1 Howe we ought to search and enquire after God. 2 Who be those that finde him. 5 The holy Ghost. 8. 11 We ought to flee from backbiting and murmuring. 12 Whereof death commeth. 15 Righteousnes and vnrighteousnes.

1 Love [Note: 1.King.3.3. asai.56.1. ] righteousnesse, ye that be Iudges of the earth: thinke reuerently of the Lord, and seeke him in simplicitie of heart.

2 [Note: Deut.4.29. 2.chro.15.4. ] For he wil be found of them that tempt him not, and appeareth vnto such as be not vnfaithfull vnto him.

3 For wicked thoughts separate from God: and his power when it is tried, reprooueth the vnwise,

4 Because wisdome cannot enter into a wicked heart, nor dwell in the body that is subiect vnto sinne.

5 For the holy [Note: Iere.4.22. ] Spirit of discipline fleeth from deceite, & withdraweth himselfe from the thoughts that are without vnderstanding, and is rebuked when wickednes commeth.

6 For the Spirit of wisdome [Note: Colos.5.22. ] is louing, and wil not absolue him, that blasphemeth with his lips: for God is a witnes of his reines, and a true beholder of his heart, and an hearer of the tongue.

7 For the Spirite of the Lorde filleth all the world: and the same that mainteineth all things, hath knowledge of the voyce.

8 Therefore hee that speaketh vnrighteous things, cannot be hid: neither shall the iudgement of reproche let him escape.

9 For inquisition shalbe made for the thoughts of the vngodly, and the sound of his wordes shall come vnto God for the correction of his iniquities.

10 For the eare of ielousie heareth al things, and the noyse of the grudgings shall not be hid.

11 Therefore beware of murmuring, which profiteth nothing, and refraine your tongue from slander: for there is no worde so secret, that shal go for nought, and the mouth that speaketh lyes, slayeth the soule.

12 Seeke not death in the errour of your life: [Note: Deut.4.23. ] destroy not your selues thorowe the workes of your owne hands.

13 [Note: Ezek.18.23. and 33.11. ] For God hath not made death, neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the liuing.

14 For he created all things, that they might haue their being: and the generations of the world are preserued, and there is no poyson of destruction in them, & the kingdome of hell is not vpon earth.

15 For righteousnes is immortall, but vnrighteousnes bringeth death.

16 And the vngodly call it vnto them both with hands and wordes: and while they thinke to haue a friend of it, they come to naught: for they are confederate with it: therefore are they worthy to be partakers thereof.


1 The imaginations and desires of the wicked, and their counsell against the faithfull.

1 For the vngodly say, as they falsly imagine with themselues, [Note: Iob 7.1. and 14.1. mat.21.23. 1.cor.15.32. ] Our life is short & tedious: and in the death of a man there is no recouerie, neither was any knowen that hath returned from the graue.

2 For we are borne at all aduenture, and we shall be hereafter as though we had neuer bene: for the breath is a smoke in our nostrels, & the wordes as a sparke raised out of our heart,

3 Which being extinguished, the body is turned into ashes, and the Spirite vanisheth as the soft ayre.

4 Our life shall passe away as the trace of a cloude, and come to naught as the miste that is driuen away with the beames of the sunne, and cast downe with the heate thereof. Our name also shall be forgotten in time, and no man shall haue our workes in remembrance.

5 [Note: 1.Chro.29.19. chap.5.9. ] For our time is as a shadow that passeth away, and after our ende there is no returning: for it is fast sealed, so that no man commeth againe.
6 [Note: Isa.22.13. and 56.12. 1.cor.15.32. ] Come therefore, and let vs enioy the pleasures, that are present, and let vs cheerefully vse the creatures as in youth.

7 Let vs fill our selues with costly wine & ointments, & let not the floure of life passe by vs.

8 Let vs crowne our selues with rose buds afore they be withered.

9 Let vs all be partakers of our wantonnes: let vs leaue some token of our pleasure in euery place: for that is our portion, and this is our lot.

10 Let vs oppresse the poore that is righteous: let vs not spare the widdow, nor reuerence ye white heares of the aged, that haue liued many yeeres.

11 Let our strength be the lawe of vnrighteousnes: for the thing that is feeble, is reprooued as vnprofitable.

12 Therefore let vs defraude the righteous: for he is not for our profite, and he is contrary to our doings: hee checketh vs for offending against the Law, and blameth vs as transgressers of discipline.

13 He maketh his boast to haue the knowledge of God: & he calleth himselfe the sonne of ye Lord.

14 He is made [Note: Ioh.7.7. ephes.5.13. ] to reprooue our thoughtes.

15 It grieueth vs also to looke [Note: Isai.53.3. ] vpon him: for his life is not like other mens: his wayes are of another fashion.

16 He counteth vs as bastards, and hee withdraweth himselfe from our wayes as from filthines: he commendeth greatly the latter end of the iust, and boasteth that God is his father.

17 Let vs see then if his wordes be true: let vs prooue what ende he shall haue.

18 For if the righteous man be the [Note: Psal.22.8,9. mat.27.43. ] sonne of God, hee wil helpe him, and deliuer him from the hands of his enemies.

19 Let vs [Note: Iere.11.19. ] examine him with rebukes and torments that we may know his meekenes, & prooue his patience.

20 Let vs condemne him vnto a shamefull death: for he shalbe preserued as he himselfe sayth.

21 Such things doe they imagine, and go astray: for their owne wickednes hath blinded them.

22 And they doe not vnderstand the mysteries of God, neither hope for the reward of righteousnes, nor can discerne the honour of the soules that are faultles.

23 For God created man without corruption, and made him after the [Note: Gen.1.27. and 2.7. and 5.1. ecclus.17.2. ] image of his owne likenes.

24 [Note: Gene.3.1, 2. ] Neuertheles, thorowe enuie of the deuill came death into the world: and they that holde of his side, prooue it.


1 The conuersation and assurance, of the righteous. 7 The reward of the faithfull. 11 Who are miserable.

1 Bvt the [Note: Deut 33.3. ] soules of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.

2 [Note: Chap.5.4. ] In the sight of the vnwise they appeared to die, and their end was thought grieuous,

3 And their departing from vs, destruction, but they are in peace.

4 And though they suffer paine before men, yet is [Note: Rom.8.24. 2.cor.5.1. ] their hope full of immortalitie.

5 They are punished, but in fewe things, yet in many things shal they be wel rewarded: [Note: Exod.16.4. deut.8.2. ] for God proueth them, & findeth them meete for him selfe.

6 He tryeth them as the golde in the fornace, and receiueth them as a perfect fruite offering.

7 [Note: Mat.13.43. ] And in the time of their vision they shall shine, and runne thorowe as the sparks among the stubble.

8 They [Note: Mat.19.18. I.cor.6.2. ] shall iudge the nations, and haue dominion ouer the people, and their Lord shal reigne for euer.

9 They that trust in him shall vnderstand the trueth, and the faythfull shall remaine with him in loue: for grace and mercy is among his Saints, and he regardeth his elect.

10 But [Note: Mat.25.41. ] the vngodly shalbe punished according to their imaginations: for they haue despised the righteous, and forsaken the Lord.

11 Who so despiseth wisdome and discipline, is miserable, and their hope is vaine, and their labours are foolish, and their workes vnprofitable:

12 Their wiues are vndiscreete, and their children wicked: their offering is cursed.

13 Therefore the barren is blessed which is vndefiled, and knoweth not the sinfull bed: [Note: Esai.56.5. ] she shal haue fruite in the visitation of the soules,

14 And the eunuch, which with his hands hath not wrought iniquitie, nor imagined wicked things against God: for vnto him shalbe giuen the speciall gift of fayth, & an acceptable portion in the Temple of the Lord.

15 For glorious is the fruite of good labours, and the roote of wisdome shall neuer fade away.

16 But the children of adulterers shall not be partakers of the holy things, and the seede of the wicked bed shalbe rooted out.

17 And though they liue long, yet shall they be nothing regarded, and their last age shalbe without honour.

18 If they die hastely, they haue no hope, neither comfort in the day of tryall.

19 For horrible is the end of the wicked generation.


Of vertue and the commoditie thereof. 10 The death of the righteous, and the condemnation of the vnfaithfull.

1 Better is barennes with vertue: for the memoriall thereof is immortall: for it is knowen with God and with men.

2 When it is present, men take example thereat, and if it goe away, yet they desire it: it is alway crowned and triumpheth, and winneth the battell and the vndefiled rewardes.

3 But the multitude of the vngodly which abound in children, is vnprofitable: and the bastard plants shall take no deepe roote, nor lay any fast foundation.

4 For though they bud foorth in the branches for a time, [Note: Matt.7.19. ] yet they shalbe shaken with the winde: for they stand not fast, and through the vehemencie of the winde they shalbe rooted out.

5 For the vnperfect branches shalbe broken, and their fruite shalbe vnprofitable and sowre to eate, and meete for nothing.

6 For all the children that are borne of the wicked bed, shalbe witnes of the wickednes against their parents when they be asked.

7 But though the righteous be preuented with death, yet shall he be in rest.

8 For the honourable age is not that which is of long time, neither that which is measured by the number of yeeres.

9 But wisdome is the gray heare, and an vndefiled life is the olde age.

10 [Note: Gene.5.24. hebr.11.5. ] He pleased God, and was beloued of him, so that where as he liued among sinners, he translated him.

11 He was taken away, least wickednesse should

[Page 155]
alter his vnderstanding, or deceit beguile his minde.
12 For wickednes by bewitching obscureth the thinges that are good, and the vnstedfastnesse of concupiscence peruerteth the simple minde.

13 Though he was soone dead, yet fulfilled hee much time.

14 For his soule pleased God: therefore hasted he to take him away from wickednes.

15 Yet the people see and vnderstand it not, and consider no such things in their heartes, howe that grace and mercie is vpon his Saintes, and his prouidence ouer the elect.

16 Thus the righteous that is dead, condemneth the vngodly which are liuing: and the youth that is soone brought to an ende, the long life of the vnrighteous.

17 For they see the ende of the wise, but they vnderstand not what God hath deuised for him, and wherefore the Lord hath preserued him in safetie.

18 They see him and despise him, but the Lorde wil laugh them to scorne,

19 So that they shall fall hereafter without honour, and shall haue a shame among the dead for euermore: for without any voice shal he burst them and cast them downe, & shake them from the fundations, so that they shalbe vtterly wasted, and they shalbe in sorow, and their memoriall shall perish.

20 So they being afraide, shall remember their sinnes, and their owne wickednes shall come before them to conuince them.


1 The constantnes of the righteous before their persecuters. 14 The hope of the vnfaithful is vaine. 15 The bleßednes of the Saintes and godly.

1 Then shall the righteous stande in great boldenesse before the face of such as haue tormented him, and taken away his labours.

2 When they see him, they shall be vexed with horrible feare, and shall be amased for his wonderfull deliuerance,

3 And shal change their minds, & sigh for griefe of minde, & say within theselues, This is he whom we sometime had in derision & in a parable of reproch.

4 [Note: Chap.3.2. ] Wee fooles thought his life madnesse, and his ende without honour.

5 Howe is hee counted among the children of God, and his portion is among the Saintes!

6 Therefore wee haue erred from the way of trueth, and the light of righteousnes hath not shined vnto vs, & the sunne of vnderstading rose not vpo vs.

7 Wee haue wearied our selues in the way of wickednesse and destruction, and wee haue gone through dangerous wayes: but we haue not knowen the way of the Lord.

8 What hath pride profited vs? or what profite hath the pompe of riches brought vs?

9 All those things are [Note: 1.Chron.29.15. chap.2.5. ] passed away like a shadow, and as a poste that passeth bye

10 As a ship that passeth ouer the waues of the water, which when it is gone by, the trace thereof cannot be found, neither ye path of it in the floods:

11 Or as a [Note: Prou.30.19. ] birde that flieth thorow in the ayre, and no man can see any token of her passage, but onely heare the noise of her wings beating the light winde, parting the aire through the vehemencie of her going, and fleeth on shaking her wings, whereas afterward no token of her way can be found:

12 Or as when an arrow is shot at a marke, it parteth the aire, which immediatly cometh together againe, so yt a man canot know where it went thorow.

13 Euen so we, assoone us we were borne, we began to drawe to our ende, & haue shewed no token of vertue, but are cosumed in our owne wickednes.

14 For [Note: Iob 8.9. psa.2.4. and 143.4 prou.10.25. and 11.7. iames 1.10,11. ] the hope of the vngodly is like the dust that is blowen away with the winde, & like a thinne fome that is scattered abroad with ye storme, & as the smoke, which is dispersed with the winde, and as the remembrance of him passeth, yt tarieth but for a day.

15 But the righteous shall liue for euer: their rewarde also is with the Lord, and the most High hath care of them.

16 Therefore shall they receiue a glorious kingdome, and a beautifull crowne of the Lordes hande: for with his right hande shall hee couer them, and with his arme shall he defende them.

17 He shal take his ielousie for armour, and shall arme the creatures to be reuenged of the enemies.

18 He shall put on righteousnes for a brestplate, and take true iudgement in steade of an helmet.

19 He wil take holines for an inuincible shielde.

20 He will sharpen his fierce wrath for a sword, and the world shall fight with him against ye vnwise.

21 Then shal the thunder boltes go streight out of the lightnings, and shall flee to the marke as out of the bent bowe of the cloudes, and out of his anger that throweth stones, shall thicke haile be cast, and the water of the sea shalbe wroth against them, and the floods shall mightily ouerflowe.

22 And a mightie winde shall stande vp against them, & like a storme shall scatter them abroad. Thus iniquitie shal bring all the earth to a wildernes, and wickednes shal ouerthrow ye thrones of the mighty.


The calling of Kings, Princes and Iudges, which are also exhorted to searche wisdome.

1 Heare therefore, O ye Kings, and vnderstande: learne, ye that be iudges of the endes of ye earth.

2 Giue eare, ye that rule the multitudes and glorie in the multitude of people.

3 For the rule [Note: Rom.13.2. ] is giuen you of the Lorde, and power by the most High, which wil try your works, and search out your imaginations.

4 Because that ye being officers of his kingdome haue not iudged aright, nor kept the Lawe, nor walked after the will of God,

5 Horribly & suddenly wil he appeare vnto you: for an hard iudgement shall they haue yt beare rule.

6 For he that is most low is worthy mercie, but the mightie shalbe mightily tormented.

7 For he that is Lord ouer all, wil spare no [Note: Deut.10.17. 2.chron.19.7. iob.34.19. ecclus.35.12,16. acts.10.34. rom.2.11. gal.2.6. ephes.6.9. colos.3.25. ] person, neither shall he feare any greatnes: for he hath made the small and great, and careth for all alike,

8 But for the mightie abideth the sorer triall.

9 Vnto you therefore, O tyrants, doe I speake, that ye may learne wisdome, and not goe amisse.

10 For they yt keepe holines holily, shalbe holy, and they that are learned there, shall find a defence.

11 Wherefore set your delite vpon my wordes and desire them, and ye shalbe instructed.

12 Wisedome shineth and neuer fadeth away, and is easily seene of them that loue her, and found of such as seeke her,

13 She preuenteth them that desire her, that she may first shewe her selfe vnto them.

14 Who so awaketh vnto her betimes, shal haue no great trauaile: for hee shall finde her sitting at his doores.

15 To thinke vpo her then is perfect vnderstading: and who so watcheth for her, shalbe soone wtout care.

16 For she goeth about, seeking such as are meete [Page] for her, and sheweth herselfe cheerefully vnto them in the wayes, and meeteth them in euery thought.

17 For the most true desire of discipline is her beginning: and the care of discipline is loue:

18 And loue is the keeping of her lawes: and the keeping of ye lawes is the assurance of immortalitie:

19 And immortalitie maketh vs nere vnto God.

20 Therefore the desire of wisedome leadeth to the kingdome.

21 If your delite be then in thrones, and scepters, O Kings of the people, honour wisdome, that ye may reigne for euer.

22 Nowe I will tell you what wisedome is, and whence it commeth, and will not hide the mysteries from you, but wil seeke her out from the beginning of her natiuitie, and bring the knowledge of her into light, and will not keepe backe the trueth.

23 Neither wil I haue to do with consuming enuie: for such a man shal not be partaker of wisdome.

24 But the multitude of the wise is the preseruation of the world, and a wise King is the stay of the people.

25 Be therefore instructed by my wordes, and ye shall haue profite.


Wisdome ought to be preferred aboue all things.

1 I my selfe am also mortall & a man like all other, and am come of him yt was first made of the earth.

2 And in my mothers wombe was I fashioned to be flesh in tenne moneths: I was [Note: Iob 10.10,11. ] brought together into blood of the seed of man, and by the pleasure that commeth with sleepe.

3 And when I was borne, I receiued the common ayre, and fell vpon the earth, which is of like nature, crying & weeping at the first as all other do.

4 I was nourished in swadling cloths, and wt cares.

5 For there is no King that had any other beginning of birth.

6 All [Note: Iob 1.21. 1.Tim.6.7. ] men then haue one entrance vnto life, and a like going out.

7 Wherefore I prayed, and vnderstanding was giuen mee: I called, and the spirit of wisdome came vnto me.

8 I preferred her to scepters and thrones, and counted riches nothing in comparison of her.

9 [Note: Iob 28.15. ] Neither did I compare precious stones vnto her: for all gold is but a litle grauel in respect of her, and siluer shalbe counted but clay before her.

10 I loued her aboue health and beautie, and purposed to take her for my light: for her light cannot be quenched.

11 All [Note: 1.King.3.13. matth.6 33. ] good things therefore came to me together wt her, & innumerable riches thorow her hands.

12 So I was glad in all: for wisdome was the author thereof, and I knewe not that she was the mother of these things.

13 And I learned vnfainedly, and communicated without enuie, and I do not hide her riches.

14 For she is an infinite treasure vnto men, which who so vse, become partakers of the loue of God, and are accepted for the giftes of knowledge.

15 God hath graunted me to speake according to my minde, and to iudge worthily of the thinges, that are giuen me: for he is the leader vnto wisdome, and the directer of the wise.

16 For in his hand are both we and our wordes, and all wisdome, and the knowledge of the workes.

17 For he hath giuen me the true knowledge of the things that are, so that I knowe how the worlde was made, and the powers of the elements,

18 The beginning & the end, and the mids of the times: how the times alter, & the change of ye seasons,

19 The course of ye yere, the situatio of the starres,

20 The nature of liuing things, and the furiousnes of beastes, the power of the windes, and the imaginations of men, the diuersities of plantes, and the vertues of rootes.

21 And all things both secret and knowen doe I knowe: for wisdome the worker of all things, hath taught me it.

22 For in her is the Spirit of vnderstading, which is holy, ye only begotten, manifold, subtil, moueable, cleare, vndefiled, euident, not hurtfull, louing the good, sharpe, which cannot be letted, doing good,

23 Courteous, stable, sure, without care, hauing all power, circumspect in all thinges, and passing through all, intellectuall, pure and subtil spirites.

24 For wisdom is nimbler then all nimble things: she goeth thorowe and atteineth to all thinges, because of her purenesse.

25 For she is the breth of the power of God, & a pure influence that floweth fro the glory of the Almighty: therfore can no defiled thing come vnto her.

26 For [Note: Ebr.3.8. ] she is the brightnesse of the euerlasting light, the vndefiled mirrour of the maiestie of God, and the image of his goodnesse.

27 And being one, she can do all things, and remayning in her selfe, renueth all, and according to the ages shee entreth into the holy soules, and maketh them the friendes of God and Prophets.

28 For God loueth none, if he dwel not wt wisdom.

29 For she is more beautifull then the sunne, and is aboue all the order of the starres, and the light is not to be compared vnto her.

30 For night commeth vpon it, but wickednesse cannot ouercome wisdome.


The effectes of wisdome.

1 She also reacheth from one end to another mightily, and comely doeth she order all things.

2 I haue loued her, & sought her fro my youth: I desired to marry her, such loue had I vnto her beauty.

3 In that she is conuersant wt God, it comendeth her nobilitie: yea, the Lord of all things loueth her.

4 For she is the scholemystres of the knowledge of God, and the choser out of his workes.

5 If riches be a possessio to be desired in this life, what is richer then wisdom, that worketh all things?

6 For if prudencie worketh, what is it among all things, that worketh better then she?

7 If a man loue righteousnes, her labours are vertuous: for she teacheth sobernes and prudencie, righteousnes and strength, which are the most profitable things that men can haue in this life.

8 If a man desire great experience, she can tell the things that are past, & discerne things to come: she knoweth the subtilties of wordes, and the solution of darke sentences: she foreseeth the signes and wonders, or euer they come to passe, and the successe of seasons and times.

9 Therefore I purposed to take her vnto my companie, knowing that shee would counsell mee good things, and comfort me in cares and griefes.

10 For her sake shall I haue glorie among the multitude, and honour among the Elders though I be yong.

11 I shalbe founde of sharpe iudgement, so that I shalbe marueilous in the sight of great men.

12 When I hold my tongue, they shall abide my leysure: when I speake, they shall heare diligently,

[Page 156]
and if I talke much, they shall lay their hands vpon their mouth.
13 Moreouer, by her I shall obtaine immortalitie, & leaue an euerlasting memoriall among them that come after me.

14 I shall gouerne the people, and the nations shalbe subdued vnto me.

15 Horrible tyrants shalbe afraide when they heare me: among the multitude I shalbe counted good, and mightie in battell.

16 When I come home, I shall rest with her: for her company hath no bitternes, and her felowship hath no tediousnes, but mirth and ioy.

17 Now when I considered these things by my selfe, and pondred them in mine heart, how that to be ioyned vnto wisdome is immortalitie,

18 And great pleasure is in her friendship, and that in the workes of her hands are infinite riches, and that in the exercise of talking with her is prudencie, and glory by communing with her, I went about, seeking how I might take her vnto me.

19 For I was a wittie childe, and was of a good spirite.

20 Yea, rather being good, I came to an vndefiled body.

21 Neuertheles, when I perceiued that I could not enioy her, except God gaue her (and that was a point of wisdome also, to know whose gift it was) I went vnto the Lord, and besought him, and with my whole heart I sayd,


A prayer of Salomon to obteine wisdome.

1 O God of Fathers, and Lorde of mercy, which hast made all things with thy worde,

2 And ordeined man through thy wisdome, that he should haue [Note: Gen.11,28. ] dominion ouer the creatures which thou hast made,

3 And gouerne the world according to equitie and righteousnes, and execute iudgement with an vpright heart.

4 Giue [Note: I.King.3.9. ] me that wisdome, which sitteth by thy throne, & put me not out from among thy childre.

5 For I thy [Note: Psal.116.16. ] seruant, & sonne of thine handmayd, am a feeble person, & of a short time, and yet lesse in ye vnderstanding of iudgement & the lawes.

6 And though a man be neuer so perfect among the children of men, yet if thy wisdome be not with him, he shalbe nothing regarded.

7 [Note: 1.Chro 28.5. 3.Chro.1.9. ] Thou hast chosen me to be a King of thy people, and the iudge of thy sonnes and daughters.

8 Thou hast commanded me to build a temple vpon thine holy Mount, & an altar in ye citie wherein thou dwellest, a likenes of thine holy Tabernacle, which thou hast prepared from the beginning,

9 And thy [Note: Prou.8.12. iob.1.9. ] wisdome with thee, which knoweth thy workes, which also was when thou madest the world, and which knew what was acceptable in thy sight, and right in thy commandements.

10 Send her out of thine holy heauens, & send her from the throne of thy maiestie, that she may be with me, and labour, that I may knowe what is acceptable in thy sight.

11 For she knoweth & vnderstandeth al things, and she shall leade me soberly in my workes and preserue me by her glory.

12 So shall my workes be acceptable, and then shall I gouerne thy people righteously, & be meete for my fathers throne.

13 For [Note: Esai.40 13. rem. 11.34. E.cor.2.16. ] what man is he that can know ye counsel of God? or who can thinke what the wil of God is?

14 For the thoughtes of mortall men are fearefull, and our forecastes are vncertaine,

15 Because a corruptible body is heauy vnto the soule, and the earthly mansion keepeth downe the minde that is full of cares.

16 And hardly can we discerne the things that are vpon earth, and with great labour finde we out the things which are before vs: who can then seeke out the things that are in heauen?

17 Who can knowe thy counsell, except thou giue him wisdome, and send thine holy Spirit from aboue?

18 For so the wayes of them which are vpon earth, are reformed, and men are taught the things that are pleasant vnto thee, and are preserued through wisdome.


The deliuerance of the righteous and destruction of the enemies commeth through wisdome.

1 She preserued the first father of the world, that was formed, and kept him when he was created alone, and brought him out of his offence,

2 And [Note: Gene.2.20. ] gaue him power to rule all things,

3 [Note: Gene.4.8. ] But the vnrighteous in his wrath departed from her, and perished by killing his brother in his furie.

4 For whose cause the [Note: Gene.7.21. ] earth was ouerflowen, but wisdome preserued it againe, gouerning the iust man by a litle wood.

5 Moreouer, [Note: Gene.11.1. ] when the nations were ioyned in their malicious confederacies, she knew the righteous, & preserued him faultles vnto God, and [Note: Or, kept him strong in his tender loue toward his sonne. ] kept him sure, because she loued him tenderly as a sonne.

6 She preserued the righteous, [Note: Gene.19.16. ] when the vngodly perished, when he fled from the fire that fell downe vpon the fiue cities.

7 Of whose wickednes the waste land that smoketh, yet giueth testimonie, and the trees that beare fruite that neuer commeth to ripenes: and for a remembrance of the vnfaithfull soule, there standeth a pillar of salte.

8 For al such as regarded not wisdome, had not only this hurt, that they knew not the things which were good, but also left behinde them vnto men a memoriall of their foolishnes, so that in the things wherein they sinned, they can not lie hid.

9 But wisdome deliuered them that serued her.

10 [Note: Gene.28.5. ] When the righteous fled because of his brothers wrath, she led him the right way, shewed him the kingdome of God, gaue him knowledge of holy things, made him rich in his labours, and made his paines profitable.

11 Against the couetousnes of such as defrauded him, she stood by him and made him rich.

12 She saued him from the enemies, & defended him from them, that lay in waite, & she gaue him the price in a mightie battell, that he might know that the feare of God is stronger then all things.

13 [Note: Gen 37.28. and 39.7. act.7.10. ] When the righteous was solde, she forsooke him not, but deliuered him from sinne: she went downe with him into the dungeon,

14 And failed him not in the bands, till she had brought him the scepter of the realme, and power against those that oppressed him, and them that had accused him, she declared to be liars, and gaue him perpetuall glory.

15 [Note: Exod.1.10. ] She deliuered the righteous people & faultles seede from the nations that oppressed them.

16 She entred into the soule of the seruant of the Lord, and stood [Note: Exod.5.1. ] by him in wonders & signes [Page] against the terrible Kings.

17 She gaue the Saints the rewarde of their labours, and led them foorth a marueilous way: on the day time she was a shadowe vnto them, and a light of starres in the night.

18 [Note: Exod.14.21,22. psal.78.13. ] She brought them thorow the red sea, and caried them through the great water:

19 But she drowned their enemies, & brought them out of the bottome of the deepe.

20 So the righteous tooke the spoyles of the vngodly, [Note: Exod.15.1. ] and praysed thine holy Name, O Lord, and magnified thy victorious hand with one accord.

21 For wisdome openeth the mouth of the dombe, and maketh the tongues of babes eloquent.


1 The miracles done for Israel. 13 The vengeance of sinners. 28 The great power and mercy of God.

1 She prospered their workes in the hands of thine holy Prophet.

2 [Note: Exod.16.1. ] They went through the wildernes that was not inhabited, and pitched their tentes in places where there lay no way.

3 [Note: Exod.17.10,11. ] They stoode against their enemies, and were auenged of their aduersaries.

4 [Note: Nomb.20.11. ] When they were thirstie, they called vpon thee, & water was giuen them out of the hie rocke, and their thirst was quenched out of ye hard stone.

5 For by the thinges whereby their enemies were punished, by the same were the Israelites helped in their neede.

6 For in steade of a fountaine of running water, the enemies were troubled at the corrupt blood, which was to rebuke the commandement of the killing of the children, but thou gauest vnto thine owne abundance of water vnlooked for,

7 Declaring by the thirst that was at that time [Note: Exod.7.20. ] how thou haddest punished thine aduersaries.

8 For when they were tried and chastised with mercy, they knewe howe the vngodly were iudged and punished in wrath.

9 For these hast thou exhorted as a father, and proued them: but thou hast condemned ye other as a righteous King, when thou didst examine them.

10 Whether they were absent or present, their punishment was alike: for their griefe was double with mourning, & the remembrance of things past.

11 For when they perceiued yt through their torments good came vnto them, they felt the Lord.

12 And seeing the things that came to passe, at the last they wondered at him, whom afore they had cast out, denyed and derided: for they had an other thirst then the iust.

13 Because of the foolish deuices of their wickednes wherewith they were deceiued, & worshipped [Note: Chap.12.24. rom.1.23. ] serpents, that had not the vse of reason, and vile beasts, thou sendedst a multitude of vnreasonable beasts vpon them for a vengeance, that they might know, that wherewith a man sinneth, by the same also shall he be punished.

14 For vnto thine almightie hande, that made the world of [Note: Gene.1.1. ] naught, it was not vnpossible to send among them a multitude of [Note: Leuit.26.22. iere.8.16,17. chap.16.1. ] beares, or fierce lyons,

15 Or furious beasts newly created, & vnknowen which should breathe out blastes of fire, & cast out smoke as a tempest, or shoote horrible sparkes like lightnings out of their eyes.

16 Which might not onely destroy them with hurting, but also kill them with their horrible sight.

17 Yea, without these might they haue bene cast downe with one winde, being persecuted by thy vengeance, and scattered abroad through the power of thy Spirite: but thou hast ordered all things in measure, number and weight.

18 For thou hast euer had great strength and might, and who can withstande the power of thine arme!

19 For as the small thing that ye balances weigheth, so is the world before thee, and as a drop of the morning dewe, that falleth downe vpon the earth.

20 But thou hast mercie vpon all for thou hast power of al things, & makest as though thou sawest not the sinnes of men, because they should amend.

21 For thou louest all things that are, & hatest none of them whome thou hast made: for thou wouldest haue created nothing yt thou hadst hated.

22 And how might any thing endure, if it were not thy will? or how could any thing be preserued, except it were called of thee?

23 But thou sparest all: for they are thine, O Lord, which art the louer of soules.


2 The mercie of God toward sinners. 14 The workes of God are vnreproueable. 19 God giueth leasure to repent.

1 For thine incorruptible spirit is in all things.

2 Therfore thou chastenest them measurably that go wrong, and warnest them by putting them in remembrance of the things wherein they haue offended, that leauing wickednes, they may beleeue in thee, O Lord.

3 [Note: Deut.9.3,12, 31 and 18.12. ] As for those olde inhabitants of the holy land, thou diddest hate them.

4 For they committed abominable workes, as sorceries and wicked sacrifices,

5 And slaying of their owne children without mercy, & eating of ye bowels of mans flesh in banketing, where ye raging Priests shed abominable blood.

6 And the fathers were the chiefe murtherers of the soules, destitute of all helpe, whome thou wouldest destroy by the hands of our fathers,

7 That the land which thou louest aboue all other, might be a meete dwelling for the children of God.

8 [Note: Exod.33.2. deut 2.22. ] Neuertheles, thou sparedst them also as men, and sendedst the forerunners of thine hoste, euen hornets to destroy them by litle and litle,

9 Not that thou wast vnable to subdue the vngodly vnto ye righteous in battel, or wt cruell beasts, or with one rough word to destroy them together.

10 But in punishing them by litle and litle, thou gauest them space to repent, knowing well, that it was an vnrighteous nation & wicked of nature, and that their thought could neuer be altered.

11 For it was a cursed seede from the beginning: yet hast thou not spared them when they sinned, because thou fearedst any man.

12 For who dare say, [Note: Rom.9 22. ] What hast thou done? or who dare stand against thy iudgement? or who dare accuse thee for the nations that perish, whome thou hast made? or who dare stand against thee to reuenge the wicked men?

13 For there is none other God but thou, [Note: 1.Pet.5.7. ] that carest for all things, that thou mayest declare how that thy iudgement is not vnright.

14 There dare neither King nor tyrant in thy sight require accounts of them whome thou hast punished.

15 For so much then as thou are righteous thy selfe, thou orderest all things righteously, [Note: Iob 10.23. ] thinking it not agreeable to thy power to condemne him, that hath not deserued to be punished.

[Page 157]

16 For thy power is the beginning of righteousnesse, and because thou art Lorde of all things, it causeth thee to spare all things.

17 When men thinke thee not to be of a perfit power, thou declarest thy power, and reprouest the boldnesse of the wise.

18 But thou ruling the power, iudgest with equitie, and gouernest vs with great fauour: for thou maist shewe thy power when thou wilt.

19 By such workes nowe hast thou taught thy people, that a man should be iust and louing, and hast made thy children to be of a good hope: for thou giuest repentance to sinners.

20 For if thou hast punished the enemies of thy children that had deserued death wt so great consideration, & requesting vnto them, giuing them time & place yt they might change fro their wickednesse,

21 With howe great circumspection wilt thou punish thine owne childre, vnto whose fathers thou hast sworne and made couenants of good promises?

22 So when thou doest chasten vs, thou punishest our enemies a thousand times more, to the intent that when we iudge, we shoulde diligently consider thy goodnesse, and when we are iudged, we shoulde hope for mercie.

23 Wherfore thou hast tormented ye wicked that haue liued a dissolute life by their own imaginatios.

24 [Note: Chap.11.13,16.rom.I.23. ] For they went astray very farre in the wayes of errour, and esteemed the beastes, which their enemies despised, for gods, being abused after the maner of children, that haue none vnderstanding.

25 Therefore hast thou sent this punishment that they should be in derisio as childre without reason.

26 But they that will not be reformed by those scornefull rebukes, shall feele the worthie punishment of God.

27 For in those things when they suffered, they disdained, but in these whom they counted godly, when they sawe themselues punished by them, they all acknowledged the true God whom afore they had denied to knowe: therefore came extreme damnation vpon them.


1 All things be vaine, except the knowledge of God. 10 Idolaters and idoles are mocked.

1 Svrely all men are vaine by nature, and are ignorant of God, [Note: Deut.2.19. ] and could not knowe him that is, by the good things that are seene, neither consider by the workes, the worke master.

2 [Note: Deut.4.19. and 17.3. ] But they thought the fire, or the winde or the swift aire, or the course of the starres, or the raging water, or the lightes of heauen to be gouernours of the world, and gods.

3 Though they had such pleasure in their beautie that they thought them gods, yet shoulde they haue knowen, howe much more excellent he is that made them: for the first authour of beautie hath created these things.

4 Or if they marueiled at the power, and operation of the, yet should they haue perceiued thereby, howe much he yt made these things, is mightier.

5 For by the greatnesse of their beautie, and of the creatures, the Creator being compared wt them, may be considered.

6 But yet ye blame is lesse in these, yt seeke God and would finde him, & yet peraduenture doe erre.

7 For [Note: Rom.1.21. ] they goe about by his workes to seeke him, and are perswaded by the sight, because the things are beautifull that are seene.

8 Howbeit they are not to be excused.

9 For if they can know so much, that they can discerne the worlde, why doe they not rather finde out the Lord thereof?

10 But miserable are they, and among the dead is their hope, that call them gods, which are the workes of mens hands, golde, and siluer, & the thing that is inuented by arte, & the similitude of beastes, or any vaine stone that hath bene made by the hand of antiquitie.

11 [Note: Isa.44.23. iere. 103. ] Or as when a carpenter cutteth downe a tree meete for the worke, and pareth off all ye barke thereof cunningly, & by arte maketh a vessell profitable for the vse of life.

12 And the things yt are cut off from his worke, he bestoweth to dresse his meate to fill himselfe,

13 And that which is left of these things, which is profitable for nothing (for it is a crooked piece of wood and full of knobbes) he carueth it diligently at his leasure, and according as he is expert in cunning, he giueth it a proportion, and facioneth it after the similitude of a man,

14 Or maketh it like some vile beast, and straketh it ouer with red, and painteth it, and couereth euery spotte that is in it.

15 And when he hath made a conuenient tabernacle for it, he setteth it in a wall, and maketh it fast with yron,

16 Prouiding so for it, least it fall: for he knoweth yt it cannot helpe it selfe, because it is an image, which hath neede of helpe.

17 Then he prayeth for his goodes, and for his mariage & for children: he is not ashamed to speake vnto it, that hath no life.

18 He calleth on him that is weake for health: he prayeth vnto him that is dead for life: he requireth him of helpe that hath no experience at all.

19 And for his iourney, him that is not able to goe, and for gaine, and worke, and successe of his affaires he requireth furtherance of him, that hath no maner of power.


1 The detestation and abomination of images, 8 A curse of them, and of him that maketh them. 14 Whereof idolatrie proceeded. 23 What euils come of idolatrie.

1 Againe, another man purposing to saile, and intending to passe thorowe the raging waues, calleth vpon a stocke more rotten then the shippe that carieth him.

2 For as for [Note: Or, the shippe. ] it, couetousnesse of money hath found it out, & the craftesman made it by cunning.

3 But thy prouidence, O Father, gouerneth it: [Note: Exod.14.22. ] for thou hast made a way, euen in the sea, and a sure path among the waues,

4 Declaring thereby, that thou hast power to helpe in all things, yea, though a man went to the sea without meanes.

5 Neuerthelesse thou wouldest not, that the workes of thy wisdome should be vaine, & therfore doe men comit their liues to a small piece of wood, & passe ouer the stormie sea in a ship, and are saued.

6 [Note: Gene.6.4. and 7.10. ] For in the olde time also when the proude giants perished, the hope of the worlde went into a ship which was gouerned by thine hand, and so left seede of generation vnto the world.

7 For blessed is the tree whereby righteousnes commeth.

8 But that is cursed yt is made with hands, [Note: Psal.113.8. baruc.6.3. ] both it, and he that made it: he because he made it, and it being a corruptible thing, because it was called God.

9 [Note: Psal.5.5. ] For the vngodly, and his vngodlinesse are [Page] both like hated of God: so truely the worke and he that made it, shall be punished together.

10 Therefore shall there be a visitation for the idoles of the nations: for of the creatures of God they are become abomination, [Note: Iere.10.8. habak.2.18. ] and stumbling blockes vnto the soules of men, and a snare for the feete of the vnwise.

11 For the inuenting of idoles was the beginning of whoredome, and the finding of them is the corruption of life.

12 For they were not from the beginning, neither shall they continue for euer.

13 The vaine glory of men brought them into ye world: therefore shall they come shortly to an end.

14 When a father mourned grieuously for his sonne that was taken away suddenly, he made an image for him that was once dead, whom nowe he worshippeth as a god, and ordeined to his seruants ceremonies and sacrifices.

15 Thus by proces of time this wicked custome preuailed, and was kept as a lawe, and idoles were worshipped by the commandement of tyrants.

16 As for those that were so farre off that men might not worship them presently, they did counterfeit the visage that was farre off, and made a gorgeous image of a King, whom they would honour, that they might by all meanes flatter him that was absent, as though he had bene present.

17 Againe the ambition of the craftesman thrust forward the ignorant to increase the superstition.

18 For he peraduenture willing to please a noble man, laboured with all his cunning to make the image of the best fashion.

19 And so thorowe ye beautie of the worke the multitude was allured, and so tooke him nowe for a God, which a litle afore was but honored as a man.

20 And this was the deceiuing of mans life, when men, being in seruitude, through calamitie and tyrannie ascribed vnto stones and stockes the name, which ought not to be communicate vnto any.

21 Moreouer, this was not ynough for the that they erred in the knowledge of God: but where as they liued in great warres of ignorance, those so great plagues called they peace.

22 For either [Note: Deut.18.10. ierem.7.9. and 19.4. ] they slewe their owne children in sacrifice, or vsed secret ceremonies, or raging dissolutenes by strange rites,

23 And so kept neither life nor mariage cleane: but either one slewe another by treason, or els vexed him by adulterie.

24 So were all mixt together, blood and slaughter, theft and deceit, corruption, vnfaithfulnesse, tumultes, periurie,

25 Disquieting of good men, vnthankfulnesse, defiling of soules, changing of birth, disorder in mariage, adulterie and vncleannesse.

26 For the worshipping of idoles that ought not to be named, is the beginning and the cause and the ende of all euill.

27 For either they be mad when they be merie, or prophesie lyes, or liue vngodly, or els lightly forsweare themselues.

28 For in so much as their trust is in the idoles, which haue no life, though they sweare falsely, yet they thinke to haue no hurt.

29 Therefore for two causes shall they iustly be punished, because they haue an euill opinion of God, addicting them selues vnto idols, and because they sweare vniustly to deceiue, and despise holines.

30 For it is not ye power of them by whom they sweare, but ye vengeance of them that sinne, which punisheth alwayes the offence of the vngodly.


The voyce of the faithfull, praysing the mercie of God, by whose grace they serue not idoles.

1 Bvt thou, O our God, art gracious and true, long suffering, and gouernest all things by mercie.

2 Though we sinne, yet are we thine: for we knowe thy power: but we sinne not, knowing that we are counted thine.

3 For to know thee, is perfite righteousnes, and to know thy power is the roote of immortalitie.

4 For neither hath the wicked inuention of men deceiued vs, nor the vnprofitable labour of the painters, nor an image spotted with diuers colours.

5 Whose fight stirreth vp the desire of the ignorant: so that he coueteth the forme that hath no life, of a dead image.

6 They that loue such wicked things are worthie to haue such things to trust to, and they that make them, and they that desire them, and they that worship them.

7 The [Note: Ro.9.20. ] potter also tempereth soft earth, and facioneth euery vessell with labour to our vse: but of the same clay he maketh both the vessels, that serue to cleane vses, and the contrary likewise: but whereto euery vessell serueth, the potter is ye iudge.

8 So by his wicked labour he maketh a vaine God of the same clay: euen he, which a litle afore was made of earth himselfe, and within a litle while after goeth thither againe whence he was taken, [Note: Luke 22.20. ] when he shall make account for ye lone of his life.

9 Notwithstanding he careth not for the labour he taketh, nor that his life is short, but he striueth with the goldsmithes, and siluersmithes, and counterfeiteth, the coppersmithes, and taketh it for an honour to make deceiueable things.

10 His heart is ashes, & his hope is more vile then earth, & his life is lesse worthy of honour then clay.

11 For he knoweth not his owne maker, yt gaue him his soule, that had power and breathed in him the breath of life.

12 But they count our life to be but a pastime, and our conuersation as a market, where there is gaine: for they say we ought to be getting on euery side, though it be by euill meanes.

13 Nowe he yt of earth maketh fraile vessels and images, knoweth himselfe to offend aboue all other.

14 All the enemies of thy people, that hold them in subiection, are most vnwise, and more miserable then the very fooles.

15 For they iudge all the idoles of the nations to be gods, which neither haue eye sight to see, nor noses to smell, nor eares to heare, nor fingers of handes to grope, and their feete are slowe to goe.

16 For man made them, and he that hath but a borowed spirite, facioned them: but no man can make a God like vnto himselfe.

17 For seeing he is but mortall himselfe, it is but mortall that he maketh with vnrighteous hands: he himselfe is better then they whom he worshippeth: for he liued, but they neuer liued.

18 Yea, they worshipped beastes also, which are their most enemies, and which are the worst, if they be compared vnto others, because they haue none vnderstanding.

19 Neither haue they any beautie to be desired in respect of other beastes: for they are destitute of Gods praise, and of his blessing.


The punishmet of idolaters. 20 The benefites done vnto the faithful.

[Page 158]

1 Therefore by such things they are worthily punished & [Note: Chap.28.13. nomb.21.6. ] tormented by ye multitude of beasts.

2 In stead of the which punishment thou hast bene fauourable to thy people, and to satisfie their appetite, hast prepared a meat of a strange tast, euen [Note: Nomb.11.31. ] quailes,

3 To the intent that they that desired meat, by the things which were shewed & sent among them, might turne away their necessary desire, and that they, which had suffred penurie for a space, shoulde also feele a newe taste.

4 For it was requisite, that they which vsed tyrannie, should fall into extreeme pouertie, and that to these onely it should be shewed, howe their enemies were tormented.

5 [Note: Nomb.21.6. I.cor.10.9. ] For when the cruell fiercenes of the beasts came vpon them, & they were hurt with the stinges of cruell serpents,

6 Thy wrath indured not perpetually, but they were troubled for a litle season, that they might bee reformed, hauing a [Note: The signe of the brasen serpent. ] signe of saluation, to remember the commandement of thy Lawe.

7 For he yt turned toward it, was not healed by the thing that he sawe, but by thee, O Sauiour of all.

8 So in this thou shewedst our enemies, that it is thou, which deliuerest from all euill.

9 [Note: Ex.8.24. & 10. 4.reuel.9.7. ] For the biting of grashoppers and flies killed them, and there was no remedie found for their life: for they were worthy to be punished by such.

10 But the teeth of the venemous dragos could not ouercome thy children: for thy mercy came to helpe them, and healed them.

11 For they were pricked, because they should remember thy woordes, and were speedily healed, least they should fal into so deepe forgetfulnes, that they could not be called backe by thy benefite.

12 For neither herbe nor plaster healed them, but thy word, O Lord, which healeth all things.

13 For thou hast the power of life and death, [Note: Deut.32.39. 1.Sam.2.6.tobit.13.2. ] and leadest downe vnto the gates of hell, & bringest vp againe.

14 A man in deede by his wickednesse may slaie another: but when the spirite is gone foorth, it turneth not againe, neither can he cal againe the soule that is taken away.

15 But it is not possible to escape thine hand.

16 [Note: Exod.9.23. ] For the vngodly that woulde not knowe thee, were punished by the strength of thine arme, with strange raine and with haile, and were pursued with tempest, that they coulde not auoid, and were consumed with fire.

17 For it was a wonderous thing that fire might doe more then water, which quencheth all things: but the world is the auenger of the righteous.

18 For sometime was the fire so tame, that the beasts, which were sent against the vngodly, burnt not: and that, because they should see & know, that they were persecuted with the punishment of God.

19 And sometime burnt the fire in the middes of the water aboue the power of fire, that it might destroy the generation of the vniust land.

20 [Note: Exod.16.14. numb.11.7. psal.78.25. iohn.6.31. ] In the steade whereof thou hast fed thine owne people with Angels foode, and sent them bread readie from heauen without their labour, which had aboundance of al pleasures in it and was meete for all tastes.

21 For thy sustenance declared thy sweetenesse vnto thy children, which serued to the appetite of him, that tooke it, and was meete to that that euery man would.

22 Moreouer the [Note: Exod.6.23. ] snowe and yee abode the fire and melted not, that they might know, that the fire burning in the haile, and sparkeling in the raine, destroied the fruite of the enemies.

23 Againe it forgate his owne strength, that the righteous might be nourished.

24 For the creature that serueth thee which art the maker, is fierce in punishing the vnrighteous: but it is easie to doe good vnto such as put their trust in thee.

25 Therefore was it changed at the same time vnto all facions to serue thy grace, which nourisheth all things, according to the desire of them that had neede thereof,

26 That thy children whome thou louest, O Lorde, might knowe, [Note: Deut.8.3. matth.4.4. ] that it is not the increase of fruites that feedeth men, but that it is thy woorde, which preserueth them that trust in thee.

27 For that which coulde not be destroied with the fire, being onely warmed a little with the sunne beames, melted,

28 That it might bee knowen that we ought to preuent the sunne rising to giue thanks vnto thee, and to salute thee before the day spring.

29 For the hope of the vnthankfull shall melt as the winter yce, and flowe away as vnprofitable waters.


The iudgement of God against the wicked.

1 For thy iudgements are great, and can not be expressed: therefore men doe erre, that will not be reformed.

2 For when the vnrighteous thought to haue thine holy people in subiection, they were bounde with the bandes of darkenesse, and long night, and being shut vp vnder the roofe, did lie there to escape the euerlasting prouidence.

3 And while they thought to bee hid in their darke sinnes, they were scattered abroade in the darke couering of forgetfulnesse, fearing horribly and troubled with visions.

4 For the denne that hid them, kept them not from feare: but the soundes that were about them, troubled them, and terrible visions and sorowfull sightes did appeare.

5 No power of the fire might giue light, neither might the cleare flames of the starres lighten the horrible night.

6 For there appeared vnto them only a sudden fire, very dreadfull: so that being afraide of this vision, [Note: That is, the mighty vision. ] which they coulde not see, they thought the things, which they sawe, to be worse.

7 [Note: Ex.7.12. & 8.27: ] And the illusions of the magical artes were brought downe, & it was a most shamefull reproch for the boasting of their knowledge.

8 For they that promised to driue away feare and trouble from the sicke person, were sicke for feare, and worthy to be laughed at.

9 And though no fearful thing did feare them, yet were they afraide at the beasts which passed by them, and at the hissing of the serpents: so that they died for feare, and sayd they saw not the aire, which by no meanes can be auoided.

10 For it is a feareful thing, when malice is condemned by her owne testimonie: and a conscience that is touched, doeth euer forecast cruell things.

11 For feare is nothing els, but a betraying of the succours, which reason offreth.

12 And the lesse that the hope is within, the more doeth he esteeme the ignorance of the thing, [Page] that tormenteth him, great.

13 But they that did endure the night that was intolerable, and that came out of the dungeon of hell, which is insupportable, slept the same sleepe,

14 And sometimes were troubled with monstruous visions, and sometime they swooned, as though their owne soule should betraie them: for a sudden feare not looked for, came vpon them.

15 And thus, whosoeuer fell downe, he was kept and shut in prison, but without chaines.

16 For whether hee was an husband man, or a shepheard, or one that was set to worke alone, if he were taken, hee must suffer this necessitie, that hee could not auoide:

17 (For with one chaine of darkenesse were they all bounde) whether it were an hissing winde, or a sweete song of the birdes among the thicke branches of the trees, or the vehemencie of hastie running water,

18 Or a great noyse of the falling downe of stones, or the running of skipping beastes, that coulde not be seene, or the noise of cruell beastes, that roared, or the [Note: Or, Echo. ] sounde that answereth againe in the holowe mountaines: these fearefull thinges made them to swoone.

19 For al the world shined with cleare light, and no man was hindred in his labour.

20 Onely vpon them there fell an heauie night, an image of that darkenesse that was to come vpon them: yea, they were vnto themselues more grieuous then darkenesse.


3 The firie pillar that the Israelites had in Egypt. 8 The deliuerance of the faithfull. 10 The Lord smote the Egyptians. 20 The sinne of the people in the wildernes. 21 Aaron stoode betweene the liuing and the dead with his censer.

1 Bvt thy Saintes had a very great [Note: Exod.10.23. ] light, whose voyce because [Note: Or, the Egyptians. ] they heard, and sawe not the figure of them, they thought them blessed, because they also had not suffred the like.

2 And because they did not hurt them, which did hurt them afore, they thanked them, and asked pardon for their enimitie,

3 [Note: Exod.13.21. & 14.24. psal.78.14. & 105.39. ] Therefore thou gauest them a burning pillar of fire to leade them in the vnknowen way, and madest the sunne that it hurted not them in their honourable iourney.

4 But they were worthy to be depriued of the light, and to be kept in darkenesse, which had kept thy children shut vp, by whom the vncorrupt light of the Lawe should be giuen to the world.

5 [Note: Exod.1.36. ] Whereas they thought to slay the babes of the Saints, by one childe that was cast out, and preserued to reprooue them, thou hast taken away the multitude of their children and destroied them all together in the mightie water.

6 Of that night were our fathers certified afore, that they knowing vnto what othes they had giuen credite, might be of good cheere.

7 Thus thy [Note: Exo.14 24,25. ] people receiued the health of the righteous, but the enemies were destroied.

8 For as thou hast punished the enemies, so hast thou glorified vs whome thou hast called.

9 For the righteous children of the good men offred secretely, and made a Lawe of righteousnesse by one consent, that the Saintes shoulde receiue good and euill in like maner, and that the fathers should first sing praises.

10 But a disagreeing crie was hearde of the enemies, and there was a lamentable noise for the children that were bewailed.

11 For the [Note: Exod.11.5. ] maister and the seruant were punished with like punishment, and the common people suffred alike with the King.

12 So they all together had innumerable that died with one kinde of death: neither were ye liuing sufficient to burie them: for in the twinckling of an eye the noblest offspring of them was destroied.

13 So they that could beleeue nothing, because of ye inchantments, confessed this people to be the children of God, in the destruction of ye first borne:

14 For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the middest of her swift course,

15 Thine almighty woorde leapt downe from heauen out of thy royall throne, as a fierce man of warre in the middes of the lande that was destroied,

16 And brought thine vnfained commaundement as a sharpe sworde, and stoode vp and filled all thinges with death, and being come downe to the earth, it reached vnto the heauens.

17 Then the sight of the fearefull dreames vexed them suddenly, and fearefulnes came vpon them vnawares.

18 Then lay there one here, another there halfe dead, and shewed the cause of his death.

19 For the visios that vexed them, shewed them these things afore: so that they were not ignorant, wherefore they perished.

20 Nowe tentation of death touched the righteous also, and [Note: Nom.16.46. ] among the multitude in the wildernesse there was a plague, but the wrath indured not long.

21 For the blameles man made haste, and defended them, and tooke the weapons of his ministration, euen prayer, and the reconciliation by the perfume, and set himselfe against the wrath, and so brought the miserie to an ende, declaring that hee was thy seruaunt.

22 For he ouercame not the multitude with bodily power, nor with force of weapons, but with the word he subdued him that punished, alleadging the othes and couenant made vnto the fathers.

23 For when the dead were fallen downe by heapes one vpon another, hee stoode in the middes, and cut off the wrath, and parted it from comming to the liuing.

24 [Note: Exod.28.6,11. ] For in the long garment was all the ornament, and in the foure rowes of the stones was the glory of the fathers grauen with thy maiestie in the diademe of his head.

25 Vnto these the destroier gaue place, and was afraide of them: for it was sufficient, that they had tasted the wrath.


1 The death of the Egyptians, and the great ioy of the Hebrewes. 11 The meat that was giuen at the desire of the people. 17 All the elements serue to the will of God.

1 As for the vngodly, the wrath came vpon them without mercy vnto the ende: for hee knewe what should come vnto them,

2 That they, (when they had consented to let them goe, and had sent them out with diligence) would repent, and pursue them.

3 For while yet sorowe was before them, and they lamented by the graues of the dead, they deuised another foolishnesse, so that they persecuted them in their fleeing, whome they had cast out afore with praier.

4 For the destinie, whereof they were worthy, brought them to this ende, and caused them to

[Page 159]
forget the things that had come to passe, that they might accomplish the punishment, which remained by torments,
5 Both yt thy people might trie a marueilous passage, and that these might finde a strange death.

6 For euery creature in his kinde was facioned of newe, and serued in their owne offices inioyned them, that thy children might be kept without hurt.

7 For the cloude ouershadowed their tentes, and the drye earth appeared, where afore was water: so that in the red sea there was a way without impediment, and the great deepe became a greene fielde.

8 Through the which all the people went that were defended with thine hand, seeing thy wonderous marueiles.

9 For they [Note: Or, were fed. ] neyed like horses, and leaped like lambes, praysing thee, O Lord, which haddest deliuered them.

10 For they were yet mindfull of those thinges which were done in the land where they dwelt, how the ground brought forth flyes, in steade of cattell, and howe the riuer scrauled with the multitude of frogges in steade of fishes.

11 [Note: Exod.16.13. nom.11.31. ] But at the last they sawe a newe generation of birdes, when they were intised with lust, and desired delicate meates.

12 [Note: Chap.16.2.] For the quailes came foorth of the sea vnto them for comfort, but punishments came vpon the [Note: Or, Egyptians.] sinners not without signes that were giuen by great thundrings: for they suffered worthily according to their wickednesse, because they shewed a cruell hatred toward strangers.

13 For ye one sort would not receiue them when they were present, because they knewe them not: the other sort brought the strangers into bondage that had done them good.

14 Beside all these things some would not suffer, that any regarde shoulde be had of them: For they handled the strangers despitefully.

15 Others that had receiued them wt great banketting, and admitted them to be partakers of the same lawes, did afflict them with great labours.

16 Therefore they were stricken with blindnes, as in olde time certeine were at the doores of the [Note: Gen.19.11. ] righteous, so that euery one being compassed with darknesse, sought the entrance of his doore.

17 Thus the elements agreed among themselues in this change, as when one tune is changed vpon an instrument of musike, and the melodie still remaineth, which may easily be perceiued by the sight of the things that are come to passe.

18 For the things of the earth were changed into things of the water, and the thing that did swimme went vpon the ground.

19 The fire had power in the water contrary vnto his owne vertue, and the water forgate his owne kinde to quench.

20 Againe, the flames did not hurt ye flesh of the corruptible beasts that walked therein, neither melted they that which seemed to be yce, & was of a nature yt would melt, and yet was an immortall meate.

21 For in all things, O Lord, thou hast magnified and glorified thy people, and hast not despised to assist them in euery time and place.