it thee, because thou art found the wisest, and thou shalt haue libertie to sit by me, and shalt be called my cousin.

43 Then he sayd to the King, Remember the vowe that thou hast vowed to builde Ierusalem, in the day that thou tookest the kingdome,

44 And to send againe all the vessels that were taken out of Ierusalem, which Cyrus set a part when he made a vow to cut off Babylon, & vowed to send them thither.

45 Thou also hast vowed to build the Temple, which the Idumeans burnt when Iudea was destroyed by the Chaldeans.

46 And now, O lord the King, this is that which I desire & require of thee, and this is the magnificence, which I require of thee: I require therefore that thou wouldest accomplish the vowe which thou hast vowed with thine owne mouth to do to the King of heauen.

47 Then King Darius rising vp, kissed him, and wrote him letters to al the stewards & lieutenants, and captaines, & gouernours, that they should bring on the way both him, and all that were with him, which went vp to builde Ierusalem.

48 And he wrote letters to all the lieutenants in Coelosyria & Phenice, & to them that were in Libanus, that they should bring cedar wood from Libanus to Ierusalem, and build the citie with him.

49 And he wrote for all the Iewes, which went vp out of his kingdome vnto Iudea, cocerning their libertie, that no Prince, nor lieutenant, nor gouernour, nor steward should enter into their doores,

50 And that all the region which they kept, should pay no tribute, & that the Idumeans should let go the villages of the Iewes which they held,

51 And that euery yeere there shoulde be giuen for the building of the Temple twentie talents vntill it were buylt,

52 And to mainteine the burnt offerings vpon the altar euery day (as they had a commandement to offer seuenteene) other ten talents euery yeere.

53 And that all they which went from Babylon to build the citie, should haue libertie, aswel they as their posteritie, and all the Priestes that went away.

54 He wrote also touching the charges and the Priests garments, wherein they should minister.

55 And he wrote that they should giue the Leuites their charges vntill the house were finished, & Ierusalem buylt.

56 Also he wrote that they should giue pensions and wages to them that kept the citie.

57 And he sent away all the vessels which Cyrus had set apart out of Babylon, & whatsoeuer Cyrus had commanded to doe, he also commanded to do it, and to send to Ierusalem.

58 And when the [Note: Or, Zorobabel. ] yong man was gone forth, he lift vp his face to heauen towardes Ierusalem, & gaue thankes to the King of heauen,

59 Saying, Of thee is the victorie, and of thee is wisdome, & of thee is glory, and I am thy seruant.

60 Blessed be thou which hast giuen mee wisedome: for vnto thee I acknowledge it, O Lorde of our fathers.

61 So he tooke the letters and went out and came to Babylon, and telled all his brethren.

62 And they blessed the God of their fathers, because he had giuen them freedome and libertie

63 To goe vp and to buylde Ierusalem, and the Temple, where his Name is renoumed, and they reioyced with instruments of musicke and ioy, seuen dayes.


1 The number of them that returne from the captiuitie. 42 Their vowes and sacrifices. 54 The Temple is begun to be built. 66 Their enemies would craftily ioyne with them.

1 After [Note: Ezra.2.1. ] these things, the chiefe of the houses of their fathers were chosen after their tribes, and their wiues, and their sonnes, and their daughters, and their seruantes, and their maydes, and their cattell.

2 And Darius sent with them a thousand horsemen, till they were restored to Ierusalem in safetie, and with musicall instrumentes, with tabrets and flutes.

3 And all their brethren played: thus he caused them to go vp together with them.

4 And these are the names of the men that went vp after their families, by their tribes, and after the order of their dignitie.

5 The Priests. The sonnes of Phinees, the sonne of Aaron, Iesus sonne of Iosedec, sonne of Saraias, & Ioacim ye sonne of Zorobabel, the sonne of Salathiel [Page] of the house of Dauid, of the kinred of Phares, of the tribe of Iuda.

6 [Note: Or, Zorobabel. ] Who spake wise wordes to Darius the King of the Persians in the second yeere of his reigne, in the moneth Nisan, which is the first moneth.

7 And these are they of Iudea, which came out of the captiuitie, where they dwelt, whom Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon had caryed away into Babylon,

8 And returned vnto Ierusalem and to the rest of Iudea, euery one into his owne citie: which came with Zorobabel, and Iesus, Nehemias, [Note: Or, Saraia. ] Zacharias, Reesaias, Enenius, Mardocheus, Beelsarus, Aspharasus, Reelius, Roimus and Baana their guydes.

9 The number of them of the nation & their gouernours: the sonnes of Phares two thousand an hundreth seuentie and two, the sonnes of Saphat foure hundreth, seuentie and two.

10 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Areh. ] Ares seuen hundreth, fiftie and sixe.

11 The sonnes of Phaath Moab, two thousand, eight hundreth and twelue.

12 The sonnes of Elam, a thousande, two hundreth, fiftie and foure: the sonnes of Zathui nine hundreth fourtie and fiue: the sonnes of Corbe seuen hundreth and fiue the sonnes of Bani sixe hundreth, fourtie and eight.

13 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Bibai. ] Bibe sixe hundreth, twentie and three the sonnes of [Note: Or, Azgal. ] Sadas three thousand, two hundreth, twentie and two.

14 The sonnes of Adonikan, sixe hundreth, sixtie and seuen: the sonnes of Bagoi, two thousande, sixtie & sixe: the sonnes of Adinu, foure hundreth, fiftie and foure.

15 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Aterhezecia. ] Aterisias, ninetie and two: the sonnes of Ceilan & Azotus, sixtie & seuen: the sonnes of Azucan foure hundreth, thirtie and two.

16 [Note: Or, the sonnes of Anania an hundreth, the sonnes of Arom one, the sonnes of Besai three hundreth, twenty and three. ] The sonnes of Ananias, an hundreth & one: the sonnes of Arom, and the sonnes of Bassa, three hundreth, twentie and three: the sonnes of Arsiphurith, an hundreth and two.

17 The sonnes of Meterus, three thousande and fiue: the sonnes of [Note: Or, Bethlehem. ] Bethlomon, an hundreth, twentie and three.

18 They of [Note: Or, Netophah. ] Netophas, fiftie and fiue: they of [Note: Or, Anathoth. ] Anaboth, an hundreth fiftie and eyght: they of Bethsamos, fourtie and two.

19 They of [Note: Or, Kariath-iarim. ] Cariathiarius, twentie & fiue: they of Caphiras & Beroth, seuen hundreth, fourtie and three: they of [Note: Or, Pirah. ] Piras, seuen hundreth.

20 They of Chadias & Ammidioi, fiue hudreth, twentie and two: they of [Note: Or, Aramah. ] Cirama & Gabdes, sixe hundreth, twentie and one.

21 They of [Note: Or, Macamos. ] Macalon, an hundreth twentie & two: they of [Note: Or, Bethel. ] Betolius, fiftie and two: the sonnes of [Note: Or, Nebus. ] Nephis, an hundreth, fiftie and sixe.

22 The sonnes of Calamolalus and Orius seuen hundreth, twentie and fiue: the sonnes of Ierechus, three hundreth, fourtie and fiue.

23 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Sanaah. ] Annaas, three thousande, three hundreth and thirtie.

24 The Priestes, the sonnes of Ieddu, the sonne of Iesus, which are counted among the sonnes of Sanassib, nine hundreth, seuentie and two: the sonnes of Meruth, a thousand fiftie and two.

25 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Phashur. ] Phassaron, a thousand, fourtie and seuen: the sonnes of [Note: Or, Charim. ] Carme, a thousand and seuenteene.

26 The Leuites. The sonnes of Iessue, Cadmiel, Bannu and Suiu, seuentie and foure.

27 The sonnes which were holy singers. The sonnes of Asaph, an hundreth, fourtie and eyght.

28 The porters. The sonnes of Salum, the sonnes of Iatal, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Talmon ] Tolman, the sonnes of Dacobi, the sonnes of Teca, the sonnes of Sami: all were an hundreth, thirtie and nine.

29 The ministers of the Temple. The sonnes of Esau, the sonnes of Asipha, the sonnes of Tabaoth, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Ceros. ] Ceras, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Suia. ] Sud, the sonnes of Phaleu, the sonnes of Labana, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Hagaba. ] Agraba,

30 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Acub. ] Acrua, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Uta. ] Outa, the sonnes of Cetab, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Via. ] Agaba, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Agab. ] Subai, the sonnes of Anan, the sonnes of Cathua, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Sibe. Or, Cedur. ] Geddur.

31 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Raia. ] Airus, the sonnes of Daisan, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Neroda. ] Noeba, the sonnes of Chaseba, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Gazema. ] Gazera, the sonnes of Azias, the sonnes of Phinees, the sonnes of Asara, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Baste. ] Basthai, the sonnes of Asana, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Meunim. ] Meani, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Naphison. ] Naphisi, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Bacubub. ] Acub, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Acupha. ] Acipha, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Assur. ] Asur, the sonnes of Pharacim, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Baraloth. ] Basaloth.

32 The sonnes of [Note: Or, Mehida. ] Meeda, the sonnes of Coutha, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Charescha. ] Corea, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Barcus. ] Charcus, the sonnes of Aserar, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Thomoth. ] Thornoi, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Nasib. ] Nasith, the sonnes of Atipha.

33 The sonnes of the seruants of Salomon. The sonnes of [Note: Or, Hazophoreth. ] Asaphion, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Pharuda. ] Pharira, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Ieelah. ] Ieeli, the sonnes of Lozon, the sonnes of Isdael, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Staphelia. ] Sapheth.

34 The sonnes of Agia, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Phacareth. ] Phachthreth, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Sabin. ] Sabie, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Spartia. ] Sarothie, the sonnes of Masias, the sonnes of Gar, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Addu. ] Addus, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Subah. ] Subas, the sonnes of Apherra, the sonnes of Barodis, the sonnes of Sabat, the sonnes of Allom.

35 All the ministers of the Temple, and the sonnes of the seruants of Salomon, were three hundreth, seuentie and two.

36 These came vp from [Note: Or, Thelmelah and Thelharsa. Carathalar and Alar. ] Thermeleth and Thelersas: Caraathalat and Aalar leading them.

37 Neither could they shewe their families nor their stocke how they were of Israel, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Dalaias. ] Ladan the sonne of [Note: Or, Tubia. ] Ban, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Necoda. ] Necodan, sixe hundreth fiftie and two.

38 And of the Priests those which exercised the office of Priests, and were not found, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Hobie. ] Obdia, the sonnes of [Note: Or, Hacoz. ] Accos, the sonnes of Addus, [Note: Ezra.2.61. ] which had taken for wife Augia, one of the daughters of [Note: Or, Barceleus. ] Berzelaius,

39 And was called after his name: and when the description of the kinred of these men had bene sought in the register, and could not be found, they were set apart from the office of Priestes.

40 For [Note: Or, Nehemias and Atharias. ] Neemias and Attharias sayde to them, that they should not be partakers of ye holy things, till there arose an high Priest clothed with doctrine and trueth.

41 So all they of Israel fro them of twelue yere olde and litle children, were [Note: Or, fourtie and two thousand three hundred and sixtie. ] fourtie thousand besides men seruants and women seruants, two thousand, three hundreth and sixtie.

42 Their seruantes and handmaydes were seuen thousande, three hundreth, fourtie and seuen: the singing men and women, two hundreth, fourtie and fiue:

43 Camels, foure hundreth, thirtie and fiue: and horses, seuen hundreth, thirtie and sixe: mules,

[Page 132]
two hundreth, fourtie and fiue: [Note: Or, asses. ] beastes that bare the yoke, fiue thousande, fiue hundreth, twentie and fiue.
44 And there were of the gouernours after their families, which when they were come to the Temple in Ierusalem, vowed to builde the house in his owne place according to their power,

45 And to giue to the treasure of the woorkes, [Note: Or, of golde 12. thousand pounde, and of siluer fiue, &c. ] a thousande pounde in golde, and fiue thousande pounde in siluer, and an hundreth priestly garments.

46 And the Priestes and the Leuites and the people dwelt in Ierusalem and in the countrey, and the holy singers and the porters and all Israel in their [Note: Or, quarters. ] villages.

47 But [Note: Ezra.3. 1. ] when the seuenth moneth was neere, and when the children of Israel were euery one at home, they were all gathered together with one accorde into the open place of the first gate, which is toward the East.

48 Then Iesus the sonne of Iosedec and his brethren the Priests, with Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel and his brethren, rising vp, made ready the altar of the God of Israel,

49 To offer burnt offerings vpon it according as it is written in the booke of Moyses the man of God.

50 Whither also there were gathered against them of all nations of the lande: but they dressed the altar in his owne place, although al the nations of the lande were their enemies and vexed them, and they offered sacrifices according to the season, and burnt offeringes to the Lorde, morning and euening.

51 They kept also the feastes of Tabernacles, as it is [Note: Leuit.23 34. ] ordeined in the Lawe, and offered sacrifices euery day, as was requisite,

52 And afterward, the continual oblations and offerings of the Sabbaths and of the new moneths and of all holy feasts.

53 And al [Note: Ezra.3.6. ] they which had made any vow to God, began to offer sacrifice vnto God in the first day of the seuenth moneth, although the Temple of God was not yet built.

54 They gaue also money to the masons and to the workmen, and meate and drinke with gladnes,

55 And charets to the Sidonians and to those of Tyrus to bring ceder wood out of Libanus, which should be brought by flotes to the hauen of Ioppe according to the commandement giuen vnto them by Cyrus king of Persia.

56 And in the second yere and second moneth came into the Temple of God in Ierusalem, Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel, and Iesus the sonne of Iosedec, and their brethren, and the Priestes and Leuites, and al they that came out of captiuitie into Ierusalem,

57 And [Note: Eccle.49 13. ] layde the foundation of the house of God in the first day of the seconde moneth of the second yeere after their returne into Iudea and Ierusalem.

58 And they appoynted the Leuites from twentie yere olde ouer the workes of the Lord, and Iesus and his sonne, and his brethren, & his brother Cadmiel, and the sonnes of Madiabon with the sonnes of Ioda, the sonne of Heliadun, with their sonnes, & brethren, euen all the Leuites with one accorde did followe after the worke, calling vpon the workes in the house of God: thus the workemen built the Temple of the Lord.

59 And the Priestes stoode clothed with their long garments with musical instruments and trumpets, and the Leuites the sonnes of Asaph with cymballes,

60 Singing and blessing the Lord, according to the ordinance of Dauid king of Israel.

61 And they sung with loud voyce songs to the prayse of the Lorde, because his mercie and glory is for euer in all Israel.

62 Then al the people blewe trumpets, and cried with a loude voyce, praysing the Lorde for the raysing vp of the house of the Lord.

63 Also some of the Priestes and Leuites, and chiefe men, to wit, the Auncientes which had seene the former house,

64 Came to see the building of this with weeping and great crying, and many with trumpets, and ioy cryed with loude voyce,

65 So that the people could not heare the trumpets, because of the weeping of the people: yet there was a great multitude that blewe trumpets, so that they were heard farre off.

66 Wherefore when the enemies of the tribes of Iuda and Beniamin heard it, they came to know what noyse of trumpets it was,

67 And they knewe that they of the captiuitie built the Temple to the Lord God of Israel.

68 Wherfore they comming to Zorobabel, and Iesus, and the chiefe of the families, said vnto them, Let vs builde also with you.

69 For we obey your Lord, as you do, and sacrifice vnto him since the dayes of [Note: Or, Ascazaret, or, Asachadon. ] Asbasareth king of the Assyrians, which brought vs hither.

70 Then Zorobabel, and Iesus, and the chiefe of the families of Israel sayd to them, It doeth not appertaine to vs, and to you to builde an house to the Lord our God.

71 For we alone will builde it to the Lord God of Israel, as it becommeth vs, and as [Note: Ezra.4.3,4. ] Cyrus the king of the Persians bade vs.

72 Howbeit the people of the land made them sluggish that were in Iudea, and letted the to builde the worke, and by their ambushmentes and seditions and conspiracies hindred ye finishing of the building,

73 All the time of king Cyrus life: so that they were let from ye building two yere, vntill the reigne of Darius.


1 Of Aggeus and Zacharias. 2 The building of the Temple. 3 Sisinnes would let them. 7 His Epistle to Darius. 23 The kings answere to the contrary.

1 Bvt [Note: Ezr.5.1. neh.11. ] in the seconde yeere of the reigne of Darius, Aggeus and Zacharias the sonne of Addo the Prophetes prophecied to the Iewes, euen vnto them that were in Iudea and Ierusalem, in the name of the Lord God of Israel, which they called [Note: Grek. vpon the. ] vpon.

2 Then Zorobabel sonne of Salathiel, and Iesus the sonne of Iosedec stoode vp, and beganne to builde the house of the Lord, which is in Ierusalem, the Prophetes of the Lorde being with them, and helping them.

3 In that time Sisinnes the gouernour of Syria, and Phenice, and Sathrabouzanes with his companions came vnto them,

4 And sayde vnto them, By whose commandement builde you this house and this building, and enterprise all these other thinges? and who are the builders that enterprise such things?
5 But the Auncients of the Iewes had grace of the Lord after that he had visited the captiuitie,

6 That they were not letted to builde, vntill it was signified vnto Darius of these matters, and an answere was receiued.

7 The copie of the Epistle, which he did write and send to Darius: Sisinnes gouernour of Syria and of Phenice, & Sathrabouzanes, and their companions, presidents in Syria and Phenice, salute King Darius.

8 It may please the king our master plainely to vnderstand, that when we came to the countrey of Iudea, and entred into the citie of Ierusalem, wee founde in the citie of Ierusalem the Auncientes of the Iewes that were of the captiuitie,

9 Building an house to the Lord, great & newe, of hewen stones, and of great price, and the timber already layde vpon the walles.

10 And these workes are done with great speed, yea, and the woorke hath good successe in their handes, so that it will be finished with all glory and diligence.

11 Then we asked their Auncientes, saying, By whose commandement builde you this house, and lay the foundation of these workes?

12 We asked them these things to the intent to notifie them to thee, and to write to thee the men that gouerned it: therefore wee demaunded the names of the gouernours in writing.

13 But they answered, saying, Wee are the seruants of the Lorde, which hath created the heauen and the earth.

14 And [Note: 1.King.6.2. ] this house was built vp many yeeres agoe by a king of Israel great and strong, and was finished.

15 But when our fathers, prouoking God to wrath, sinned against the Lorde of Israel, which is in heauen, [Note: 2.King.24.1. ] hee deliuered them into the handes of Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon of the Chaldeans,

16 Who brake downe the house, and burnt it, and caried the people captiue to Babylon.

17 But in the first yeere of the reigne of Cyrus ouer the countrey of Babylon, king Cyrus wrote that this house should be built vp.

18 And the holy vessels of golde and of siluer, which Nabuchodonosor had carried out of the house at Ierusalem, and had dedicated them in his owne Temple, Cyrus the king tooke out of the Temple at Babylon, and they were giuen to Zorobabel, and to [Note: Or, Shashbazar. ] Sanabassarus ruler.

19 And a commandement was giuen vnto him, that hee shoulde carie away those vessels, and put them in the Temple at Ierusalem, and that this Temple of the Lorde shoulde bee built in this place.

20 Then the same Sanabassarus, being come hither, layde the foundations of the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem, and since that time till nowe, it is in building, and is not finished.

21 Nowe therefore if it please the king, let it be sought vp in the kings Libraries concerning Cyrus.

22 And if it be founde that the building of the house of the Lord at Ierusalem hath bene done by the consent of king Cyrus, and if it seeme good to the lorde our king, let him make vs answere concerning these things.

23 Then king Darius commanded to search in the kings Libraries, that were in Babylon, & there was found in Ecbatane, which is a tower in the region of Media, a place where such things were hid vp for memorie.

24 In the first yere of the reigne of Cyrus, king Cyrus commaunded the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem to be builded, where they did sacrifice with the continuall fire.

25 Of the which the height shoulde be of threescore cubites, the breadth of threescore cubites with three rowes of hewen stones, and one rowe of newe wood of that countrey, and that the costes shoulde be payde out of the house of king Cyrus.

26 And that the holy vessels of the house of the Lord, aswell those of gold as of siluer, which Nabuchodonosor had caried out of the house in Ierusalem, and brought into Babylon, should be restored to the house, which is in Ierusalem, and set in the place where they were afore.

27 Also hee commaunded that Sisinnes, gouernour of Syria and Phenice, & Sathrabouzanes, and their companions, and those which were constitute captaines in Syria and Phenice, shoulde take heede to refraine from that place, and to suffer Zorobabel the seruant of the Lorde, and gouernour of Iudea, and the Elders of the Iewes to builde that house of the Lord in that place.

28 And I also haue commaunded to builde it cleane vp againe, and that they be diligent to helpe them of the captiuitie of the Iewes, til the house of the Lord be finished,

29 And that some part of the tribute of Coelosyria and Phenice shoulde bee diligently giuen to these men for sacrifice vnto the Lorde, and to Zorobabel the gouernour, for bulles, rammes, and lambes:

30 Also corne, and salt, and wine, and oyle continually euery yeere without fayle, as the Priestes, which are in Ierusalem shall testifie to bee spent euery day,

31 That offeringes may bee made to the high God for the king, and his children, and that they may pray for their liues.

32 Furthermore he commaunded that whosoeuer shoulde transgresse any thing afore spoken or written, or derogate any thing thereof, that a tree shoulde be taken out of his possession, and he be hanged thereon, and that his goods shoulde be the kings.

33 And therefore let the Lorde whose Name is there called vpon, destroy euery king and nation, which stretcheth out his hande to hinder or doe euill to that House of the Lorde which is in Ierusalem.

34 [Note: Ezra.6.12. ] I Darius the king haue ordeyned that it shoulde bee diligently executed according to these things.


1 Sisinnes and his companions followe the kings commandement, and helpe the Iewes to build the Temple. 5 The time that it was built. 10 They keepe the Passeouer.

1 Then Sisinnes the [Note: Ezra.6.13. ] gouernour of Coelosyria and Phenice, and Sathrabouzanes, and their companions, obeying King Darius commandementes,

2 Assisted diligently the holy woorkes, working with the Ancientes and gouernours of the Sanctuarie.

3 And the holy woorkes prospered by Aggeus and Zacharias the Prophets which prophecied.

4 So they finished all thinges by the commaundement

[Page 133]
of the Lorde God of Israel, and with the consent of Cyrus and Darius, and Artaxerxes kings of the Persians.
5 Thus the holy House was finished in the three and twentieth day of the moneth Adar in the sixt yeere of Darius King of the Persians.

6 And the children of Israel, and the Priests and the Leuites, & the rest, which were of the captiuitie, and had any charge, did according to the things written in the booke of Moyses.

7 And they offered for the dedication of the Temple of the Lorde, an hundreth bulles, two hundreth rammes, foure hundreth lambes,

8 And twelue goates for the sinne of all Israel, according to the number of the chiefe of the tribes of Israel.

9 And the Priestes, and the Leuites stoode according to their kinreds clothed with long robes in the workes of the Lorde God of Israel, according to the booke of Moyses, and also the porters in euery gate.

10 And the children of Israel offred the Passeouer together with them of the captiuitie, in the fourteenth day of the first moneth, after that the Priestes and Leuites were sanctified.

11 But all the children of the captiuitie were not sanctified together, but all the Leuites were sanctified together.

12 And they offered the Passeouer for all the children of the captiuity, and for their brethren the Priestes, and for them selues.

13 Then all the children of Israel which were of the captiuitie did eate, euen all they that had separated themselues from the abominations of the people of the lande, and sought the Lord.

14 And they kept the feast of vnleauened bread seuen dayes, reioycing before the Lorde,

15 Because he had turned the counsell of the king of the Assyrians towardes them to strengthen their hands in the works of the Lord God of Israel.


1 Esdras commeth from Babylon to Ierusalem. 10 The coppie of the commission, giuen by Artaxerxes. 29 Esdras giueth thankes to the Lord. 32 The number of the heades of the people that came with him. 76 His prayer and confeßion.

1 And after these things, when Artaxerxes King of the Persians reigned, Esdras the sonne of [Note: Or, Azarias. ] Saraias, the sonne of Ezerias, the sonne of Helcias, the sonne of Salum,

2 The sonne of Sadoc, the sonne of Achitob, the sonne of Amarias, the sonne of [Note: Or, Azarias. ] Ezias, the sonne of [Note: Or, Meraioth. ] Memeroth, the sonne of [Note: Or, Sama. ] Zaraias, the sonne of [Note: Or, Azi. ] Sauias, the sonne of Boccas, the sonne of Abisum, the sonne of Phinees, the sonne of Eleasar, the sonne of Aaron was the high Priest.

3 This Esdras went out of Babylon, and was a scribe well taught in the lawe of Moyses, giuen by the Lorde God of Israel.

4 Also the King gaue him great honour, and he founde grace in his sight in all his requestes.

5 With him also there departed some of the children of Israel, and of the Priestes and Leuites, and of the holy singers, and of the porters, and of the ministers of the Temple vnto Ierusalem,

6 In the seuenth yeere of the reigne of Artaxerxes, and in the fifth moneth: this was the seuenth yeere of the King (for they went out of Babylon in the first day of the first moneth,

7 And came to Ierusalem according as the Lorde gaue them speede in their iourney)

8 For Esdras had gotten great knowledge, so that he would let nothing passe that was in the law of the Lorde, and in the commaundements, and he taught all Israel al the ordinances and iudgements.

9 So the commission written by King Artaxerxes was giuen Esdras the Priest and reader of the Lawe of the Lorde: the copie thereof foloweth.

10 King Artaxerxes to Esdras the Priest, & reader of the Lawe of the Lorde, Salutation.

11 Forasmuch as I consider things with pitie, I haue commanded that they that will and desire of the nation of the Iewes, and of the Priests and Leuites, which are in our kingdome, shoulde go with thee vnto Israel.

12 Therefore as many as be willing, let them depart together, as it hath seemed good to me and my seuen friendes the counsellers,

13 That they may visite the things that are in Iudea and Ierusalem diligently, as it is conteined in the Lawe of the Lorde,

14 And carie the giftes to the Lorde of Israel in Ierusalem, which I and my friendes haue vowed: also all the golde and siluer, which shall bee founde in the countrey of Babylon appertaining to the Lorde in Ierusalem,

15 With that which is giuen of the people to the Temple of the Lorde their God, that it might be brought to Ierusalem, as well siluer as golde, for bulles, and rammes, and lambes, and thinges thereunto pertaining,

16 That they may offer sacrifices to the Lorde vpon the altar of the Lorde their God, which is in Ierusalem.

17 And whatsoeuer thou and thy brethren will doe with the golde or siluer, accomplish it according to the will of thy God.

18 And the holy vessels of the Lorde, which are giuen thee for the vse of the Temple of thy God, which is in Ierusalem, thou shalt set before thy God in Ierusalem.

19 And what other things so euer thou shalt remember for the vse of the Temple of thy God, thou shalt giue it out of the Kinges treasure.

20 And I also King Artaxerxes haue commanded the treasurers of Syria and Phenice, that whatsoeuer Esdras, the Priest and Reader of the Lawe of the highest God, shall sende for, they shoulde giue it him with all speed, euen to the summe of an hundreth talents of siluer,

21 And likewise vnto an hundreth cores of corne, and an hundreth pieces of wine and other things in abundance.

22 Let all things be done to the hyest God according to the Lawe of God with diligence, that wrath come not vpon the kingdome of the King and of his sonnes.

23 Also to you it is commanded, that of none of the Priests or Leuites, or holy singers, or porters of ministers of the Temple, or of the workemen of this Temple, no tribute nor taxe be taken, nor that any haue power to taxe them in any thing.

24 Thou also, Esdras, according to the wisedom of God, ordeine iudges and gouernours, that they may iudge in all Syria and Phenice all those which are well instructed in the Lawe of thy God, and teach those, which are not instructed.

25 And let all those which shall transgresse the Law of God and the King, be diligently punished, either with death, or other punishment, either with penaltie of money, or banishment.
26 Then Esdras the scribe said, Blessed be the onely Lorde God of my fathers, which hath put this in the heart of the King to glorifie his House which is in Ierusalem,

27 And hath honoured me before the King & the counsellers, and all his friends, and gouernours.

28 [Note: Ezra.8.1. ] Therefore I was encouraged by the helpe of the Lorde my God, and gathered men of Israel to goe vp with me.

29 These are the guydes after their families and order of dignities, which came vp with me out of Babylon in the reigne of Artaxerxes the King.

30 Of the sonnes of Phinees, Gersom, of the sonnes of Ithamar, Gamael, of the sonnes of Dauid, [Note: Or, Hattus. ] Lettus.

31 Of the sonnes of Sechenias, of the sonnes of Phares, Zacharias, and with him were counted an hundreth and fiftie men.

32 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Pahath Moab, Elioenai. ] Salomon, Abeliacnias the sonne of Zacharias, and with him two hundreth men.

33 Of the sonnes of Zathoe, Sechenias the sonne of [Note: Or, Ieziel. ] Iezolus, and with him three hundreth men: of the sonnes of Adin, [Note: Or, Obed. ] Obeth sonne of Ionathas, and with him two hundreth and fiftie men.

34 Of the sonnes of Elam, [Note: Or, Iesaias. ] Iesias sonne of Gotholias, and with him seuentie men.

35 Of the sonnes of Saphatias, Zarias sonne of [Note: Or, Michael. ] Machael, and with him seuentie men.

36 Of the sonnes of Ioab, [Note: Or, Obadiah sonne of Iechiel. ] Badias sonne of Iezelus, and with him two hundreth and twelue men.

37 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Baniab, Esolomith. ] Banid, Assalimoth sonne of Iosaphias, and with him an hundreth, and three score men.

38 Of the sonnes of Babi, Zacharias sonne of Bebai, and with him twentie and eight men.

39 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Asgad, Iohanan sonne of Eccethan. ] Astath, Iohannes sonne of Acatan, and with him an hundreth and ten.

40 Of the sonnes of Adonicam the last: and these are the names of them, Eliphalat, [Note: Or, Iehel. ] Ieouel & [Note: Or, Semaias. ] Maias, and with them seuentie men: of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Bagoi, Vti, sonne of Istacuri. ] Bagouthi sonne of Iscacourus, and with him seuentie men.

41 And I gathered them together to the flood called [Note: Ezra.8.15. ] Theras, and pitched our tents there three dayes, and nombred them.

42 But when I had founde there none of the Priestes nor Leuites,

43 I sent to Eleazar, and beholde, there came [Note: Or, Masma, Alnathan. ] Maasman, and Alnathan, and Samaian, and [Note: Or, Iorib, Elnathan Zacharie, & Mosollam ] Ioribon, and Nathan, Ennatan, Zacharian, and Mosollamon the chiefe, and best learned.

44 And I bade them to go to Daddeus the captaine, which was in the place of the treasurie,

45 With charge to bid Daddeus and his brethren, and the treasurers that were there, to send to vs them, which shoulde offer sacrifice in the house of our Lorde.

46 And they brought vnto vs by the mightie had of our Lord, learned men of ye sonnes of Moli, the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel, to wit, [Note: Or, Seredia. ] Cisebebran & his sonnes, & his brethren being eighteene.

47 And Asebia, and [Note: Or, Anom, Iesaas. ] Annon, and Osaian his brethren of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Canaanien. ] Canaineus with their sonnes, twentie persons.

48 And of the ministers of the Temple, which Dauid gaue, and those which were rulers ouer the worke of the Leuites, to wit, ministers of the Temple, two hundreth and twentie, of whome all the names were registred.

49 And [Note: [illeg.] ] there I proclaimed a faste for the yong men before the Lorde to aske of him a good iourney both for vs, and for them that were with vs, for our children, and for our cattell.

50 For I was ashamed to aske the King footemen, or horsemen, or conduct for safegarde against our enemies,

51 Because we had saide to the King, that the power of our Lorde shoulde be with them that sought him, to direct them in all things.

52 Wherefore we prayed our Lorde againe, according to these things, who we found fauourable.

53 Then I chose from among the chiefe of the tribes, & of the Priests, twelue me, to wit, [Note: Or, Serebias. ] Esebrias and Assanias, and with them ten of their brethren.

54 And I weighed them the siluer and the gold, and the holy vessels of ye house of our Lord, which the King and his counsellers, and his princes, and al Israel had giuen.

55 And I weighed them, sixe hundred and fifty talents of siluer, and siluer vessels of an hundreth talents, and an hundreth talents of golde,

56 And twentie golden basins, and twelue vessels of brasse, of fine brasse shining like golde.

57 And I said to them, You are also holy to the Lord, and the vessels are holy, and the gold, and the siluer is a vowe to the Lorde of our fathers.

58 Watch and keepe them, til that you giue the to the heades of the families of the Priestes & Leuites, and captaines of the families of Israel in Ierusalem in the chambers of the house of our God.

59 So the Priestes and Leuites tooke the siluer and the golde, and the vessels, and caryed them to Ierusalem to the Temple of the Lorde.

60 And we departed from the flood Thera, in the twelfth day of the first moneth, and came to Ierusalem, according to the mightie power of our Lorde with vs: and the Lorde deliuered vs from the beginning of our iourney from all enemies. So we came to Ierusalem.

61 And three dayes being past there, in the fourth day the siluer that was weighed, and the golde was deliuered in the House of our Lorde to [Note: Or, Marimoth the sonne of Iori of Vrie. ] Marmoth the Priest, the sonne of Iouri,

62 And with him to Eleazar the sonne of Phinees: and there were with them, Iosabad the sonne of Iesus, and [Note: Or, Noedia sonnes sonne of Bannus. ] Moeth sonne of Sabbanus, Leuites: all was deliuered them by number and weight.

63 And all the weight of them was written that same houre.

64 Afterwardes those that were come out of the captiuitie, offred sacrifices to the Lord God of Israel, euen twelue bulles for all Israel, rams fourescore and sixteene,

65 Lambes three score and twelue, twelue goats for saluation all in sacrifice to the Lorde.

66 And they presented the commaundements of the King to the Kings stewardes, and to the gouernours of Coelosyria and Phenice who honoured the people, and the Temple of God.

67 [Note: Ezra.9.2. ] When these things were done, the gouernours came to me, saying, The people of Israel, the Princes and the Priestes, and the Leuites haue not separated from them the strange people of the lande,

68 Nor the pollutions of the Gentiles, to wit, of the Cananites, & Chetites, & Pheresites, and Iebusites, and Moabites, and Egyptians, and Idumeans,

69 For they haue dwelt with their daughters, both they and their sonnes, and the holy seede is

[Page 134]
mixed with the strange people of the land, and the gouernours and rulers haue bene partakers of this wickednes from the beginning of the thing.
70 And assoone as I had heard these thinges, I rent my clothes, and the holy garment, and I pulled the heare off mine head, and off my beard, and sate me downe sorowfull, and very sad.

71 Then also all they that were moued with the word of the Lord God of Israel, came to me whiles I wept for the iniquitie, but I sate very sad till the euening sacrifice.

72 Then I rose from the fast with my clothes torne, and the holy garment, and bowed my knees and stretched forth mine handes to the Lord,

73 And said, [Note: Ezra.9.6. ] O Lord, I am ashamed, and confounded before thy face.

74 For our sinnes are increased aboue our heads, and our ignorances are lifted vp to heauen.

75 Yea, euen from the time of our fathers wee are in great sinne vnto this day.

76 For our sinnes therefore, and our fathers we with our brethren, with our kings and Priests haue bene giuen vp to the kings of ye earth, to the sword and to captiuitie, and for a pray with all shame vnto this day.

77 And now how great hath thy mercie bene, O Lord, that there shoulde bee left vs a roote, and name in the place of thine holynes!

78 And that thou shouldest reaueale to vs a light in the house of the Lord our God, and giue vs meate in the time of our seruitude!

79 For when we were in bondage, we were not left of our God, but he gaue vs fauour before the kinges of the Persians, that they shoulde giue vs meate,

80 And that they shoulde honour the Temple of our Lord, and raise vp Sion that is desolate, and giue vs assurance in Iudea and Ierusalem.

81 And now, O Lord, what shal we say, hauing these things? for we haue transgressed thy commandements, which thou hast giuen by the handes of thy seruantes the Prophets, saying,

82 [Note: Deut.7.1. ] Because the land, which yee goe to inherite, is a lande polluted by the pollutions of the strangers of the lande, which haue filled it with their filthinesse,

83 Therefore nowe yee shall not ioyne their daughters wt your sonnes, neither giue your daughters to their sonnes,

84 Neither shall you desire to haue peace with them for euer, that yee may bee made strong, and eate the good things of the lande, and leaue it for an inheritance to your children for euer.

85 Therefore all that is come to passe, was done for our wicked workes, and for our great sinnes: yet, Lorde, thou hast forborne our sinnes,

86 And hast giuen vs such a roote: but wee againe haue turned back to transgresse thy Law, and to mixe vs with the vncleannesse of the people of the lande.

87 Mightest thou not bee angry with vs to destroy vs, so that thou shouldest neither leaue vs roote nor seede nor name?

88 But, O Lord of Israel, thou art true: for there is a roote left, euen vnto this day.

89 Beholde, wee are nowe before thee with our iniquities, neither can wee indure before thee for these things.

90 And [Note: Ezra.10.1. ] as Esdras prayed and confessed and wept, and lay vpon the groud before the Temple, a very great multitude was gathered vnto him out of Ierusalem of men and women, and young children: for there was great lamentation among the multitude.

91 Then Iechonias the sonne of [Note: Or, Ieiel. ] Ieel of the sonnes of Israel, crying out sayd, O Esdras, wee haue sinned against the Lorde God: wee haue taken in mariage strange women of the nations of the land.

92 And now all Israel is doutfull: therefore let vs make an othe concerning this to the Lorde to put away all our wiues, which are strangers, with their children.

93 If it seeme good to thee, & to al them that obey ye Law of ye Lord, rise vp and put it in execution.

94 For to thee doth it appertaine, and wee are with thee to make thee strong.

95 Then Esdras arose, and made al the chiefe of the families of the Priestes and Leuites of all Israel to sweare, that they would doe thus: and they sware.


7 After Esdras had read the Lawe for the strange wiues, 10 They promise to put them away.

1 Then [Note: Ezra.10.6. ] Esdras rose from the court of the Temple, and went to the chamber of Ioannan the sonne of Eliasib,

2 And being lodged there, he did eate no bread nor dranke water, but mourned for the great iniquities of the multitude.

3 And there was a proclamation in al Iudea and Ierusalem, to all them that were of the captiuitie, that they should be gathered to Ierusalem,

4 And that all they which shoulde not meete there within two or three dayes, according to the ordinaunce of the Elders, which bare rule, shoulde haue their cattel confiscate to the Temple, and he cast out from among them of the captiuitie.

5 Then all they which were of the tribe of Iuda & Beniamin, came together within three dayes into Ierusalem: this was the ninth moneth, and twentieth day of the moneth.

6 And all the multitude sate in the broad place of the temple shaking, because of the extreme winter.

7 Then Esdras arose and said to them, Yee haue sinned: for ye haue marryed strange wiues, so that ye haue augmented the sinnes of Israel.

8 Now therefore confesse and glorifie the Lord God of our fathers,

9 And doe his will, and separate your selues from the people of the land, and from the strange wiues.

10 Then all the multitude cryed out and sayde with a lowd voyce, We wil do so as thou hast sayd.

11 But because the multitude is great, and the time is winter, so that we cannot stand without, and the worke is not of one day nor of two, seeing that many of vs haue sinned in this matter,

12 Let the chiefe men of the multitude, and all they which haue strange wiues of our families, tarie:

13 And let the Priests and Iudges come out of all places at the day appoynted, til they haue appeased ye wrath of the Lord against vs for this matter.

14 Then Ionathas Asaels sonne, and [Note: Or, Iahazias. ] Ezecias sonne of [Note: Or, Theena. ] Thecan were appoynted concerning these things, and Mosollam and Sabbateus did helpe them.

15 And they which were of the captiuitie, did after all these thinges.
16 Esdras the Priest also chose him certayne men, chiefe of their families, all by name: and they sate together in the first daye of the tenth moneth to examine this matter.

17 And they made an ende of the things pertayning to them that had maryed straunge wiues in the first day of the first moneth.

18 And there were found of the Priestes, which had marryed straunge wiues,

19 Of the sonnes of Iesus, the sonne of Iosedec, and of his brethren, [Note: Or, Maasias. ] Mathelas, and Eleazar, and Ioribus, and [Note: Or, Iedaliah. ] Ionadan.

20 Who also gaue their hands to cast out their wiues, and offred a ram for their reconciliation in their purgation.

21 And of the sonnes of Emmer, [Note: Or, Anani, and Zabiah. ] Ananias, and Zabdeus, and Canes, and Sameius, and Hiereel, and Azarias.

22 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Phashur, Elionai, Maassias, Iesmael. ] Phaisu, Ellionas, Massias, Esmaelus, and Nathanael, and [Note: Or, Olridel and Alasa. ] Ocidelus, and Talsas.

23 And of the Leuites, [Note: Or, Iosabad, Semei. ] Iorabadus, and Semis, and Colius, who was called [Note: Or, Galias, Pathias, Iobudas. ] Calitas, and Patheus, and Ooudas, and Ionas.

24 Of the holy singers, [Note: Or, Eliasib, and Bacur. ] Eliazurus, Bacchurus.

25 Of the Porters, [Note: Or, Sallum. ] Sallumus, and Tolbanes.

26 Of them of Israel, of the sonnes of Phorus, [Note: Or, Remias ] Hiermas, and Eddias, & Melchias, and Maelus, & Eleazar, and Asibias, and [Note: Or, Banadias. ] Banaias.

27 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Elam. ] Ela, Matthanias, Zacharias, and [Note: Or, Iehiel. ] Hierielas, and [Note: Or, Ieremoth, and Helias. ] Hieremoth, and Aedias.

28 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Zathone, Eliadas, Elisib. ] Zamoth, Eliadas, Elisimus, Othonias, Iarimoth, & [Note: Or, Sabad, and Sardai. ] Sabatus, & Sardeus.

29 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Bebe. ] Bebai, Ioannes, and Ananias, and [Note: Or, Iosabat, and Emah. ] Iosabad, and Ematheas.

30 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Bani, Olam, Malluch, Iedaia, Iasub. ] Mani, Olamus, Mamuchus, Iedaias, Iasubus, Iasael, and Ieremoth.

31 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Addin, Naatus, Laccun, Banaias. ] Addi, Naathus, Moosias, Laccunus, and Naidus, and Mathanias, and [Note: Or, Bezelel, Balnus, Manaßes. ] Seschel, and Balnuus, and Manasseas.

32 And of the sonnes of Annas, Elionas, and Aseas, and Melchias, and Sabbeus, and Simon a Chosamite.

33 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Hasam. ] Asom, Altaneus, and [Note: Or, Mathiaas, Matathias. ] Matthias, and Bannaias, Eliphalat, and Manasses, and Semei.

34 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, Ban, Ieremias, Moadi, Euiram. ] Maani, Ieremias, Momdis, Omairus, Inel, Mamai, and Paclias, and Amos, Carabasion and Euasibus, and Mamnimatanaius, Elisiasis, Vamus, Eliali, Samis, Selemias, Nathanias, and of the sonnes of Ozoras, Sesis, Esril, Azailus, Samatas, Sambis, Iosipus.

35 And of the sonnes of Ethna, Nazitias, Zabadias, Ethes, Inel, Banaias.

36 All these married strange wiues, & put them away with their children.

37 And the Priestes and the Leuites dwelt in Ierusalem, and in the countrey, the first day of the seuenth moneth, and the children of Israel in their owne houses. owne houses.

38 [Note: Nehem.8.1. ] Then all the multitude assembled together with one consent into the broade place before the gate of the Temple towarde the East,

39 And spake to Esdras the Priest, and reader, that he should bring the Law of Moyses, which had bene giuen by the Lord God of Israel.

40 Then brought Esdras the chiefe Priest the lawe to all the multitude, both man and woman, and to all the Priests, that they might heare the Lawe the first day of the seuenth moneth.

41 And he read in the first broad place of the gate of the Temple, from morning to midday, before the men and the women, and all the multitude hearkened to the Lawe.

42 So Esdras the Priest and reader of the Lawe, stoode vpon a pulpet of wood that was prepared.

43 And there stoode by him [Note: Or, Mattithias. ] Matgathias, Sammus, Ananias, Azarias, Ourias, Ezecias, Balasamus at his right hand,

44 And at his left hand [Note: Or, Pedaias. ] Paldaius, and Sail, Melchias, Aothasaphus, Nabarias.

45 Then Esdras tooke the booke of the Lawe before the multitude (for hee sate honourably before them all)

46 And they all stoode vpright when hee expounded the Lawe, and Esdras blessed the Lorde the most hie God, the most mighty God of hostes.

47 And the whole multitude cryed, Amen.

48 Then Iesus and [Note: Or, Bani. ] Anus, and Sarabias, and Adimus, and Iacobus, Sabataias, Autanias, Maianias and Calitas, Azarias, and Ioazabdus, and Ananias, and Biatas the Leuites lift vp their hands, and fell downe on the grounde, and worshipped the Lord,

49 And taught the Law of the Lord, & stoode also earnestly vpon the reading.

50 Then said [Note: Or, Nehemias. ] Aththarates to Esdras the chiefe Priest and reader, and to the Leuites, that taught the multitude in al things, This day is holy vnto the Lorde, and all haue wept in hearing of the Lawe.

51 Goe therefore and eate the fat meates, and drinke the sweete drinkes, and send presents to them that haue not.

52 For this day is holy to the Lorde, and be not sorie: for the Lord God will glorifie you.

53 So the Leuites commaunded all these things to the people, saying, This day is holy to the Lorde: be not sad.

54 Then they departed all to eate, and drinke, and to reioyce, and to giue presents to them that had not, and to make good cheare.

55 For they were yet filled with the wordes wherewith they were instructed, when they were assembled together.