1 Tobits parentage. 3 His godlinesse. 6 His equitie. 8 His charitie and prosperitie. 23 He fleeth, and his goodes are confiscate, 25 And after, restored.

1 [Note: Tobias, being captiue amongst the Assyrians, did not leaue the way of trueth. ] The booke of the woordes of Tobit sonne of Tobiel, the sonne of Ananeel, the sonne of Aduel, the sonne of Gabael, of the seede of Asael, and of the tribe of Nephthalim,

2 Who in the time of [Note: Or, Salmanasar. ] Enemessar King of the Assyrians was [Note: 2.King.17.3. ] led away captiue out of Thisbe, which is at the right hande of that citie, which is called properly Nephthalim, in Galilee aboue Aser.

3 I Tobit haue walked all my life long in the way of trueth and iustice, and I did many things liberally to the brethren, which were of my nation, and came with me to Niniue into the lande of the Assyrians. [Note: Tobias was mercifull. ]

4 And when I was in mine owne countrey in the lande of Israel, being but young, all the tribe of Nephthalim my father fell from the house of Ierusalem, which was chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, that all the tribes shoulde sacrifice there, where the Temple of the tabernacle of the most High was consecrated, and built vp for all ages.

5 [Note: 1.King.12.30. ] Nowe all the tribes which fell from God, yea, and my father Nephthalims house offered to the heifar called Baal.

6 [Note: Hee fled from idoles. ] But I (as it was ordeined to all Israel by an euerlasting decree) went alone often to Ierusalem, at the feastes [Note: Exod.22.29. deut.12.6. ] bringing the first fruites, and the tenth of beastes with that which was first shorne, and offred them at the altar to the Priests the children of Aaron.

7 The first tenth part I gaue to the Priestes the sonnes of Aaron, which ministred in Ierusalem: the other tenth parte I solde, and came and bestowed it euery yeare at Ierusalem.

8 The thirde tenth part I gaue vnto them to whome it was meete, as Debora my fathers mother had commaunded mee: for my father left mee as a pupill.

9 [Note: He marrieth to wife Anna, which beareth him Tobiah. ] Furthermore when I was come to the age of a man, I married Anna of [Note: Nomb.36.7. ] mine owne kinred, and of her I begate Tobias.

10 But when I was led captiue to Niniue, all my brethren, and those which were of my kinred, did eate of the [Note: Gen.43.32. ] bread of the Gentiles.

11 But I kept my selfe from eating,

12 Because I remebred God with al mine heart.

13 [Note: He found grace in the sight of Salmanasar. ] Therefore the most High gaue me grace and fauour before Enemessar, so that I was his puruoier.

14 And I went into Media, & I deliuered ten talents of siluer to Gabael the [Note: Or, sonne. ] brother of Gabrias [Note: Or, in Rages a citie of Media. ] in the land of Media.

15 But when Enemessar was dead, Sennacherib his sonne reigned in his stead: whose state because it was troubled, I coulde not goe into Media.

16 [Note: The charitie of Tobias. ] But in the time of [Note: Or, Salmanasar. ] Enemessar, I gaue many almes to my brethren, and gaue my breade to them which were hungrie,

17 And my clothes to the naked: and if I sawe any of my kinred dead, or cast about the walles of Niniue, I buried him.

18 And if the King Sennacherib had slaine any, when he [Note: 2.Kin.19.35,36. isa.37.36,37. ecclus.48.18,22. 1.maccha.7.41. 2.maccha.8.19. ] was come and fled from Iudea, I buried them priuilie (for in his wrath he killed many) but the bodies were not found when they were sought for of the king.

19 [Note: Tobit fleeth fro the face of Sennacherib. ] Therefore when a certaine Nineuite had accused mee to the King, because I did burie them, I hid my selfe: and because I knewe that I was sought to be slaine, I withdrewe my selfe for feare.

20 Then all my goods were spoyled, neither was there any thing left mee besides my wife Anna and my sonne Tobias.

21 Neuerthelesse [Note: 2.King.19.37. 2.chron.32.21. ] within fiue and fiftie dayes, two of his sonnes killed him, and they fled into the mountaines of Arrarath, and Sarchedonus his sonne reigned in his stead, who appointed ouer his fathers accomptes and ouer all his domesticall affaires Achiacharus my brother Anaels sonne.

22 [Note: Tobit returneth. ] And when Achiacharus had made a request for me, I came againe to Niniue: nowe Achiacharus was cupbearer and keeper of the signet, and stewarde, and ouersawe the accompts: so Sarchedonus appoynted him next vnto him, and he was my brothers sonne.


1 Tobit calleth the faithfull to his table. 3 He leaueth the feast to burie the dead. 10 Howe hee became blinde. 13 His wife laboureth for her liuing. 14 Shee reprocheth him bitterly.

1 Nowe when I was come home againe, and my wife Anna was restored vnto mee with my sonne Tobias, in the feast of Pentecoste, which is the holy feast of the seuen weekes, there was a great dinner prepared me, in ye which I sate downe to eat.

2 [Note: Tobit doeth bid to dinner those which feare God. ] And when I sawe abundance of meat, I sayde to my sonne, Go, and bring what poore man soeuer thou shalt finde of our brethren which doeth remember God, and loe I will tarie for thee.

3 But hee came againe, and sayde, Father, one of our nation is strangled, and is cast out in the market place.

4 [Note: Tobit, leauing his ghests vp the dead body into his house to burie it. ] Then before I had tasted any meate, I start vp, and brought him into mine house vntill the going downe of the sunne.

5 Then I returned and washed, & ate my meate in heauinesse,

6 Remembring that prophecie of [Note: Amos.8.10. I. maccha.1.41. ] Amos, which had saide, Your solemne feastes shall be turned into mourning, and your ioyes into wailing.

7 Therefore I wept, and after the going downe of the sunne I went and made a graue and buried him.

8 [Note: Tobit is rebuked of his neighbours. ] But my neighbours mocked mee, and sayde, Doeth he not feare, to die for this cause, who [Note: Chap.I.29. ] fled away, and yet, loe, he burieth the dead againe.

9 The same night also when I returned from the buriall, and slept at the wall of mine house because I was polluted, & hauing my face vncouered,

10 [Note: Hee is made blinde for an example of patience to his posteritie. ] And I knewe not that sparrowes were in the wall, and as mine eyes were open, the sparrowes cast downe warme dongue into mine eyes, and a whitenesse came in mine eyes, and I went to the Phisitions, but they helped me not. Moreouer Achiacharus did nourish me, vntill I went into Helimais.

11 [Note: The wife of Tobit laboureth for her liuing. ] And my wife Anna did take womens works to doe.

12 And when shee had sent them home to the owners, they paied the wages, and gaue a kid.

13 Which when it was at mine house, & began

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to bleate, I sayd vnto her, from whence is this kid? is it not stollen? render it to the owners: [Note: Deut.22.I. ] for it is not lawfull to eate any thing that is stollen.
14 But shee sayde, It was giuen for a gift more then the wages, but I did not beleeue, and bade her to render it to the owners, and I did blush, because of her. Furthermore she said, [Note: Iob.2.9. ] where are thine almes, and thy righteousnes? behold, they all nowe appeare in thee.


3 The prayer of Tobis. 7 Sarra Raguels daughter, & the things that came vnto her. 12 Her prayer heard. 19 The Angel Raphael sent.

1 Then I, being sorowfull did weepe, and in my sorow prayed, saying,

2 O Lord, thou art iust, and all thy workes, & all thy wayes are mercy and trueth, & thou iudgest truely and iustly for euer.

3 Remember me, & looke on me, neither punish me according to my sinnes or mine ignorances or my fathers, which haue sinned before thee.

4 For they haue not obeyed thy commaundementes: wherefore thou hast deliuered vs [Note: Deut.15.37. ] for a spoyle, & vnto captiuitie, & to death, & for a prouerbe of a reproch to all them among who we are dispersed, & now [Note: Or, thy iudgements are many and true. ] thou hast many and iust causes,

5 To do with me according to my sinnes, and my fathers, because we haue not kept thy comandemets, neither haue walked in trueth before thee.

6 Now therfore deale with me as seemeth best vnto thee, and commande my spirite to be taken from me, that I may be dissolued, & become earth: for it is better for me to dye then to liue, because I haue heard false reproches, and am very sorowfull: command therefore that I may be dissolued out of this distresse, & go into the euerlasting place: turne not thy face away from me.

7 [Note: Sara is checked of her fathers maydes. ] It came to passe the same day that in Ecbatane a citie of Media, Sarra the daughter of Raguel was also reproched by her fathers maydes,

8 Because she had bene marryed to seuen husbands, whom Asmodeus the euill spirit had killed, before that they had lyen with her. Doest thou not know, said they, that thou hast strangled thine husbands? thou hast had now seuen husbands, neyther wast thou named after any of them.

9 Wherfore doest thou [Note: Or, when shee beat them for their faults they sayde. ] beate vs for them? if they be dead, go thy wayes hence to them, that we may neuer see of thee either sonne or daughter.

10 When she heard these things, shee was very sorowful, so that she thought to haue strangled her selfe. And she sayde, I am the onely daughter of my father, and if I do this, I shal slaunder him, and shal bring his age to the graue with sorow.

11 [Note: Sarra prayeth, & fasteth, that she may be deliuered from shame. ] Then she prayed towarde the windowe, and sayd, Blessed art thou, O Lorde my God, and thine holy & glorious Name is blessed, & honorable for euer: let all thy workes prayse thee for euer.

12 And nowe, O Lord, I set mine eyes, and my face toward thee,

13 And say, Take me out of the earth, that I may heare no more any reproch.

14 [Note: The innocencie of Sarra. ] Thou knowest, O Lord, that I am pure from all sinne with man,

15 [Note: But chastitie. ] And that I haue neuer polluted my name, nor the name of my father in ye land of my captiuitie: I am ye only daughter of my father, neither hath he any manchild to be his heire, neither any [Note: Greek. neere brother. ] neere kinseman or childe borne of him, to whome I may keepe my selfe for a wife: my seue husbands are now dead, & why should I liue? But if it please not thee that I should die, command to looke on me, and to pitie me that I do no more heare reproch.

16 [Note: The prayers of Tobit, and Sarra are heard both at a time. ] So the prayers of them both were heard before the maiestie of the great God.

17 And Raphael was sent to heale them both, that is, to take away the whitenes of Tobits eyes, & to giue Sarra the daughter of Raguel for a wife to Tobias the sonne of Tobit, and to binde Asmodeus the euill spirite, because she belonged to Tobias by right. The selfe same time came Tobit home, and entred into his house, and Sarra the daughter of Raguel came downe from her chamber.


Precepts and exhortations of Tobit to his sonne.

1 In that day Tobit remembred [Note: Chap.1.14. ] the siluer, which hee had deliuered to Gabael in Rages a citie of Media,

2 And sayde with himselfe, I haue wished for death: wherefore do I not call for my sonne Tobias that I may admonish him before I die?

3 [Note: Tobits exhortatio to his sonne, whe he thought he should die. The mother is to be reuereced. ] And whe he had called him, he said, My sone, after that I am dead, bury me, and despise not thy mother, but [Note: Exod.20.12. eccle.7.27. ] honour her all the dayes of thy life, and do that which shal please her, & anger her not.

4 Remember, my sonne, howe many dangers she susteined when thou wast in her wombe,

5 And when she dyeth, bury her by me in the same graue.

6 [Note: God must be in our hearts. ] My sonne, set our Lord God alwayes before thine eyes, and let not thy wil be set to sinne or to trasgresse the comandements of God. Do vprightly all thy life long, and followe not the wayes of vnrighteousnesse: for if thou deale truely, thy doings shal prosperously succeede to thee, and to all them which liue iustly.

7 [Note: Almes. ] Giue [Note: Prouerb 3.9. eccle.4.1. & 14. 23. ] almes of thy substance: & when thou giuest almes, let not thine eye be enuious, neyther turne thy face from any poore, lest that God turne his face from thee.

8 [Note: Luke 14.13. ecclu.35.10. ] Giue almes according to thy substace: if thou haue but a litle, be not afrayd to giue a litle almes.

9 For thou layest vp a good store for thy selfe against the day of necessitie,

10 [Note: Ecclu.29.13. ] Because that almes doeth deliuer fro death, and suffreth not to come into darkenesse.

11 For almes is a good gifte before the most High to all them which vse it.

12 [Note: Aduoutrie. ] Beware of all [Note: 1.Thes.4.3. ] whoredome, my sonne, and chiefly take a wife of the seede of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of thy fathers stocke: for wee are the children of the Prophetes. Noe, Abraham, Isaac and Iacob are our fathers from the beginning. Remember my sonne, that they marryed wiues of their owne kinred, and were blessed in their children, and their seede shall inherite the lande.

13 [Note: Pride. ] Now therefore, my sonne, loue thy brethren, & despise not in thine heart thy brethre, the sonnes and daughters of thy people, in not taking a wife of them: for in pride is destruction, & much trouble, and in fiercenes is scarcitie, and great pouertie: for [Note: Or, vnprofitablenes. ] fiercenes is the mother of famine.

14 [Note: Wages of an hyred seruant. ] Let not the [Note: Leuit 19.13. deut.24.14,25. ] wages of any man, which hath wrought for thee, tary with thee, but giue him it out of hand: for if thou serue God, he wil also pay thee: be circumspect, my sonne, in all thinges that thou doest, & be wel instructed in all thy conuersation.

15 [Note: Matt.7.12. luke 6.31. ] Do that to no ma which thou hatest: drinke not wine to make thee drunken, neyther let drunkennesse [Page] go with thee in thy iourney.

16 [Note: Luke 14.13. ] [Note: The hungry. ] Giue of thy bread to the hungry, & of thy garments to them that are naked, and [Note: Matt.6.1. ] of all thine abundance giue almes, and let not thine eye be enuious, when thou giuest almes.

17 [Note: Or, be liberall for the iust, euen to their death. ] Powre out thy bread on the buriall of the iust, but giue nothing to the wicked.

18 [Note: Counsell. ] Aske counsell alway of the wise, and despise not any counsel that is profitable.

19 [Note: God is to be blessed. ] Blesse thy Lord God alway, & desire of him that thy wayes may be made streight, and that all thy purposes and counsels may prosper: for euery nation hath not counsell: but the Lord giueth all good things, and he humbleth whome he wil, as he will: now therefore, my sonne, remember my commandements, neyther let them at any time be put out of thy minde.

20 [Note: Chap.1.14. ] Furthermore I signifie this to thee, that I deliuered tenne talents to Gabael the sonne of Gabrias at Rages in Media.

21 [Note: Pouertie with the feare of God. ] And feare not, my sonne, forasmuch as wee are made poore: for thou hast many things, if thou feare God, & flee from all sinne, and do that thing which is acceptable vnto him.


Tobias sent to Rages, 4 He meeteth with the Angel Raphael, which did conduct him.

1 Tobias then answered, and sayd, Father, I wil do all things which thou hast commanded me.

2 But howe can I receiue the siluer, seeing I know him not?

3 [Note: Tobias, sent by his father to Rages, seeketh a companion, and meeteth with Raphael, whom he bringeth to his father. ] Then he gaue him the hand writing, & sayd vnto him, Seeke thee a man, which may goe with thee, whiles I yet liue, and I will giue him wages, & go and receiue the money.

4 Therfore when he was gone to seeke a man, he found Raphael the Angel.

5 But he knewe not, and sayd vnto him, May I goe with thee into the land of Media? and knowest thou those places well?

6 To whom the Angel said, I wil go with thee: for I haue remained with our brother Gabael.

7 Then Tobias sayd to him, Tarie for me, till I tell my father.

8 Then he sayde vnto him, Goe, and tarie not: so he went in and sayde to his father, Beholde, I haue founde one, which will goe with me. Then he sayde, Call him vnto me, that I may knowe of what tribe he is, and whether he be faithfull to goe with thee.

9 So he called him, and he came in, and they saluted one another.

10 Then Tobit sayde vnto him, Brother, shewe me of what tribe and familie thou art.

11 To whom he said, Doest thou seeke a stocke or familie, or an hired man to goe with thy sonne? Then Tobit sayd vnto him, I would know, brother, thy kindred and thy name.

12 Then he sayd, I am of the kinred of Azarias and Ananias the great, and of thy brethren.

13 Then Tobit sayde, [Note: Or, thou commest happily. ] Thou art welcome, brother: be not now angry with me, because I haue enquired to knowe thy kinred, & thy familie: for thou art my brother of an honest & good stocke: for I know Ananias & Ionathas, sonnes of that great Samaias: for we went together to Ierusalem to worship, & offred the first borne, & the tenthes of the fruites, & they were not deceiued with the error of our brethren my brother, thou art of a great stocke.

14 But tel me, What wages shal I giue thee? wilt thou a groate a day and things necessarie, as to mine owne sonne?

15 Yea, moreouer if ye returne safe, I will adde some thing to the wages.

16 [Note: Tobias goeth forth, the Angel keeping him company. ] So they agreed. Then said he to Tobias, Prepare thy selfe for the iourney, and goe you on Gods Name. And when his sonne had prepared all things for the iourney, his father sayde, Goe thou with this man, and God which dwelleth in heauen, prosper your iourney, & the Angel of God keepe you companie. So they went forth both and departed, & the dogge of the yong man with them.

17 [Note: His mother weepeth. ] But [Note: Chap.10.4. ] Anna his mother wept, & sayd to Tobit, Why hast thou sent away our sonne? is he not the staffe of our hand to minister vnto vs?

18 Woulde to God wee had not layde money vpon money, but that it had bene cast away in respect of our sonne.

19 For that which God hath giuen vs to liue with, doeth suffice vs.

20 Then said Tobit, Be not carefull, my sister: he shal returne in safetie, and thine eyes shal see him.

21 For the good Angel doeth keepe him company, and his iourney shalbe prosperous, and he shal returne safe.

22 Then she made an ende of weeping.


2 Tobias deliuered from the fish. 7 Raphael sheweth him certaine medicines. 10 He conducteth him toward Sarra.

1 And as they went on their iourney, they came at night to the flood Tygris, and there abode.

2 [Note: Tobias, inuaded of a fish, is deliuered by the Angel. ] And when the yong man went to wash him selfe, a fish leaped out of the riuer, and would haue deuoured him.

3 Then the Angel said vnto him, Take the fish. And the yong man tooke ye fish, & drew it to land.

4 To whome the Angel sayd, Cut the fish, and take the heart, and the liuer, and the gall, and put them vp surely.

5 So the yong man did as the Angel commanded him: and when they had rosted the fishe, they ate it: then they both went on their way, till they came to Ecbatane.

6 Then the yong man sayde to the Angel, Brother Azarias, what auaileth the heart, and the liuer, and the gall of the fish?

7 And he sayd vnto him, Touching the heart, and the liuer, if a deuil or an euil spirit trouble any, we must make a perfume of this before the man or the woman, and he shalbe no more vexed.

8 As for ye gall, anoynt a man that hath whitenes in his eyes, and he shalbe healed.

9 And whe they were come neere to Rages,

10 The Angel sayde to the yong man, Brother, to day we shall lodge wt Raguel, who is thy cousin: he also hath one only daughter named Sarra: I will speake for her that she may be giue thee for a wife.

11 For to thee doeth [Note: Num.27.8 and 36 8. ] the right of her perteine, seeing thou alone art the remnant of her kinred,

12 And the mayde is faire and wise: nowe therefore heare me, & I wil speake to her father, that we may make the mariage when we are returned from Rages: for I know that Raguel can not marry her to another according to the lawe of Moyses: els he should deserue death, because the right doth rather apperteine to thee then to any other man.

13 Then the yong man answered the Angel, I haue heard, brother Azarias, that this mayde hath bene giuen to seuen men, who all dyed in the marriage chamber;

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14 And I am the only begotten sonne of my father, and I am afraid, least I go in to her, and dye as the other before: for a wicked spirite loueth her, which hurteth no body, but those which come in to her: wherefore I also feare least I die, and bring my fathers and my mothers life because of mee to the graue with sorowe: for they haue no other sonne to bury them.

15 Then the Angel sayde vnto him, Doest thou not remember the preceptes which thy father gaue thee, that thou shouldest marry a wife of thine owne kinred? wherefore heare me, O my brother: for she shall be thy wife, neither be thou carefull of the euill spirit: for this same night shall she be giuen thee in marriage.

16 And when thou shalt goe into the marriage chamber, thou shalt take of the hote coles for perfumes, and make a perfume of the heart, and of the liuer of the fish,

17 Which if the spirit do smel, he wil flee away, and nether come againe any more: but when thou shalt come to her, rise vp both of you, and pray to God which is mercifull, who wil haue pitie on you, and saue you: feare not, for she is appoynted vnto thee from the beginning, and thou shalt keepe her, and she shall go with thee: moreouer I suppose that she shall beare thee children: nowe when Tobias had heard these things, he loued her, and his heart was effectually ioyned to her.


Tobias marieth Sarra Raguels daughter.

1 [Note: Raphael & Tobias come to Raguel. ] And when they were come to Ecbatane, they came to the house of Raguel: and Sarra met them, and after they had saluted one another, shee brought them into the house.

2 Then sayde Raguel to Edna his wife, Howe like is this yong man to Tobit my cousin!

3 And Raguel asked, Whence are you, my brethren? To whome they sayd, that they were of the tribe of Nephthalim, and of the captiues that dwelt at Nineue.

4 Then he sayde to them, Doe ye knowe Tobit our kinsman? And they sayd, We know him. Then said he, Is he in good health?

5 And they sayde, Hee is both aliue, and in good health: and Tobias sayd, He is my father.

6 Then Raguel leaped, and kissed him, & wept,

7 And blessed him, and sayde vnto him, Thou art the sonne of an honest and good man: but when he had heard that Tobit was blinde, he was sorowfull and wept.

8 And likewise Edna his wife, and Sarra his daughter wept. Moreouer they receiued them with a ready minde, and after that they had killed a ram of the flocke, they set much meat on the table. The sayd Tobias to Raphael, Brother Azarias, put forth those things whereof thou spakest in the way, that this businesse may be dispatched.

9 [Note: Tobias asketh Raguels daughter to wife. ] So he communicated the matter with Raguel, and Raguel sayde to Tobias, Eate, and drinke, and make merry.

10 For it is meete that thou shouldest marrie my daughter: neuerthelesse, I will declare vnto thee the trueth.

11 I haue giuen my daughter in marriage to seuen men, who dyed that night which they came in vnto her: neuerthelesse, be thou of a good courage and merry. But Tobias sayde, I will eate nothing here, vntill yee bring her hither, and betrothe her to me.

12 Raguel sayd then, Marry her then according to the custome: for thou art her cousin, and shee is thine. God which is mercifull, make this prosperous to you in all good things.

13 [Note: Raguel giueth his daughter Sarra to Tobias. ] Then hee called his daughter Sarra, and shee came to her father, and he tooke her by the hande, and gaue her for wife to Tobias, saying, Beholde, take her after the [Note: Num.36.6. ] lawe of Moyses, and leade her away to thy father: and he blessed them,

14 And called his wife Edna, and hee tooke a booke and wrote a contract, and sealed it.

15 Then they began to eate.

16 After, Raguel called his wife Edna, and sayde vnto her, Sister, prepare another chamber, and bring her in thither.

17 Which when she had done, as he had bidden her, shee brought her thither: then Sarra wept, and her mother wiped away her daughters teares,

18 And sayde vnto her, Be of good comfort, my daughter: the Lorde of heauen and earth giue thee ioy for this thy sorowe: bee of good comfort my daughter.


Tobias driueth away the euill spirit. 4 Hee prayeth to God with his wife. 11 Raguel prepareth a graue for his sonne in lawe. 16 Raguel blesseth the Lord.

1 And when they had supped, they brought Tobias in vnto her.

2 [Note: Tobias followeth Raphaels counsell, as Chap.6.7. ] And as he went, he remembred the wordes of Raphael, and tooke coles for perfumes, and put the heart and liuer of the fish thereupon, and made a perfume.

3 The which smell when the euill spirit had smelled, he fled into the [Note: Or, vpmost. ] vtmost partes of Egypt, whom the Angel bound.

4 And after yt they were both shut in, Tobias rose out of the bed, and sayd, Sister, arise and let vs pray, that God would haue pitie on vs.

5 [Note: Tobias prayer. ] Then began Tobias to say, Blessed art thou, O God of our fathers, and blessed is thine holy and glorious Name for euer: let the heauens blesse thee, and all thy creatures.

6 Thou madest Adam, and gauest him [Note: Gene.2.7,18,22 ] Eua his wife for an helpe, and stay: of them came mankinde: thou hast sayde, It is not good, that a man should be alone: let vs make vnto him an ayde like vnto himselfe.

7 And now, O Lord, I take not this my sister for fornication, but vprightly: therfore graunt me mercie, that we may become aged together.

8 And she sayd with him, Amen.

9 [Note: Raguel thinking Tobias was dead, made a graue for him. ] So they slept both that night, and Raguel arose, and went and made a graue,

10 Saying, Is not he dead also?

11 But when Raguel was come into his house,

12 He sayde to his wife Edna, Sende one of the maides, and let them see whether he be aliue: if not, that I may bury him, and none knowe it.

13 So the maide opened the doore, and went in, and found them both asleepe,

14 And came forth, & told them yt he was aliue.

15 [Note: Raguel prayseth God for Tobias. ] Then Raguel praysed God, and sayd, O God, thou art worthy to be praysed with al pure, and holy prayse: therefore let thy Saintes prayse thee with all thy creatures, and let all thine Angels and thine elect prayse thee for euer.

16 Thou art to be praised, O Lord: for thou hast made me ioyfull, and that is not come to me which I suspected: but thou hast dealt with vs according to great mercie.
17 Thou art to be praised because thou hast had mercy of two yt were ye onely begotten children of their fathers: graunt them mercy, O Lord, and finish their life in health with ioy and mercy.

18 Then Raguel bade his seruants to fil ye graue.

19 And hee kept the wedding feast foureteene dayes.

20 For Raguel had sayde vnto him by an othe, that he shoulde not depart before yt the foureteene dayes of the marriage were expired,

21 [Note: Raguel giueth halfe of his goods toward the mariage of his daughter to Tobias. ] And then hee shoulde take the halfe of his goods and returne in safety to his father, & shoulde haue the rest, when he and his wife were dead.


Raphael leadeth Gabael to Tobias marriage.

1 Then Tobias called Raphael, and sayde vnto him,

2 Brother Azarias, take with thee a seruant and two camels, and goe to Rages of the Medes to Gabael, and bring mee the money and bring him to the wedding.

3 For Raguel hath sworne that I shall not depart.

4 [Note: Tobits care for his sonne. ] But my father counteth the dayes: and if I tarie long, he will be very sory.

5 [Note: The Angel goeth on Tobias message. ] So Raphael went out & came to Gabael, and gaue him the hande writing, who brought forth bagges which were sealed vp, and gaue the to him.

6 And in the morning they went forth, both together, and came to the wedding. And Tobias begate his wife with childe.


1 Tobit and his wife thinke long for their sonne. 10 Raguel sendeth away Tobias and Sarra.

1 Nowe Tobit his father counted euery day, and when the dayes of the iourney were expired, and they came not,

2 [Note: The father and mother are in heauinesse for Tobias tarying. ] Tobit sayde, Are they not mocked? or is not Gabael dead, and there is no man to giue him the money?

3 Therefore he was very sory.

4 Then his wife sayd to him, My sonne is dead, seeing he tarieth: and she began to [Note: Chap.5.17. ] bewayle him, and sayde,

5 Nowe I care for nothing, my sonne, since I haue lost thee the light of mine eyes.

6 To whom Tobit sayd, Holde thy peace: be not carefull, for he is safe.

7 But she sayd, Holde thy peace, and deceiue me not: my sonne is dead: and she went out euery day by the way, which they went, neither did shee eate meate on the day time, and did consume whole nightes in bewayling her sonne Tobias vntill the foureteene dayes of ye wedding were expired, which Raguel had sworne, that he should tary there. Then Tobias sayde to Raguel, Let mee goe: for my father and my mother looke no more to see me.

8 But his father in lawe sayde vnto him, Tarie with mee, and I will sende to thy father, and they shall declare him thine affaires.

9 But Tobias sayde, No, but let mee goe to my father.

10 [Note: Raguel giueth Tobias, and his wife leaue to depart. ] Then Raguel arose, and gaue him Sarra his wife, and halfe his goods, as seruants, and cattel, and money,

11 And hee blessed them, and sent them away, saying, The God of heauen make you, my children, to prosper before I dye.

12 [Note: Sarra is instructed by her parents. ] And he sayd to his daughter, Honour thy father, and thy mother in lawe which are nowe thy parents, that I may heare good report of thee: and hee kissed them, Edna also sayde to Tobias, The Lord of heauen restore thee, my deare brother, and graunt that I may see thy children of my daughter Sarra, that I may reioyce before the Lord. Beholde nowe, I commit to thee my daughter, as a pledge doe not entreat her euill.


1 The returne of Tobias to his father. 9 Howe he was receiued. 10 His father hath his sight restored and praiseth the Lord.

1 After these thinges Tobias went his way, praysing God that hee had giuen him a prosperous iourney, and blessed Raguel and Edna his wife, and went on his way till he drewe neere to Nineue.

2 [Note: The Angels counsell to Tobias. ] Then Raphael said to Tobias, Thou knowest, brother, howe thou diddest leaue thy father.

3 Let vs haste before thy wife, and prepare the house,

4 And take in thine hand the gall of the fish. So they went their way, and the dog followed them.

5 Nowe Anna sate in the way looking for her sonne,

6 Whom when she sawe comming, she sayd to his father, Behold, thy sonne cometh, and the man that went with him.

7 Then sayd Raphael, I knowe, Tobias, that thy father shall receiue his sight.

8 Therefore anoynt his eyes with the gall, and being pricked therewith, he shall rub and make the whitenesse to fall away, and shall see thee.

9 Then Anna ranne foorth, and fell on the necke of her sonne, and sayde vnto him, Seeing I haue seene thee, my sonne, from henceforth I am content to die, and they wept both.

10 Tobit also went forth toward the doore, and stumbled, but his sonne ranne vnto him.

11 And tooke hold of his father and sprinkled of the gall on his fathers eyes, saying, Bee of good hope, my father.

12 And when his eyes began to pricke, he rubbed them.

13 And the whitenes pilled away from the corners of his eyes, and when he sawe his sonne, he fell vpon his necke,

14 And hee wept and sayde, Blessed art thou, O Lorde, and blessed be thy Name for euer, and blessed be all thine holy Angels.

15 For thou hast scourged me, and hast had pitie on me: for beholde, I see my sonne Tobias: and his sonne, being glad went in, and tolde his father the great things that had come to passe in Media.

16 Then Tobit went out to meete his daughter in lawe, reioycing and praysing God to the gate of Nineue and they which saw him go, marueiled, because he had receiued his sight.

17 But Tobit testified before the al, yt God had had pitie on him. And when he came neere to Sarra his daughter in lawe, he blessed her, saying, Thou art welcome, daughter: God be blessed, which hath brought thee vnto vs, and blessed be thy father: and there was great ioy among all his brethren which were at Nineue.

18 And Achiacharus and Nasbas his brothers sonne came.

19 And Tobias marriage was kept seuen dayes with great ioy.


2 Tobias declareth to his father the pleasures that Raphael had done him, 5 The which he would recompence. 11. 15 Raphael declareth that he is an Angel sent of God.

[Page 147]

1 Then Tobit called his sonne Tobias, and sayde vnto him, Prouide, my sonne, wages for ye man, which went with thee, & thou must giue him more.

2 And he sayd vnto him, O father, it shall not grieue me to giue him halfe of those things which I haue brought.

3 For he hath brought mee againe to thee in safetie, and hath made whole my wife, and hath brought me ye money, & hath likewise healed thee.

4 Then the olde man sayd, It is due vnto him.

5 So he called the Angel, and sayde vnto him, Take halfe of all that ye haue brought, and goe away in safetie.

6 But he tooke them both apart, and said vnto them, Prayse God, and confesse him, and giue him the glory, and prayse him for the things which he hath done vnto you before all them that liue. It is good to praise God, and to exalt his Name, and to shewe forth his euident workes with honour: therefore be not weary to confesse him.

7 It is good to keepe close the secrets of a King, but it is honorable to reueile the works of God: do that which is good, and no euil shal touch you.

8 Prayer is good with fasting, and almes, and righteousnesse. A litle with righteousnesse is better then much with vnrighteousnes: it is better to giue almes then to lay vp golde.

9 For almes doth deliuer from death, & doeth purge all sinne. Those which exercise almes & righteousnes, shalbe filled with life.

10 But they that sinne, are enemies to their owne life.

11 Surely I will keepe close nothing from you: neuertheles, I said it was good to keepe close the secret of a King, but that it was honorable to reueile the workes of God.

12 [Note: He that will be acceptable to God must be proued with sentation. ] Nowe therefore when thou diddest pray, and Sarra thy daughter in lawe, I did bring to memorie your prayer before the Holy one: and when thou diddest bury the dead, I was with thee likewise.

13 And when thou wast not griued to rise vp, and leaue thy dinner to bury the dead, thy good deede was not hid from me: but I was with thee.

14 And nowe God hath sent me to heale thee, and Sarra thy daughter in lawe.

15 I am Raphael one of the seuen holy Angels, which present the prayers of the Saincts, and which go forth before his holy maiestie.

16 Then they were both troubled, and fel vpon their face: for they feared.

17 But he said vnto them, Feare not, for it shall go well with you: prayse God therefore.

18 For I came not of mine owne pleasure, but by the good wil of your God: wherefore praise him in all ages.

19 [Note: God.18.8. & 19.3. iudg.13.26. ] Al these dayes I did appeare vnto you, but I did neither eate nor drinke, but you saw it in visio.

20 Now therefore giue God thanks: for I go vp to him that sent me: but write all things which are done, in a booke.

21 And when they rose, they saw him no more.

22 Then they confessed the great and wonderfull works of God, and how the Angel of the Lord had appeared to them.


A thanksgiuing of Tobit, who exhorteth all to praise the Lord.

1 Then Tobit wrote a prayer of reioycing, and sayd, Blessed be God that liueth for euer, and blessed be his kingdome.

2 [Note: Deut.32.39. I.sam 2.6. Wisd.16.13. ] For he doeth scourge, and hath pitie: he leadeth to hell, and bringeth vp, neither is there any that can auoyde his hand.

3 Cofesse him before the Gentiles, ye children of Israel: for he hath scattered you among them.

4 There declare his greatnesse, and extoll him before all the liuing: for he is our Lord & our God and our Father for euer.

5 He hath scourged vs for our iniquities, and will haue mercie againe, and wil gather vs out of all nations, among whome we are scattered.

6 If you turne to him with your whole heart, and with your whole minde, & deale vprightly before him, then will he turne vnto you, and will not hide his face from you, but ye shal see what he will doe with you: therefore confesse him with your whole mouth, & praise the Lord of righteousnes, & extoll the euerlasting King. I wil cofesse him in the land of my captiuitie, and will declare his power, & greatnes to a sinfull nation. O ye sinners, turne and do iustice before him: who can tell if he wil receiue you to mercy, and haue pitie on you?

7 I will extoll my God, and my soule shall prayse the King of heauen, and shall reioyce in his greatnesse.

8 Let all men speake, and let all praise him for his righteousnes.

9 O Ierusalem the holy citie, he will scourge thee for thy childrens works, but he will haue pitie againe on the sonnes of righteous men.

10 Giue prayse to the Lord duely, and praise the euerlasting King, that his tabernacle may be buylded in thee againe with ioy: and let him make ioyfull there in thee those that are captiues, and loue in thee for euer those that be miserable.

11 Many nations shall come from farre to the Name of the Lord God, with gifts in their handes, euen giftes to the King of heauen: all generations shal praise thee, and giue signes of ioy.

12 Cursed are al they, which haue thee: but blessed are they for euer which loue thee.

13 Reioyce, and be glad for the children of the iust: for they shalbe gathered, and shall blesse the Lord of the iust.

14 Blessed are they which loue thee: for they shall reioyce in thy peace. Blessed are they which haue bene sorowfull for all thy scourges: for they shal reioyce for thee, when they shal see all thy glorie, and shal reioyce for euer.

15 Let my soule blesse God the great King.

16 For Ierusalem shalbe built vp with sapphires, & emeraudes, and thy walles with precious stones, and thy towers, & thy bulwarkes with pure golde.

17 And the streetes of Ierusalem shall be paued with berall, & carbuncle, and stones of [Note: Or, Souphir. ] Ophir.

18 And all her streetes shal say, [Note: Or, prayse ye the Lord. ] Halleluiah, and they shall prayse him, saying, Blessed be God which hath extolled [Note: That is, Ierusalem. ] it for euer.


4 Leßons of Tobit to his sonne. 4 He prophecieth the destruction of Nineue. 5 And the restoring of Ierusalem and the Temple. 11 The death of Tobit and his wife. 26 Tobias age and death.

1 So Tobit made an ende of praysing God.

2 And he was eight & fiftie yeere olde, when hee lost his sight, which was restored to him after eyght yeere, and he gaue almes, and he continued to feare the Lord God, and to prayse him.

3 And when he was very aged, hee called his sonne, & sixe of his sonnes sonnes, & sayde to him, My sonne, take thy children (for behold, I am aged, and am ready to depart out of this life)
4 Go into Media, my sonne for I surely beleeue those things which Ionas the Prophet spake of Nineue, that it shalbe destroyed, & for a time peace shal rather be in Media, & that our brethren shalbe scattered in the earth from that good land, & Ierusalem shall be desolate, and the House of God in it shalbe burned, and shalbe desolate for a time.

5 Yet againe God [Note: Ezra.3.8. & 6.14. ] wil haue pitie on them, & bring them againe into the lande where they shall builde a Temple, but not like to the first, vntil the times of that age be fulfilled, which being finished, they shall returne from euery place out of captiuitie, & buylde vp Ierusalem gloriously, & the House of God shall be buylt in it for euer with a glorious buylding, as the Prophets haue spoken thereof.

6 And all nations shal turne, & feare the Lord God truely, and shal burie their idoles.

7 So shal all nations prayse the Lorde, and his people shall confesse God, and the Lorde shal exalt his people, and all those which loue the Lorde in trueth and iustice, shal reioyce, and those also which shew mercy to our brethren.

8 And nowe, my sonne, depart out of Nineue, because that those things which the Prophet Ionas spake, shal surely come to passe.

9 But keepe thou the Lawe, and the commandements, and shewe thy selfe merciful and iust that it may goe well with thee.

10 And bury me honestly, & thy mother with me: but tary no longer at Nineue. Remember, my sonne, how Aman hadled Achiacharus that brought him vp, howe out of light hee brought him into darkenes, & how he rewarded him againe yet Achi acharus was saued, but the other had his reward: for he went downe into darknes. Manasses gaue almes, and escaped the snare of death, which they had set for him, but Aman fell into the snare and perished.

11 Wherefore nowe, my sonne, consider what almes doeth, and howe righteousnes doeth deliuer. When he had sayde these things, [Note: Or, his soule failed him in the bed. ] he gaue vp the ghost in the bed, being an hundreth and eyght and fiftie yeere olde, and he buried him honourably.

12 And when Anna was dead, hee buryed her with his father: but Tobias went with his wife and children to Ecbatane to Raguel his father in lawe.

13 Where he became olde with honour, and he buryed his father and mother in law honorably, & he inherited their substance and Tobits his father.

14 And he died at Ecbatane in Media, being an hundreth and seuen and twentie yeere olde.

15 But before he dyed, he heard of the destruction of Nineue, which was taken by Nabuchodonosor and Assuerus, and before his death he reioyced for Nineue.