1 Baruch wrote a booke during the captiuitie of Babylon, which he read before Iechoniah and all the people. 10 The Iewes sent the booke with money vnto Ierusalem to their other brethren, to the intens that they should pray for them.

1 And these are the woordes of the booke, which Baruch the sonne of Nerias, the sonne of Maasias, the sonne of Sedecias, the sonne of [Note: Or, Sedeias. ] Asadias, the sonne of Helcias wrote in at Babylon,

2 In the fifth yeere, and in the seuenth day of the moneth, what time as the Chaldeans tooke Ierusalem, and burnt it with fire.

3 And Baruch did reade the woordes of this booke, that Iechonias the sonne of Ioacim king of Iuda might heare, and al the people that were come to heare the booke,
4 And in the audience of the gouernour, & of the Kings sonnes, and before the Elders, and before the whole people, fro the lowest vnto the hiest, before all them yt dwelt at Babylon by the riuer [Note: Or, Sedi. ] Sud.

5 Which when they heard it, wept, fasted and made praiers before the Lord.

6 They made a collection also of money, according to euery mans power,

7 And sent it to Ierusalem vnto Ioacim ye sonne of Helcias the sonne of Salom priest, and vnto the other priests, and to all the people which were with him at Ierusalem,

8 When hee had receiued the vessels of the Temple of the Lorde, that were taken away out of the Temple, to bring them againe into the lande of Iuda, the tenth day of the moneth [Note: Or, Siban. ] Sinan, to wit, siluer vessels, which Sedecias the sonne of Iosias King of Iuda had made,

9 After that Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon had led away Iechonias from Ierusalem, & his princes, and his nobles, prisoners, and the people, and caried them to Babylon.

10 And they saide, Beholde, we haue sent you money, wherewith yee shall bye burnt offerings for sinne, and incense, and prepare a [Note: Or, Manna, for Minhah, which was the euening and morning sacrifice. ] meat offering, and offer vpon the altar of the Lord our God,

11 And praie for the life of Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon, and for the life of Baltasar his sonne, that their daies may be vpon earth, as the daies of heauen,

12 And that God woulde giue vs strength and lighten our eyes, that we may liue vnder the shadowe of Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon, and vnder ye shadowe of Baltasar his sonne, that we may long do them seruice, & finde fauour in their sight.

13 Pray for vs also vnto the Lord our God (for we haue sinned against the Lord our God, and vnto this day the furie of the Lorde and his wrath is not turned from vs.)

14 And reade this booke (which we haue sent to you to be rehearsed in the Temple of the Lord) vpon the feast daies, and at time conuenient.

15 Thus shall ye say, [Note: Chap.2.6. ] To the Lord our God belongeth righteousnesse, but vnto vs the confusion of our faces, as it is come to passe this day vnto them of Iuda, and to the inhabitants of Ierusalem,

16 And to our Kings, and to our Princes, and to our Priestes, & to our Prophets, and to our fathers,

17 Because we haue [Note: Dan.9.5. ] sinned before the Lorde our God,

18 And haue not obeied him, neither hearkened vnto the voice of the Lorde our God, to walke in the commandements that he gaue vs openly.

19 From the day that the Lord brought our fathers out of the lande of Egypt, euen vnto this day, we haue bene disobedient vnto the Lord our God, and we haue bene negligent to heare his voice.

20 [Note: Deut.28.15. ] Wherefore these plagues are come vpon vs, and the curse which the Lorde appointed by Moyses his seruaunt at the time that hee brought our fathers out of the land of Egypt, to giue vs a land that floweth with milke and hony, as appeareth this day.

21 Neuerthelesse, we haue not hearkened vnto the voice of the Lord our God, according to all the words of the Prophets, whome he sent vnto vs.

22 But euery one of vs followed ye wicked imagination of his owne heart, to serue strange gods, and to doe euill in the sight of the Lord our God.


1 The Iewes confesse that they suffer iustly for their sinnes. The true confession of the Christians. II The Iewes desire to haue the wrath of God turned from them. 32 Hee promiseth that hee will call againe the people from captiuitie, and giue them a news and euerlasting Testament.

1 Therefore the Lorde our God hath perfourmed his woorde, which hee pronounced against vs, and against our iudges that gouerned Israel, and against our Kings, and against our princes, and against the men of Israel and Iuda,

2 To bring vpon vs great plagues, such as neuer came to passe vnder the whole heauen, as they that were done in Ierusalem, according to things, that were [Note: Deut.28.53.] written in the Lawe of Moises,

3 That some among vs should eat ye flesh of his owne sonne, & some the flesh of his owne daughter.

4 Moreouer, hee hath deliuered them to be in subiection to all the kingdomes, that are rounde about vs, to bee as a reproche and desolation among all the people rounde about where the Lorde hath scattered them.

5 Thus they are brought beneath and not aboue, because we haue sinned against the Lorde our God, and haue not heard his voyce.

6 [Note: Chap.1.13. ] To the Lord our God apperteineth righteousnes, but vnto vs and to our fathers open shame, as appeareth this day.

7 For all these plagues are come vpon vs, which the Lord hath pronounced against vs.

8 Yet haue we not praied before the Lord, that we might turne euery one from the imaginations of his owne wicked heart.

9 So the Lord hath watched ouer the plagues, and the Lorde hath brought them vpon vs: for the Lord is righteous in all his woorkes, which he hath commanded vs.

10 Yet wee haue not hearkened vnto his voyce, to walke in the commandements of the Lorde that he hath giuen vnto vs.

11 [Note: Dan.9.15.] And nowe, O Lord God of Israel, that hast brought thy people out of the land of Egypt with a mightie hand, and an hie arme, and with signes, and with wonders, and with great power, and hast gotten thy selfe a Name, as appeareth this day,

12 O Lorde our God, we haue sinned: we haue done wickedly: we haue offended in all thine ordinances.

13 Let thy wrath turne from vs: for we are but a fewe left among the heathen, where thou hast scattered vs.

14 Heare our praiers, O Lorde, and our peticions, and deliuer vs for thine owne sake, and giue vs fauor in the sight of them, which haue led vs away,

15 That all the earth may knowe that thou art the Lord our God, and that thy Name is called vpon Israel and vpon their posteritie.

16 Therefore looke downe fro thine holy Temple, and thinke vpon vs: encline thine eare, O Lord, and heare vs.

17 [Note: Deut.26.15.isa.63.15. ] Open thine eyes, and beholde: for the dead that are in the graues, and whose soules are out of their bodies, [Note: Psal.6.5.6. and 115.17.18. isa.38.19. ] giue vnto the Lorde neither [Note: Or, glorie, nor praise of righteousness.] praise, nor righteousnesse.

18 But the soule that is vexed for the greatnesse of sinne, and hee that goeth crookedly, and weake, and the eyes that faile, and the hungrie soule will giue thee praise and righteousnesse, O Lord.

19 For wee doe not require mercie in thy sight, O Lorde our God, for the righteousnesse of our fathers, or of our Kings,

20 But because thou hast sent out thy wrath and

[Page 175]
indignation vpon vs, as thou hast spoken by [Note: Or, by the hand of thy seruants.] thy seruants the Prophets, saying,
21 [Note: Iere.27.7. ] Thus sayth the Lorde, Bowe downe your shoulders, and serue the King of Babylon: so shal ye remaine in the land, that I gaue vnto your fathers.

22 But if ye will not heare the voyce of ye Lord, to serue the King of Babylon,

23 I will cause to cease in the cities of Iuda, and in Ierusalem, I wil cause to cease the voyce of mirth, and the voyce of ioye, and the voyce of the bridegrome, and the voyce of the bride, and the land shal be desolate of inhabitants.

24 But we woulde not hearken vnto thy voyce, to serue the King of Babylon: therefore hast thou performed the wordes that thou spakest by thy seruants the Prophets: namely, that the bones of our Kings, and the bones of our fathers should be caried out of their places.

25 And lo, they are cast out to the heate of the day, and to the colde of the night, and are dead in great miserie with famine, and with the sworde, and in banishment.

26 And the Temple wherein thy Name was called vpon, thou hast brought to ye state, as appeareth this day, for the wickednesse of the house of Israel, and the house of Iuda.

27 O Lorde our God, thou hast intreated vs according to equitie, and according to all thy great mercie.

28 As thou spakest by thy seruant Moyses, in the day when thou diddest commande him to write thy Lawe before the children of Israel, saying,

29 [Note: Leui.26.14. deut.18.15.] If ye will not obey my voyce, then shall this great swarme and multitude be turned into a verie fewe among the nations where I will scatter them.

30 For I know that they will not heare me: for it is a stifnecked people: but in the lande of their captiuitie they shall remember themselues,

31 And knowe that I am the Lorde their God: then wil I giue them an heart to vnderstand, & eares.

32 And they shall heare, & prayse me in the land of their captiuitie, and thinke vpon my Name.

33 Then shall they turne them from their hard backes, and from their euill workes: for they shall remember the way of their fathers, which sinned before the Lord.

34 And I will bring them againe into the land, which I promised with an othe vnto their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, and they shalbe Lordes of it: and I will increase them, and they shall not be diminished.

35 And I will make an euerlasting couenant with them, that I will be their God, and they shall be my people: and I will no more driue my people of Israel out of the land that I haue giuen them.


1 The people continueth in their prayer begunne for their deliuerance. 9 He prayseth wisedome vnto the people shewing, that so great aduersities came vnto them for the despising thereof. 36 Onely God was the finder of wisedome. 37 Of the incarnation of Christ.

1 O Lorde Almightie, O God of Israel, the soule that is in trouble, and the spirite that is vexed, cryeth vnto thee.

2 Heare, O Lord, and haue mercie: for thou art mercifull, and haue pitie vpon vs, because wee haue sinned before thee.

3 For thou endurest for euer, & we vtterly perish.

4 O Lorde Almightie, the God of Israel, heare nowe the prayer of the dead Israelites, and of their children, which haue sinned before thee, and not hearkened vnto the voyce of thee ther God, wherefore these plagues hang vpon vs.

5 Remember not ye wickednesse of our fathers, but thinke vpo thy power, & thy Name at this time.

6 For thou art the Lorde our God, and thee, O Lord, will we prayse.

7 And for this cause hast thou put thy feare in our hearts, that we should call vpon thy Name, and prayse thee in our captiuitie: for we haue considered in our mindes all the wickednesse of our fathers, that sinned before thee.

8 Beholde, we are yet this day in our captiuitie, where thou hast scattered vs, to be a reproche and a curse, and subiect to payments, according to all the iniquities of our fathers, which are departed from the Lord their God.

9 O Israel, heare ye comandements of life: hearken vnto them, that thou maiest learne wisdome.

10 What is the cause, O Israel, that thou art in thine enemies land, and art waxen olde in a strange countrey?

11 And art defiled with the dead? and art counted with them, that goe downe to the graues?

12 Thou hast forsaken ye fountaine of wisdome.

13 For if thou hadst walked in the way of God, thou shouldest haue remayned safe for euer.

14 Learne where is wisedome, where is strength, where is vnderstanding, that thou maiest know also from whence commeth long continuance, and life, and where the light of the eyes, and peace is.

15 Who hath found out her place? or who hath come into her treasures?

16 Where are the princes of the heathen, & such as ruled the beastes vpon the earth?

17 They that had their pastime with the foules of the heauen, that hoarded vp siluer & gold, wherein men trust, & made none ende of their gathering?

18 For they that coyned siluer, & were so careful of their worke, & whose inuention had none ende,

19 Are come to nought, and gone downe to hel, and other men are come vp in their steades.

20 When they were young, they sawe the light, and dwelt vpon the earth: but they vnderstood not the way of knowledge,

21 Neither perceiued the pathes thereof, neither haue their children receiued it: but they were farre off from that way.

22 It hath not bene heard off in the land of Chanaan, neither hath it bene seene in Theman,

23 Nor the Agarines that sought after wisdome vpon the earth, nor the marchants of Nerran, and of Theman, nor the expounders of fables, nor the searchers out of wisdome haue knowen the way of wisdome, neither doe they thinke vpon the pathes thereof.

24 O Israel, howe great is the House of God! and howe large is the place of his possession!

25 It is great, and hath none ende: it is hie, and vnmeasurable.

26 There were the gyants, famous from the beginning, that were of so great stature, and so expert in warre.

27 Those did not the Lord choose, neither gaue he the way of knowledge vnto them.

28 But they were destroyed, because they had no wisdome, & perished through their owne foolishnes.

29 Who hath gone vp into heauen, to take her, and brought her downe from the cloudes?

30 Who hath gone ouer the sea to finde her, and hath brought her, rather then fine golde?
31 No man knoweth her wayes, neither considereth her pathes.

32 But he that knoweth al things, knoweth her, and he hath found her out with his vnderstanding: this same is he which hath prepared the earth for euermore, and hath filled it with foure footed beastes.

33 When he sendeth out the light, it goeth: and when he calleth it againe, it obeyeth him with feare.

34 And the starres shine in their watch, and reioyce. When he calleth them, they say, Here we be: and so with cherefulnesse they shewe light vnto him that made them.

35 This is our God, and there shall none other be compared vnto him.

36 He hath found out all the way of knowledge, and hath giuen it vnto Iacob his seruant, and to Israel his beloued.

37 Afterwarde he was seene vpon earth, and dwelt among men.


1 The rewarde of them that keepe the Lawe, and the punishment of them that despise it. 12 A comforting of the people being in captiuitie. 19 A complaint of Ierusalem and vnder the figure thereof the Church. 25 A consolation and comforting of the same.

1 This is the booke of the commaundements of God, and the Lawe that endureth for euer: all they that keepe it, shal come to life: but such as forsake it, shall die.

2 Turne thee, O Iacob, & take hold of it: walke by this brightnesse before the light thereof.

3 Giue not thine honour to another, nor the things that are profitable vnto thee, to a strange nation.

4 O Israel, we are blessed: for the things that are acceptable vnto God, are declared vnto vs.

5 Be of good comfort, O my people, which art the memoriall of Israel.

6 Ye are solde to the nations, not for your destruction: but because ye prouoked God to wrath, ye were deliuered vnto the enemies.

7 For ye haue displeased him that made you, offering vnto deuils and not to God.

8 Ye haue forgotten him that created you, euen the euerlasting God, and ye haue grieued Ierusalem, that nourished you.

9 When shee sawe the wrath comming vpon you from God, she saide, Hearken, ye yt dwell about Sion: for God hath brought me into great heauines.

10 I see the captiuitie of my sonnes and daughters, which the Euerlasting will bring vpon them.

11 With ioy did I nourish them, but I must leaue them with weeping and mourning.

12 Let no man reioyce ouer me a widow, & forsaken of many, which for ye sinnes of my children am desolate, because they departed from ye Law of God.

13 They would not know his righteousnes, nor walke in the wayes of his commandements: neither did they enter into the pathes of discipline, through his righteousnesse.

14 Come, ye that dwell about Sion, and call to remembrance the captiuitie of my sonnes & daughters, which the euerlasting hath brought vpon them.

15 For he hath brought vpon them a nation from farre, an impudent nation, and of a strange language,

16 Which neither reuerence the aged, nor pitie the yong: these haue caried away the deare beloued of the widowes, leauing me alone, and destitute of my daughters.

17 But what can I helpe you?

18 Surely he that hath brought these plagues vpon you, can deliuer you from the handes of your enemies.

19 Goe your way, O children, goe your way: for I am left desolate.

20 I haue put off the clothing of peace, and put vpon me the sackcloth of prayer, and so long as I liue, I will call vpon the Euerlasting.

21 Be of good comfort, O children: crye vnto God, and he will deliuer you from the power, and hand of the enemies.

22 For I haue hope of your saluation through the Euerlasting, and ioy is come vpon me from the Holy one, because of the mercie, which shall quickly come vnto you from our euerlasting Sauiour.

23 For I sent you away with weeping, & mourning: but with ioy and perpetuall gladnes will God bring you againe vnto me.

24 Like as now the neighbours of Sion saw your captiuitie, so shall they also see shortly your saluation from God, which shall come vnto you with great glory, and brightnes from the Euerlasting.

25 My children, suffer patiently the wrath that is come vpon you from God: for thine enemie hath persecuted thee, but shortly thou shalt see his destruction, and shalt treade vpon his necke.

26 My darlings haue gone by rough wayes, and were led away as a flock yt is scattered by ye enemies.

27 Be of good comfort, my children, and crye vnto God: for he that led you away, hath you in remembrance.

28 And as it came into your minde to goe astray from your God, so endeuour your selues ten times more, to turne againe and to seeke him.

29 For he that hath brought these plagues vpon you, will bring you euerlasting ioy againe, with your saluation.

30 Take a good heart, O Ierusalem: for he which gaue thee that name, will comfort thee.

31 They are miserable that afflict thee, and such as reioyce at thy fall.

32 The cities are miserable whom thy children serue: miserable is she that hath taken thy sonnes.

33 For as she reioyced at thy decay, & was glad of thy fal, so shal she be sory for her owne desolatio.

34 For I will take away ye reioycing of her great multitude, & her ioy shall be turned into mourning.

35 For a fire shall come vpon her from the Euerlasting, long to endure, and she shall be inhabited of deuils for a great season.

36 O Ierusalem, looke toward the East, and behold the ioy that cometh vnto thee from thy God.

37 Lo, thy sonnes (whom thou hast let go) come gathered together from the East vnto the West, reioycing in the worde of the Holy one vnto the honour of God.


1 Ierusalem is moued vnto gladnesse for the returne of her people, and vnder the figure thereof the Church.

1 Pvt off thy mourning clothes, O Ierusalem, and thine affliction, and decke thee with the worship and honour, that commeth vnto thee from God, for euermore.

2 Put on the garment of righteousnesse, that commeth from God, and set a crowne vpon thine head of the glorie of the Euerlasting.

3 For God will declare thy brightnes to euery countrey vnder the heauen.

4 And God will name thee by this name for

[Page 176]
euer, The peace of righteousnesse, and the glory of the worship of God.
5 Arise, O Ierusalem, and stand vp on hie, and looke about thee towarde the East, and beholde thy children gathered from the East vnto the West by the worde of the holy one, reioycing in the remembrance of God.

6 For they departed from thee on foote, and were led away of their enemies: but God will bring them againe vnto thee, exalted in glorie, as children of the kingdome.

7 For God hath determined to bring downe euery high mountaine, & the long enduring rockes, and to fill the valleis, to make the grounde plaine, that Israel may walke safely vnto ye honor of God.

8 The woods and all sweete smelling trees shal ouershadow Israel at the commandement of God.

9 For God shall bring Israel with ioy in ye light of his maiestie, with the mercie and righteousnesse that commeth of him.


A COPIE OF THE EPISTLE THAT Ieremias sent vnto them that were led away captiues into Babylon by the King of the Babylonians, to certifie them of the thing that was commanded him of God.

1 Because of the sinnes, that ye haue committed against God, yee shall be led away captiues vnto Babylon, by Nabuchodonosor, King of the Babylonians.

2 So when ye be come into Babylon, yee shall remaine there many yeeres, and a long season, euen seuen generations, and after that will I bring you away peaceablie from thence.

3 [Note: Isa.44.10. psal.115.9. [illeg.].13.14. ] Now shal ye see in Babylon gods of siluer, and of gold, and of wood, borne vpon mens shoulders, to cause the people to feare.

4 Beware therefore that yee in no wise be like the strangers, neither be ye afraid of them, when ye see the multitude before them and behinde them worshipping them,

5 But say ye in your hearts, O Lorde, we must worship thee.

6 For mine Angell shall be with you, and shall care for your soules.

7 As for their tongue, it is polished by the carpenter, & they them selues are gilted, and laide ouer with siluer: yet are they but lies, and can not speake.

8 And as they take golde for a maide that loueth to be deckt,

9 So make they crownes for the heads of their gods: sometimes also the Priests themselues conuey away the golde, and siluer from their gods, and bestowe it vpon themselues.

10 Yea, they giue of the same vnto the harlots, that are in their houses: againe, they decke these gods of siluer, and gods of golde, and of wood with garments like men,

11 Yet can not they be preserued from rust and wormes,

12 Though they haue couered them wt clothing of purple, and wipe their faces because of the dust of the Temple, whereof there is much vpon them.

13 One holdeth a scepter, as though he were a certaine iudge of the countrey: yet can he not slaie such as offend him.

14 Another hath a dagger or an axe in his right hande: yet is he not able to defende him selfe from battell, nor from theeues: so then it is euident, that they be no gods.

15 Therefore feare them not: for as vessel that a man vseth, is nothing worth when it is broken:

16 Such are their gods: when they be set vp in their temples their eyes be full of dust by reason of the feete of those that come in.

17 And as the [Note: Or, courts. ] gates are shut in rounde about vpon him yt hath offended the King: or as one that shoulde be ledde to be put to death: so the priestes keepe their temples with doores, and with lockes, and with barres, least their gods shoulde be spoyled by robbers.

18 They light vp candles before them, yea, more then for them selues, whereof they can not see one: for they are but as one of the postes of the temple.

19 They confesse, yt euen their hearts are gnawen vpon: but when the things, that creepe out of the earth, eate them and their clothes, they feele it not.

20 Their faces are blacke through the smoke that is in the temple.

21 The owles, swalowes & birdes flie vpon their bodies, & vpon their heades, yea, and the cattes also.

22 By this yee may be sure, that they are not gods: therefore feare them not.

23 Notwithstanding the golde, that is about them to make them beautifull, except one wipe of the rust, they cannot shine: neither when they were molten, did they feele it.

24 The things wherein is no breath, are bought for a most high price.

25 [Note: Isa.46.7. ] They are borne vpon mens shoulders, because they haue no feete, whereby they declare vnto men, that they be nothing woorth: yea, and they that worship them, are ashamed.

26 For if they fall to the grounde at any time, they can not rise vp againe of themselues, neither if one set them vp right, can they mooue of them selues, neither if they be bowed downe, can they make them selues streight: but they set gifts before them, as vnto dead men.

27 As for the things that are offered vnto them, their Priests sell them, and abuse them: likewise also the women lay vp of the same: but vnto the poore and sicke they giue nothing.

28 The menstruous women, and they that are in childbed, touch their sacrifices: by these things ye may knowe that they are no gods: feare them not.

29 From whence commeth it then, that they are called gods? because the women bring giftes to the gods of siluer, and golde, and wood.

30 And the priestes sit in their temples, hauing their clothes rent, whose heades and beards are shauen, and being bare headed,

31 They roare, and cry before their gods, as men doe at the feast of one that is dead.

32 The priests also take away of their garments, and clothe their wiues and children.

33 Whether it be euil that one doeth vnto them or good, they are not able to recompence it: they can neither set vp a King nor put him downe.

34 In like maner they can neither giue riches, nor money: though a man make a vowe vnto them and keepe it not, they will not require it.

35 They can saue no man from death, neither deliuer the weake from the mightie.

36 They cannot restore a blind man to his sight, nor helpe any man at his neede.

37 They can shewe no mercy to the widdowe, nor doe good to the fatherlesse.

38 Their gods of wood, golde, and siluer, are as stones, that bee hewen out of the mountaine, and [Page] they that worship them, shall be confounded.

39 Howe shoulde a man then thinke or say that they are Gods?

40 Moreouer the Chaldeans them selues dishonour them: for when they see a domme man, that can not speake, they present him to Bel,

41 And desire that hee woulde make him to speake, as though he had any feeling: yet they that vnderstande these thinges, can not leaue them: for they also haue no sense.

42 Furthermore the wome, girded with coards, sitte in the streetes, and burne [Note: Or, branne. ] strawe.

43 And if one of them be drawen away, and lie with any such as come by, shee casteth her neighbour in the teeth, because shee was not so worthily reputed, nor her coarde broken.

44 Whatsoeuer is done among them, is lies: how may it then be thought or saide, that they are gods?

45 Carpenters and goldsmithes make them, neither be they any other thing, but euen what the workeman will make them.

46 Yea, they that make them, are of no long cotinuance: how should then the things that are made of them, be gods?

47 Therefore they leaue lies, and shame for their posteritie.

48 For when there cometh any warre or plague vpon them, the Priestes imagine with them selues, where they may hide themselues with them.

49 Howe then can men not perceiue, that they be no gods, which can neither defende themselues, from warre nor from plagues:

50 For [Note: Psal.115.3. wisd.13.10. ] seeing they be but of wood, and of siluer, and of golde, men shall knowe hereafter that they are but lies, and it shall be manifest to all nations & Kings, that they be no gods, but the workes of mens handes, and that there is no woorke of God in them.

51 Whereby it may be knowen, that they are no gods.

52 They can set vp no King in the lande, nor giue raine vnto men.

53 They can giue no sentence of a matter, neither preserue from iniurie: they haue no power, but are as crowes betweene the heauen and the earth.

54 When there falleth a fire vpon the house of those gods of wood, and of siluer, and of golde, the priestes will escape and saue them selues, but they burne as the balkes therein.

55 They cannot wtstand any King or enemies: how can it then be thought or said yt they be gods?

56 Moreouer these gods of wood, of golde, and of siluer can neither defed themselues from theeues nor robbers.

57 For they that are strongest, take away their golde and siluer, and apparell, wherewith they be clothed: and when they haue it, they get them away, yet can they not helpe themselues.

58 Therefore it is better to be a King, and so to shewe his power, or els a profitable vessell in an house, whereby hee that oweth it, might haue profite, then such false gods: or to bee a doore in an house, to keepe such thinges safe as be therein, then such false gods: or a pillar of wood in a palace, then such false gods.

59 For the sunne, and the moone, & the starres that shine, when they are sent downe for necessarie vses, obey.

60 Likewise also the lightning, when it shineth, it is euident: and the winde bloweth in euery countrey.

61 And when God commandeth the cloudes to go about ye whole world, they do as they are bidden.

62 When the fire is sent downe from aboue to destroy hilles and woodes, it doeth that which is commaunded: but these are not like any of these things, neither in forme, nor power.

63 Wherefore men should not thinke, nor say that they be goddes, seeing they can neither giue sentence in iudgement, nor doe men good.

64 For so much nowe as yee are sure, that they be no gods, feare them not.

65 For they can neither curse, nor blesse Kings:

66 Neither can they shewe signes in the heauen among the heathen, neither shine as the moone.

67 The beastes are better then they: for they ca get them vnder a couert, & do themselues good.

68 So yee may bee certified that by no maner of, meanes, they are gods: therefore feare them not.

69 For as a skarcrowe in a garden of cucumbers keepeth nothing, so are their goddes of wood, and of siluer, and of golde:

70 And likewise their gods of wood, and golde and siluer are like to a white thorne in an orcharde, that euery birde sitteth vpon, and as a deade bodie that is cast in the darke.

71 By the purple also and brightnesse, which fadeth vpon them, yee may vnderstande, that they be no gods: yea, they themselues shall be consumed at the last, and they shall be a shame to the countrey.

72 Better therefore is the iust man, that hath none idoles: for he shalbe farre from reproofe.