[The portions and borders of the tribes.]

Introductory matter


The great prouidence of God, and his singular mercie towarde his Church are most liuely here set foorth, who neuer leaueth his destitute, but nowe in their greatest miseries and afflictions giueth them Prophets, as Ezekiel, and Daniel, whome he adorned with such graces of his holy spirite, that Daniel aboue all other had most speciall reuelations of such things as should come to the Church, euen from the time that they were in captiuitie, to the last ende of the worlde, and to the generall resurrection, as of the foure Monarchies and Empires of all the worlde, to wit, of the Babylonians, Persians, Grecians, and Romanes. Also of the certaine nomber of the times euen vnto Christ, when all ceremonies and sacrifices shoulde cease, because he shoulde be the accomplishment thereof: moreouer he sheweth Christes office and the cause of his death, which was by his sacrifice to take away sinnes, and to bring euerlasting life. And as from the beginning God euer exercised his people vnder the crosse, so he teacheth here, that after that Christ is offered, he will still leaue this exercise to his Church vntill the dead rise againe, and Christ gather his into his kingdome in the heauens.


1 The captiuitie of Iehoiakim King of Iudah. 4 The King chuseth certaine men of the Iewes to learne his lawe. 5 They haue the Kings ordinarie appointed, 8 But they absteine from it.

1 In the [Note: [a] Reade 2.King. 24.1. & iere.25 1. ] thirde yeere of the reigne of Iehoiakim king of Iudah, came Nebuchad-nezzar King of Babel vnto Ierusalem and besieged it.

2 And ye Lord gaue Iehoiakim king of Iudah into his hand; with parte of the vessels of the house of God, which he caryed into the land of [Note: [b] Which was a plaine by Babylon, where was the Temple of their great god, and is here taken for Babylon. ] Shinar, to the house of his god, and he brought the vessels into his gods treasurie.

3 And the King spake vnto [Note: [c] Who was as master of the wardes. ] Ashpenaz the master of his [Note: [d] He calleth them Eunuches whome the King nourished and brought vp to be rulers of other countreis afterward. ] Eunuches, that he shoulde bring certeine of the children of Israel, of the [Note: [e] His purpose was to keepe them as hostages, and that hee might shewe himselfe victorious, and also by their good intreatie and learning of his religion, they might fauour rather him then the Iewes, and so to be able to serue him as gouernours in their lande: moreouer by this meanes the Iewes might be better kept in subiection, fearing otherwise to procure hurt to these noble men. ] Kings seede, and of the princes:

4 Children in whome was no blemish, but well [Note: [f] The King required three things, that they should be of noble birth, that they should be wittie and learned, and that they should be of a strong and comely nature, that they might doe him better seruice: this he did for his owne commoditie, therefore it is not to praise his liberalitie: yet in this he is worthy praise, that he esteemed learning, and knewe that it was a necessarie meane to gouerne by. ] fauoured, and instruct in all wisedome, and well seene in knowledge, and able to vtter knowledge, & such as were able to stande in the kings palace, and whome they might teach the [Note: [g] That they might forget their owne religion, and countrey facions, to serue him the better to his purpose: yet it is not to be thought yt Daniel did learne any knowledge that was not godly: in all pointes he refused the abuse of things & superstition, in so much that he woulde not eate the meate which the King appointed him, but was content to learne the knowledge of naturall things. ] learning, and the tongue of the Caldeans.

5 And the King appointed them prouision euery day of a [Note: [h] That by their good entertainement they might learne to forget the mediocritie of their owne people. ] portion of the Kings meate, and and of the wine, which he dranke, so nourishing them [Note: [i] To the intent that in this time they might both learne the maners of the Caldeans, and also their tongue. ] three yeere, that at the ende thereof, they might stande [Note: [k] Aswel to serue at the table, as in other offices. ] before the King.

6 Nowe among these were certeine of the children of Iudah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.

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[Daniels knowledge.]

7 Vnto whome the chiefe of the Eunuches [Note: [l] That they might altogether forget their religion: for the Iewes gaue their children names, which might euer put them in remembrance of some point of religion: therefore this was a great tentation & a signe of seruitude which they were not able to resist. ] gaue other names: for hee called Daniel, Belteshazzar, and Hananiah, Shadrach, & Mishael, Meshach, and Azariah, Abednego.

8 But Daniel had determined in his heart, that hee woulde not [Note: [m] Not that hee thought any religion to be in the meate or drinke (for afterwarde he did eate) but because the king should not entise him by this sweete poyson to forget his religion and accustomed sobrietie, and that in his meat & drinke he might dayly remember of what people hee was: and Daniel bringeth this in to shewe howe God from the beginning assisted him with his Spirit, and at length called him to bee a Prophet. ] defile him selfe with the portion of the Kings meate, nor with the wine which he dranke: therefore he required the chiefe of the Eunuches that he might not defile himselfe.

9 (Nowe God had brought Daniel into fauour, and tender loue with the chiefe of the Eunuches)

10 And the chiefe of the Eunuches sayd vnto Daniel, [Note: [n] Hee supposed they did this for their religion, which was contrary to the Babylonians, and therefore herein hee representeth them, which are of no religion: for neither hee would condemne theirs nor maintaine his owne. ] I feare my lord the King, who hath appointed your meate and your drinke: therefore if he see your faces worse liking then the other children, which are of your sort, then shall you make me lose mine head vnto the King.

11 Then sayd Daniel to Melzar, whome the chiefe of the Eunuches had set ouer Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah,

12 Proue thy seruants, I beseeche thee, [Note: [o] Meaning, that within this space hee might haue the tryall, and that no man shoulde be able to discerne it: and thus hee spake, beeing mooued by the Spirite of God. ] ten dayes, and let them giue vs [Note: [p] Not that it was a thing abominable to eate deintie meates, and to drinke wine, as both before and after they did, but if they should haue hereby bene wonne to the King and haue refused their owne religion that meate and drinke had bene accursed. ] pulse to eate, and water to drinke.

13 Then let our countenances bee looked vpon before thee, and the countenances of the children that eate of the portion of the Kings meate: and as thou seest, deale with thy seruantes.

14 So hee consented to them in this matter, an proued them ten dayes.

15 And at the end of ten dayes, their [Note: [q] This bare feeding and that also of Moses when he fledde from the court of Egypt, declareth that wee must liue in such sobrietie as God doeth call vs vnto, seeing hee will make it more profitable vnto vs, then all deinties: for his blessing onely suffiseth. ] countenances appeared fayrer, and in [Note: Ebr. fatter in flesh. ] better liking then all the childrens, which did eate the portion of the Kings meate.

16 Thus Melzar tooke away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drinke, and gaue them pulse.

17 As for these foure children, God gaue them knowledge, & vnderstanding in al learning [Note: [r] Meaning, in the liberall sciences, and naturall knowledge, and not in the magical artes which are forbidden, Deu.18 11. ] and wisedome: also he gaue Daniel vnderstanding of all [Note: [s] So that he onely was a Prophet & none of the other. for by dreames and visions God appeared to his Prophets, Nom.12.6. ] visions and dreames.

18 Nowe when the time was [Note: [t] Of the three yeres aboue mencioned. vers 5. ] expired, that the King had appoynted to bring them in, the chiefe of the Eunuches brought them before Nebuchad-nezzar.

19 And the King communed with them: and among them al was found none like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah: therefore stoode they before the king.

20 And in all matters of wisedome, and vnderstanding that the King enquired of them, hee founde them tenne times better then all the inchanters and astrologians, that were in all his realme.

21 And Daniel was vnto [Note: [u] That is, he was esteemed in Babylon as a Prophet so long as yt common welth stoode. ] the first yeere of king Cyrus.


1 The dreame of Nebuchad-nezzar. 13 The King commaundeth all the wise men of Babylon to bee slayne because they coulde not interprete his dreame. 16 Daniel requireth time to solute the question. 24 Daniel is brought vnto the King and sheweth him his dreame and the interpretation thereof. 44 Of the euerlasting kingdome of Christ.

[The Kings furie.]

1 And in the [Note: [a] The father and the sonne were both called by this name: so that this is ment of ye sonne, when he reigned alone: for he reigned also after a sort wt his father. ] seconde yeere of the raygne of Nebuchad-nezzar, Nebuchad-nezzar dreamed [Note: [b] Not that hee had many dreames, but because many matters were conteined in this dreame. ] dreames wherewith his spirite was [Note: [c] Because it was so rare & strange a dreame yt he had not had the like. ] troubled, and his [Note: [d] He was so heauy with sleepe that he began to sleepe againe. Some read, and his sleepe was broken from him. ] sleepe was vpon him.

2 Then the King commaunded to call the inchanters, and the astrologians and the sorcerers, and the [Note: [e] For all these Astrologers and sorcerers called themselues by this name of honour as though al the wisdome and knowledge of the countrey depended vpon them, and that all other countreis were voyd of the same. ] Caldeans for to shewe the King his dreames: so they came and stoode before the King.

3 And the King sayde vnto them, I haue dreamed a dreame, and my spirite was troubled to knowe the dreame.

4 Then spake the Caldeans to the King in the [Note: [f] That is, in the Syrian tongue which differed not much from the Caldeans, saue it seemed to bee more eloquent, & therefore the learned vsed to speake it: as the Iewish writers do to this day. ] Aramites language, O King, liue for euer: shewe thy seruants thy dreame, and wee shall shewe the interpretation.

5 And the King answered & sayd to the Caldeans, The thing is gone from me. If ye will not make me vnderstande the dreame with the interpretation thereof, ye [Note: [g] This is a iust reward of their arrogancie (which vauted of themselues that they had the knowledge of all things) that they should bee prooued fooles, and that to their perpetuall shame and confusion. ] shall be drawen in pieces, and your houses shall be made a iakes.

6 But if yee declare the dreame and the interpretation thereof, ye shall receyue of me gifts and rewardes, and great honour: therefore shewe me the dreame and the interpretation of it.

7 They answered againe, and sayde, Let the King shewe [Note: [h] Herein appeared their ignorance, that notwithstanding their brags, yet were they not able to tell the dreame, except hee entred them into the matter, and therefore they would pretend knowledge where was but mere ignorance, and so as deluders of the people, they were worthy to die. ] his seruantes the dreame, and wee will declare the interpretation thereof.

8 Then the King answered, and sayd, I knowe certeinly that ye [Note: Ebr. redeeme the tyme. ] would gaine the time, because ye see the thing is gone from me.

9 But if ye will not declare mee the dreame, there is but one iudgement for you: for ye haue prepared lying and corrupt wordes, to speake before me till the time bee changed: therefore tell me the dreame, that I may knowe, if yee can declare me the interpretation thereof.

10 Then the Caldeans answered before the King, and sayde, There is no man vpon earth that can declare the Kings matter: yea, there is neither king nor prince nor lorde that asked such things at an inchanter or astrologian or Caldean.

11 For it is a rare thing that the King requireth, and there is none other that can declare it before the King, except the gods whose dwelling is not with flesh.

12 For this cause the king was angrie and in great furie, and commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babel.

13 And when sentence was giuen, the wise men were slayne: and they [Note: [i] Which declareth, that God would not haue his seruant ioyned in the companie of these sorcerers, & Astrologers, whose artes were wicked, & therfore iustly ought to dye, though the king did it vpon a rage, & no zeale. ] sought Daniel and his fellowes to be put to death.

14 Then Daniel answered with counsel and wisedome to Arioch the Kings [Note: Or the captaine of the garde. ] chiefe stewarde, which was gone foorth to put to death the wise men of Babel.

15 Yea, he answered and sayde vnto Arioch the kings captaine, Why is the sentence so hastie from the king? Then Arioch declared the thing to Daniel.

16 So Daniel went and desired the king that he woulde giue him leasure and that he woulde shewe the king the interpretation thereof.

[The Kings dreame, and the interpretation.]

17 The Daniel went to his house & shewed the matter to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah his companions,

18 That they should beseech the God of heauen for grace in this secrete, that Daniel and his fellowes should not perish with the rest of ye wise men of Babel.

19 Then was the secret reueiled vnto Daniel in a vision by night: therefore Daniel praysed the God of heauen.

20 And Daniel answered and sayde, [Note: Psalm.113.2. and 113.18. ] The Name of God be praysed for euer and euer: for wisedome and strength are his,

21 And hee changeth the times & seasons: he taketh away kings: he setteth vp kings: he giueth wisedome vnto the wise, and vnderstanding to those that vnderstand.

22 Hee discouereth the deepe and secrete things: he knoweth what is in darkenes, and the [Note: [k] Hee sheweth that man hath neyther wisedome nor knowledge, but very darke blindnes, and ignorance of himselfe: for it commeth onely of God, that man vnderstandeth any thing. ] light dwelleth with him.

23 I thanke thee & prayse thee, O thou God of my [Note: [l] To whome thou madest thy promes, and who liued in thy feare: whereby he excludeth all other gods. ] fathers, that thou hast giuen mee wisedome and [Note: [m] Meaning, power to interprete it. ] strength, and hast shewed me nowe the thing that wee desired of thee: for thou hast declared vnto vs the kings matter.

24 Therefore Daniel went vnto Arioch, whome the King had ordeyned to destroy the wise men of Babel: he went and sayde thus vnto him, Destroy not [Note: [n] Whereby appeareth that many were slaine, as vers. 13, and the rest at Daniels offer were preserued on condicion: not that Daniel fauoured their wicked profession, but that he had respect to equitie because the King proceeded according to his wicked affection, & not considering if their science were lawful or no. ] the wise men of Babel, but bring me before the King, and I will declare vnto the King the interpretation.

25 Then Arioch brought Daniel before the King in all haste, and sayd thus vnto him, I haue found a man of the children of Iudah that were brought captiues, that will declare vnto the King the interpretation.

26 Then answered the King, and sayde vnto Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Art thou able to shew me the dreame, which I haue seene, and the interpretation thereof?

27 Daniel answered in the presence of the King, and sayd, The secret which the King hath demanded, can neither the wise, the astrologians, the inchanters, nor the southsayers declare vnto the King.

28 But there is a God in [Note: [o] Hee affirmeth that man by reason & arte is not able to atteine to the cause of Gods secrets, but the vnderstanding onely thereof must come of God: whereby he smiteth ye King with a certaine feare & reuerence of God, that he might be the more apt to receiue the hie misteries, that should be reueiled. ] heauen that reueileth secrets, and sheweth the King Nebuchad-nezzar what shall bee in the latter dayes. Thy dreame, and the things which thou hast seene in thine heade vpon thy bed, is this.

29 O King, when thou wast in thy bedde, thoughts came into thy mind, what should come to passe hereafter, and he that reueyleth secretes, telleth thee, what shall come.

30 As [Note: [p] Because he had said that God onely must reueale the significatio of this dreame, the King might haue asked, why Daniel did enterprise to interprete it, and therefore he sheweth, that he was but Gods minister, and had no giftes, but such as God had giuen him to set forth his glory. ] for me, this secret is not shewed mee for any wisedome that I haue, more then any other liuing, but onely to shewe the King the interpretation, and that thou mightest knowe the thoughts of thine heart.

31 O King, thou sawest, and beholde, there was a great image: this great image whose glory was so excellent, stood before thee, & the forme thereof was terrible.

32 This images head was of fine [Note: [q] By golde, siluer, brasse, and yron, are ment the Caldean, Persian, Macedonian, and Romane kingdome, which shoulde successiuely rule all the worlde till Christ (which is here called the stone) come himselfe, and destroy the last: and this was to assure the Iewes, that their afflictions shoulde not ende with the empire of the Caldeans, but that they shoulde paciently abide the comming of Messiah, which shoulde bee at the ende of this fourth monarchie. ] golde, his breast and his armes of siluer, his bellie and his thighs of brasse,

[The Kings dreame, and the interpretation.]

33 His legges of yron, and his feete were part of yron, and part of clay.

34 Thou beheldest it til a stone was cut without hands, which smote the image vpon his feete, that were of yron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

35 Then was the yron, the clay, the brasse, the siluer and the golde broken all together, and became like the chaffe of the sommer floures, and the winde caryed them away, that no place was founde for them: and the stone that smote the image, became a great mountaine, and filled the whole earth.

36 This is the dreame, and we will declare before the King the interpretation thereof.

37 O King, thou art a king of Kings: for the God of heauen hath giuen thee a kingdome, power, and strength, and glorie.

38 And in all places where the children of men dwell, the beasts of the fielde, and the foules of the heauen hath he giuen into thine hand, and hath made thee ruler ouer them al: thou art [Note: [r] Daniel leaueth out the kingdome of the Assyrians, which was before the Babylonian, both because it was not a monarchie and generall empire, and also because he would declare the things, yt were to come, to the comming of Christ, for ye comfort of the elect among these wonderfull alterations and he calleth the Babylonian kingdome the golden head, because in respect of the other three, it was the best, and yet was of it selfe wicked and cruel. ] this heade of golde.

39 And after thee shall rise another kingdome, [Note: [s] Meaning, the Persians, which were not inferiour in dignitie, power, & riches, but were worse touching ambition, crueltie, and all kinde of vice. shewing, that the world shoulde grow worse, and worse, til it was restored by Christ. ] inferiour to thee, of siluer, and another [Note: [t] That is, of the Macedonians shalbe of brasse, not alluding to the hardnesse thereof, but to the vilenes in respect of siluer. ] third kingdome shalbe of brasse, which shall beare rule ouer all the earth.

40 And the fourth kingdome shal be strong as yron: for as yron breaketh in pieces, and subdueth all things, and as yron bruiseth all these things, so shall it breake in [Note: [u] That is, the Romane empire shal subdue all these other aforenamed, which after Alexander were deuided into the Macedonians, Grecians, Syrians and Egyptians. ] pieces, and bruise all.

41 Where as thou sawest the feete and toes, parte of potters clay, and part of yron: the kingdome shalbe [Note: [x] They shall haue ciuil warres & continuall discordes among themselues. ] deuided, but there shalbe in it of the strength of the yron, as thou sawest the yron mixt with the clay, and earth.

42 And as the toes of the feete were parte of yron, and parte of clay, so shall the kingdome be partly strong, and partly broken.

43 And where as thou sawest yron mixt with clay and earth, they shall mingle themselues with [Note: [y] They shall by marriages, and affinities thinke to make themselues strong: yet shall they neuer be ioyned in hearts. ] the seede of men: but they shal not ioyne one with another, as yron can not bee mixed with clay.

44 And in the dayes of these Kings, shall the God of heauen set vp a kingdome, which [Note: [z] His purpose is to shewe, that all the kingdomes of the worlde are transitorie, & that the kingdome of Christ shall onely remayne for euer. ] shall neuer be destroyed: and this kingdome shall not be giuen to another people, but it shall breake, and destroy al these kingdomes, and it shal stand for euer.

45 Where as thou sawest, that the [Note: [a] Meaning Christ, who was sent of God, and not set vp by man, whose kingdome at the beginning should be small and without beautie to mans iudgement, but should at length grow and fil the whole earth, which he calleth a great mountaine, as vers 35. And this kingdome, which is not onely referred to the person of Christ, but also to the whole body of his Church, and to euery member thereof, shalbe eternall: for the spirit that is in them. is life eternall, Rom.8.10. ] stone was cut of the mountaine without handes, and that it brake in pieces the yron, the brasse, the claye, the siluer, and the golde: so the great God hath shewed the King, what shall come to passe hereafter, and the dreame is true, and the interpretation thereof is sure.

46 Then the King Nebuchad-nezzar fell vpon his face, and [Note: [b] Though this humbling of the King seemed to deserue commendation, yet because he ioyned Gods honour with the Prophets, it is to bee reprooued, & Daniel herein erred if hee suffred it: but it is credible that Daniel admonished him of his fault, and did not suffer it. ] bowed himselfe vnto Daniel, and commanded that they should offer meate offrings, and sweete odours vnto him.

47 Also the King answered vnto Daniel, and

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[The golden image set vp.]

said, I know of a trueth that your [Note: [c] This confession was but a sudden motion, as it was also in Pharaoh, Exod.9 28. but his heart was not touched, as appeared soone afterward. ] God is a God of gods, and the Lord of Kings, and the reueiler of secrets, seeing thou couldest open this secret.
48 So the King made Daniel a great man, and gaue him many and great [Note: [d] Not that the Prophet was desirous of gifts or honour, but because by this meanes he might relieue his poore brethren which were grieuously oppressed in this their captiuitie, & also he receiued them, lest he should offend this cruel King, which willingly gaue them. ] giftes. Hee made him gouernour ouer the whole prouince of Babel, and chiefe of the rulers, and aboue all the wise men of Babel.

49 Then Daniel [Note: [e] He did not this for their priuate profite, but that the whole Church which was then there in affliction, might haue some release and ease, by this benefite. ] made request to the King, and hee set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego ouer the charge of the prouince of Babel: but Daniel sate in the [Note: [f] Meaning, that either he was a iudge, or that hee had the whole authoritie, so that none could be admitted to the Kings presence, but by him. ] gate of the King.


1 The King setteth vp a golden image. 8 Certaine are accused because they despised the Kings commandement, and are put into a burning ouen. 25 By beliefe in God they are deliuered from the fire. 26 Nebuchad-nezzar confesseth the power of God after the sight of the miracle.

1 Nebuchad-nezzar the King made [Note: [a] Vnder pretence of religion, and holinesse in making an image to his idole Bel, he sought his owne ambition and vaine glorie: and this declareth, that he was not touched with the true feare of God before, but that he confessed him on a sudden motion, as the wicked, when they are ouercome with the greatnes of his workes. The Greeke interpreters write, that this was done eightene yeeres after the dreame, and as may appeare, the King feared lest the Iewes by their religion should haue altered the state of his common wealth, and therefore he ment to bring all to one kinde of religion, and so rather sought his owne quietnesse, then Gods glory. ] an image of gold, whose height was three score cubits, and the breadth thereof sixe cubites: hee set it vp in the plaine of Dura, in the prouince of Babel.

2 Then Nebuchad-nezzar ye King sent foorth to gather together the nobles, the princes and the dukes, the iudges, the receiuers, the counsellers, the officers, and all the gouernours of the prouinces, that they should come to the [Note: [b] Shewing, that the idole is not knowen for an idole so long as he is with the workeman: but when the ceremonies and customes are recited and vsed, and the consent of the people is there, then of a blocke they thinke they haue made a god. ] dedication of the image, which Nebuchad-nezzar the [Note: [c] This was sufficient with the wicked at all times to approue their religion, if the Kings authoritie were alledged for the establishment thereof, not considering in the meane season what Gods worde did permit. ] King had set vp.

3 So the nobles, princes and dukes, the iudges, the receiuers, the counsellers, the officers, and all the gouernours of the prouinces were assembled vnto the dedicating of the image, that Nebuchad-nezzar the King had set vp: and they stood before the image, which Nebuchad-nezzar had set vp.

4 Then an herald cried aloude, Be it knowen to you, O people, [Note: [d] These are the two dangerous weapons wherewith Satan vseth to fight against the children of God, the consent of the multitude and the crueltie of the punishment: for though some feared God, yet the multitude, which consented to the wickednesse, astonied them: and here the King required not an inwarde consent, but an outwarde gesture, that the Iewes might by litle and litle learne to forget their true religion. ] nations, and languages,

5 That when ye heare the sound of the cornet, trumpet, harpe, sackebut, psalterie, dulcimer, and all instruments of musike, ye fall downe and worship the golden image, that Nebuchad-nezzar the King hath set vp,

6 And whosoeuer falleth not downe & worshippeth, shall the same houre bee cast into the middes of an hote fierie fornace.

7 Therefore assoone as all the people heard the sound of the cornet, trumpet, harpe, sackebut, psalterie, and all instruments of musike, all the people, nations, and languages fell downe, and worshipped the golden image, that Nebuchad-nezzar the King had set vp.

8 By reason whereof at that same time came men of the Caldeans, and grieuously accused the Iewes.

9 For they spake and said to the King Nebuchad-nezzar, O King, liue for euer.

10 Thou, O King, hast made a decree, that euery man that shall heare the sounde of the cornet, trumpet, harpe, sackebut, psalterie, and dulcimer,

[Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego.]

and all instruments of musike, shall fall downe and worship the golden image,

11 And whosoeuer falleth not downe, and worshippeth, that he should be cast into the mids of an hote fierie fornace.

12 There are certeine Iewes whome thou hast set ouer the charge of ye prouince of Babel, [Note: [e] It seemeth, that they named not Daniel because he was greatly in the Kings fauour, thinking if these three had bin destroyed, they might haue had better occasio to accuse Daniel: and this declareth that this policie of erecting this image was inuented by the malicious flatterers, which sought nothing but the destruction of the Iewes, whom they accused of rebellion and ingratitude. ] Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: these men, O King, haue not regarded thy commandement, neither wil they serue thy gods, nor worship the golden image, that thou hast set vp.

13 Then Nebuchad-nezzar in his anger and wrath commaunded that they should bring Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: so these men were brought before the King.

14 And Nebuchad-nezzar spake, and said vnto them, What disorder? will not you, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego serue my god, nor worship the golden image, that I haue set vp?

15 [Note: [f] Signifying, that he would receiue them to grace, if they would now at the length obey his decree. ] Now therefore are ye ready when ye heare the sound of the cornet, trumpet, harpe, sackebut, psalterie, and dulcimer, and all instruments of musike, to fall downe, and worship the image, which I haue made? for if ye worship it not, ye shall be cast immediatly into the middes of an hote fierie fornace: for who is that God, that can deliuer you out of mine handes?

16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered and said to the King, O Nebuchad-nezzar, we [Note: [g] For they should haue done iniurie to God, if they should haue donted in this holy cause, and therefore they say, that they are resolued to die for Gods cause. ] are not carefull to answere thee in this matter.

17 Beholde, our God whom we serue, is [Note: [h] They ground on two points, first on the power, and prouidence of God ouer them, and secondly on their cause, which was Gods glory, and the testifying of his true religion with their blood, and so make open confession, that they wil not so much as outwardly consent to idolatrie. ] able to deliuer vs from the hote fierie fornace, and hee will deliuer vs out of thine hand, O King.

18 But if not, bee it knowen to thee, O King, that wee will not serue thy gods, nor worship the golden image, which thou hast set vp.

19 Then was Nebuchad-nezzar full of rage, and the forme of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: therefore hee charged and commaunded that they should heate the fornace at once seuen [Note: [i] This declareth that the more that tyrants rage, and the more wittie they shewe themselues in inuenting strange and cruel punishments, the more is God glorified by his seruants to whom he giueth patience and constancie to abide the crueltie of their punishment: for either he deliuereth them from death, or els for this life giueth them a better. ] times more then it was wont to be heat.

20 And hee charged the most valiant men of warre that were in his armie, to binde Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and to cast them into the hote fierie fornace.

21 So these men were bounde in their coates, their hosen, and their clokes, with their other garments, and cast into the middes of the hote fierie fornace.

22 Therefore, because the Kings commaundement was straite, that the fornace should be exceeding hote, the flame of the fire slew those men that brought foorth Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

23 And these three men Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego fell downe bound into the middes of the hote fierie fornace.

24 Then Nebuchad-nezzar the King was astonied and rose vp in haste, and spake, and saide vnto his counsellers, Did not wee cast three men bound into the middes of the fire? Who answered and said vnto the King, It is true, O King.

25 And he answered, and said, Loe, I see foure men loose, walking in the middes of the fire, and they haue no hurt, and the forme of the fourth is like the [Note: [k] For the Angels were called the sonnes of God, because of their excellencie: therefore the King called this Angel, whome God sent to comfort his in these great torments, the sonne of God. ] sonne of God.

26 Then the King Nebuchad-nezzar came neere to the mouth of the hote fierie fornace, and spake and said, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, [Page]

[The Kings decree.]

the seruants of the hie God goe foorth and come hither: so Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego [Note: [l] This commendeth their obedience vnto God that they woulde not for any feare depart out of this fornace, till the time was appointed, as Noah remained in the Arke till the Lord called him foorth. ] came foorth of the middes of the fire.

27 Then the nobles, princes and dukes, and the Kings counsellers came together to see these men, because the fire had no power ouer their bodies: for not an heare of their head was burnt, neither was their coates changed, nor any smell of fire came vpon them.

28 Wherefore Nebuchad-nezzar spake & said, [Note: [m] He was moued by the greatnes of the miracle to praise God, but his heart was not touched. And here we see that miracles are not sufficient to conuert men to God, but that doctrine must chiefly be adioyned, without the which there can be no faith. ] Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who hath sent his Angel, and deliuered his seruants, that put their trust in him, and haue changed the Kings commaundement, and yeelded their bodies rather then they would serue or worship any god, saue their owne God.

29 Therefore I make a decree, that euery people, nation, and language, which speake any [Note: [n] If this heathen King mooued by Gods Spirit, would not see blasphemie vnpunished, but made a lawe and set a punishment to such transgressours, much more ought all they that professe religion, take order that such impietie reigne not, least according as their knowledge and charge is greater, so they suffer double punishment. ] blasphemie against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, shalbe drawen in pieces, and their houses shall be made a iakes, because there is no god that can deliuer after this sort.

30 Then the King promoted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the prouince of Babel.

31 Nebuchad-nezzar King vnto all people, nations & languages, that dwell in all the [Note: [o] Meaning, so farre as his dominion extended. ] world, Peace be multiplied vnto you:

32 I thought it good to declare the signes and wonders, yt the hie God hath wrought toward me.

33 How great are his signes, and how mightie are his wonders! [Note: [p] Reade Chap.2 44. ] his kingdome is an euerlasting kingdome, and his dominion is from generation to generation.


2 Another dreame of Nebuchad-nezzar, which Daniel declareth. 29 The Prophet declareth howe of a proude King hee should become as a beast. 31 After, he confesseth the power of God and is restored to his former dignitie.

1 I Nebuchad-nezzar being at [Note: [a] There was no trouble that might cause mee to dreame, and therefore it came onely of God. ] rest in mine house, and flourishing in my palace,

2 Saw a [Note: [b] This was another dreame besides that which he sawe of the foure empires: for Daniel both declared what that dreame was and what it ment: and here he onely expoundeth the dreame. ] dreame, which made me afraide, and the thoughtes vpon my bed, and the visions of mine head troubled me.

3 Therefore made I a decree, that they should bring all the wise men of Babel before mee, that they might declare vnto me the interpretation of the dreame.

4 So came the inchanters, the astrologians, the Caldeans and the sothsayers, to whom I tolde the dreame, but [Note: [c] In that that he sent abroad to others whose ignorance in times past he had experimented, and left Daniel which was euer ready at hand, it declareth the nature of the vngodly, which neuer seeke to the seruants of God, but for very necessitie, and then they spare no flatterings. ] they could not shew me the interpretation thereof,

5 Till at the last Daniel came before mee, (whose name was [Note: [d] This no doubt was a great griefe to Daniel not onely to haue his name changed, but to be called by the name of a vile idole, which thing Nebuchad-nezzar did to make him forget the true religion of God. ] Belteshazzar, according to the name of my god, which hath the spirite of the holy gods in him) and before him I tolde the dreame, saying,

6 O Belteshazzar, [Note: [e] Which also was a great griefe to the Prophet to bee nombred among the sorcerers and men whose practises were wicked and contrary to Gods word. ] chiefe of the enchanters, because I know, that the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and no secret troubleth thee, tell mee the visions of my dreame, that I haue seene and the interpretation thereof.

7 Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed. And beholde, I sawe a [Note: [f] By the tree, is signified the dignitie of a King, whome God ordeineth to be a defence for all kinde of men, and whose state is profitable for mankinde. ] tree in the middes of

[The hie tree.]

the earth and the height thereof was great:

8 A great tree and strong, and the height thereof reached vnto heauen, and the sight thereof to the endes of all the earth.

9 The boughes thereof were faire & the fruite thereof much, and in it was meate for all: it made a shadow vnder it for the beastes of the fielde, and the foules of the heauen dwelt in the boughes thereof, and all flesh fedde of it.

10 I sawe in the visions of mine head vpon my bed, and beholde, a [Note: [g] Meaning, the Angel of God, which neither eateth nor sleepeth, but is euer readie to do Gods will and is not infect with mans corruption but is euer holy: and in that that he commaundeth to cut downe this tree, he knewe that it should not be cut downe by man but by God. ] watchman and an holy one came downe from heauen,

11 And cried aloude, and said thus, Hew downe the tree, and breake off his branches: shake off his leaues, and scatter his fruite, that the beastes may flee from vnder it, and the foules from his branches.

12 Neuerthelesse leaue the stumpe of his rootes in the earth, and with a band of yron and brasse binde it among the grasse of the fielde, and let it be wet with the dewe of heauen, and let his portion be with the beastes among the grasse of the fielde.

13 [Note: [h] Hereby he meaneth that Nebuchad-nezzar should not onely for a time lose his kingdome, but be like a beast. ] Let his heart be changed from mans nature, and let a beasts heart be giuen vnto him, and let seuen times be passed ouer him.

14 [Note: [i] God hath decreed this iudgement and the whole armie of heauen haue as it were subscribed vnto it, like as also they desire the execution of his decree against al them that lift vp themselues against God. ] The sentence is according to the decree of the watchmen, and according to the word of the holy ones: the demaunde was answered, to the intent that liuing men may knowe, that the most High hath power ouer the kingdome of men, and giueth it to whomsoeuer he will, and appointeth ouer it the most abiect among men.

15 This is the dreame, that I King Nebuchad-nezzar haue seene: therefore thou, O Belteshazzar, declare the interpretation thereof: for all the wisemen of my kingdome are not able to shewe mee the interpretation: but thou art able, for the spirit of the holy gods is in thee.

16 Then Daniel (whose name was Belteshazzar) held his [Note: [k] He was troubled for the great iudgement of God which he sawe ordeined against the King: and so the Prophets vsed on the one part to denounce Gods iudgmets for the zeale they bare to his glory, and on the other part to haue compassion vpon man, and also to consider that they should be subiect to Gods iudgements, if he did not regard them with pitie. ] peace by the space of one houre, and his thoughts troubled him, & the King spake and said, Belteshazzar, let neither the dreame, nor the interpretation thereof trouble thee. Belteshazzar answered and saide, My lord, the dreame be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies.

17 The tree that thou sawest, which was great and mightie, whose height reached vnto the heauen, and the sight thereof through all the world,

18 Whose leaues were faire & the fruit thereof much, and in it was meate for all, vnder the which the beastes of the fielde dwelt, and vpon whose branches the foules of the heauen did sit,

19 It is thou, O King, that art great and mightie: for thy greatnesse is growen, and reacheth vnto heauen, and thy dominion to the endes of the earth.

20 Where as the King sawe a watchman, and an holy one, that came downe from heauen, and said, Hew downe the tree and destroy it, yet leaue the stumpe of the rootes thereof in the earth, and with a bande of yron and brasse binde it among the grasse of the fielde, and let it be wette with the dewe of heauen, and let his portion be with the beastes of the fielde, [Note: [l] Whereby hee meaneth a long space, as seue yeres. Some interprete seuen moneths, and others seuen weekes: but it seemeth he ment of yeeres. ] till seuen times passe ouer him,

21 This is the interpretation, O King, and it is the decree of the most High, which is come vpon my lord the King,

[Page 106]

[The Kings pride and fall.]

22 That they shall driue thee from men, and thy dwelling shalbe with the beasts of the fielde: they shall make thee to eate grasse as the [Note: [m] Not that his shape or forme was changed into a beast, but that he was either striken mad, and so auoyded mans company, or was cast out for his tirannie and so wandred among the beasts and ate herbes and grasse. ] oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dewe of heauen: and seuen times shall passe ouer thee, till thou knowe, that [Note: [n] Daniel sheweth the cause, why God thus punished him. ] the most High beareth rule ouer the kingdome of men, and giueth it to whom so euer he will.

23 Where as they sayd, that one should leaue the stumpe of the tree rootes, thy kingdome shall remaine vnto thee: after that, thou shalt knowe, that the heauens haue the rule.

24 Wherefore, O King, let my counsell be acceptable vnto thee, and [Note: [o] Cease from prouoking God to anger any longer by thy sinnes, that hee may mitigate his punishment, if thou shewe by thine vpright life that thou hast true fayth and repentance. ] breake off thy sinnes by righteousnes, and thine iniquities by mercy toward the poore: lo, let there be an [Note: [p] Suffer the errors of thy former life to be redressed. ] healing of thine errour.

25 All these things shal come vpon the King Nebuchad-nezzar.

26 At the end of twelue [Note: [q] After that Daniel had declared this vision: and this his pride declareth that it is not in man to conuert to God except his Spirit moue him, seeing that these terrible threatnings could not moue him to repent. ] moneths, he walked in the royall palace of Babel.

27 And the King spake and sayde, Is not this great Babel, that I haue built for the house of the kingdome by the might of my power, and for the honour of my maiestie?

28 While the worde was in the Kings mouth, a voyce came downe from heauen, saying, O King Nebuchad-nezzar, to thee be it spoken, Thy kingdome is departed from thee,

29 And they shall driue thee from men, and thy dwelling shalbe with the beastes of the fielde: they shall make thee to eate grasse, as the oxen, and seuen times shall passe ouer thee, vntill thou knowest, that the most High beareth rule ouer the kingdome of men, and giueth it vnto whomsoeuer he will.

30 The very same houre was this thing fulfilled vpon Nebuchad-nezzar, and hee was driuen from men, and did eate grasse as the oxen, and his body was wet with the dewe of heauen, till his heares were growen as egles feathers, & his nailes like birds clawes.

31 And at the ende of these [Note: [r] When the terme of these seuen yeeres was accomplished. ] dayes I Nebuchad-nezzar lift vp mine eyes vnto heauen, and mine vnderstanding was restored vnto me, and I gaue thankes vnto the most High, and I praysed and honoured him that liueth for euer, [Note: Chap.7.14. mich. 4.17. luke 1.33. ] whose power is an euerlasting power, and his kingdome is from generation to generation.

32 And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and according to his [Note: [s] He confesseth Gods will to be the rule of all iustice and a most perfite law whereby he gouerneth both man and Angels & deuils, so yt none ought to murmure, or aske a reason of his doings, but onely to stand content therewith & giue him the glory. ] will he worketh in the armie of heauen, and in the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, nor say vnto him, What doest thou?

33 At the same time was mine vnderstanding restored vnto me, and I returned to the honour of my kingdome: my glory and my beautie was restored vnto me, and my counsellours [Note: [t] By whom it seemeth that hee had bene put from his kingdome before. ] and my princes sought vnto me, and I was established in my kingdome, and my glory was augmented toward me.

34 Now therefore I Nebuchad-nezzar [Note: [u] He doeth not onely prayse God for his deliuerace, but also confesseth his fault that God may onely haue the glory and man the shame, and that he may be exalted and man cast downe. ] prayse and extoll & magnifie the King of heauen, whose workes are all trueth, & his wayes iudgement, and those that walke in pride, he is able to abase.


5 Belshazzar King of Babylon seeth an hand writing on the wall. 8 The soothsayers called of the King, cannot expound the writing. 25 Daniel readeth it, and interpreteth it also. 30 The King is slaine. 31 Darius enioyeth the kingdome.

[The writing on the wall.]

1 King [Note: [a] Daniel reciteth this historie of king Belshazzar Euilmerodachs sonne, to shewe Gods iudgements against the wicked for the deliuerace of his Church, and how the prophecie of Ieremiah was true, that they should be deliuered after seuentie yeeres. ] Belshazzar made a great feast to a thousand of his princes, and dranke wine [Note: [b] The Kings of the East parts then vsed to sit alone commonly, & disdained that any should sit in their company: and now to shew his power, and how litle hee set by his enemie, which then besieged Babylon, hee made a solemne banket, & vsed excesse in their company which is meant here by drinking wine: thus the wicked are most dissolute, and negligent whe their destruction is at hand. ] before the thousand.

2 And Belshazzar [Note: Or, ouercome with wine. ] whiles he tasted the wine, commaunded to bring him the golden and siluer vessels, which his [Note: [c] Meaning, his grandfather. ] father Nebuchad-nezzar had brought from the Temple in Ierusalem, that the King and his princes, his wiues, and his concubines might drinke therein.

3 Then were brought the golden vessels, that were taken out of the Temple of the Lords house at Ierusalem, and the King and his princes, his wiues and his concubines dranke in them.

4 They drunke wine and praysed the [Note: [d] In contempt of the true God they praysed their idols, not that they thought, that the gold or siluer were gods, but that there was a certaine vertue, and power in them to doe them good, which is also the opinion of all idolaters. ] gods of golde, and of siluer, of brasse, of yron, of wood and of stone.

5 At the same houre appeared fingers of a mans hand, which wrote ouer [Note: [e] That it might the better be seene. ] against the candlesticke vpon the plaister of the wall of ye Kings palace, and the King sawe the palme of the hand that wrote.

6 Then the Kings countenance was changed, and his thoughtes troubled him, so that the ioynts of his loynes were loosed, and his [Note: [f] So hee that before contemned God, was moued by this sight to tremble for feare of Gods iudgmets. ] knees smote one against the other.

7 Wherefore the King cryed loude, that they should bring [Note: [g] Thus the wicked in their troubles seeke many meanes, who draw them from God, because they seeke not to him who is the onely comfort in all afflictions. ] the astrologians, the Caldeans and the soothsayers. And the King spake, and sayd to the wise men of Babel, Whosoeuer can reade this writing, and declare me the interpretation thereof, shalbe clothed with purple, and shall haue a chaine of golde about his necke, and shall be the third ruler in the kingdome.

8 Then came all the Kings wise men, but they could neither reade the writing, nor shewe the King the interpretation.

9 Then was King Belshazzar greatly troubled, and his countenance was changed in him, and his princes were astonied.

10 Now the [Note: [h] To wit, his grandmother Nebuchad-nezzars wife, which for her age was not before at the feast, but came thither when she heard of these strange newes. ] Queene by reason of the talke of the King, and his princes came into the banket house, and the Queene spake, and sayd, O King, liue for euer: let not thy thoughtes trouble thee, nor let thy countenance be changed.

11 There is a man in thy kingdome, in whom is the spirit of the holy gods, and in the dayes of thy father light and vnderstanding and wisdome like the wisdome of the gods, was found in him: whom the King Nebuchad-nezzar thy father, the King, I say, thy father, made chiefe of the [Note: [i] Reade Chap.4.6. and this declareth, that both this name was odious vnto him, and also that hee did not vse these vile practises, because he was not among them when all were called. ] enchanters, astrologians, Caldeans, and soothsayers,

12 Because a more excellent spirit, and knowledge, and vnderstanding (for hee did expound dreames, and declare hard sentences, and dissolued doubtes) were founde in him, euen in Daniel, whome the King named Belteshazzar: nowe let Daniel be called, and hee will declare the interpretation.

13 Then was Daniel brought before the King, and the King spake and sayd vnto Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, which art of the children of the captiuitie of Iudah, whom my father the King brought out of Iewrie?

14 Now I haue heard of thee, that [Note: [k] For the idolaters thought, that the Angels had power as God, and therefore had them in like estimation, as they had God, thinking that the spirite of prophecie, and vnderstanding came of them. ] the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and that light and [Page]

[The hand writing declared.]

vnderstanding and excellent wisdome is found in thee.

15 Now therefore, wisemen and astrologians haue bene brought before me, that they should reade this writing, and shewe me the interpretation thereof: but they could not declare the interpretation of the thing.

16 Then heard I of thee, that thou couldest shewe interpretations, and dissolue doutes: nowe if thou canst reade the writing, and shew me the interpretation thereof, thou shalt be clothed with purple, and shalt haue a chaine of golde about thy necke, & shalt be the third ruler in the kingdome.

17 Then Daniel answered, and sayd before the King, Keepe thy rewards to thy selfe, and giue thy giftes to another: yet I will reade the writing vnto the King, and shew him the interpretation.

18 O King, heare thou, The most high God gaue vnto [Note: [l] Before he reade the writing, hee declareth to the King his great ingratitude toward God, who could not be moued to giue him the glory, considering his wonderfull worke toward his grandfather, & so sheweth, that he doeth not sinne of ignorance, but of malice. ] Nebuchad-nezzar thy father a kingdome, and maiestie, and honour and glory.

19 And for the maiestie that he gaue him, all people, nations, and languages trembled, and feared before him: he put to death whom he would: he smote whome he would: whome he would he set vp, and whome he would he put downe.

20 But when his heart was puft vp, and his minde hardened in pride, hee was deposed from his kingly throne, and they tooke his honour from him.

21 And hee was driuen from the sonnes of men, and his heart was made like the beastes, and his dwelling was with the wilde asses: they fed him with grasse like oxen, and his body was wet with the dewe of the heauen, till he knewe, that the most high God bare rule ouer the kingdome of men, and that he appointeth ouer it, whomsoeuer he pleaseth.

22 And thou his sonne, O Belshazzar, hast not humbled thine heart, though thou knewest all these things,

23 But hast lift thy selfe vp against the Lorde of heauen, and they haue brought the vessels of his House before thee, and thou and thy princes, thy wiues and thy concubines haue drunke wine in them, and thou hast praysed the gods of siluer and golde, of brasse, yron, wood and stone, which neither see, neither heare, nor vnderstand: and the God in whose hand thy breath is and all thy wayes, him hast thou not glorified.

24 [Note: [m] After that God had so long time deferred his anger, and patiently waited for thine amendement. ] Then was the palme of the hand sent from him, and hath written this writing.

25 And this is the writing that he hath written, [Note: [n] This worde is twise written for the certeintie of the thing: shewing, that God had most surely counted: signifying also that God hath appointed a terme for all kingdomes, and that a miserable ende shall come on all that raise themselues against him. ] Mene, Mene, Tekel Vpharsin.

26 This is the interpretation of the thing, Mene, God hath nombred thy kingdome, and hath finished it.

27 Tekel, thou art wayed in the balance, and art found [Note: Or, wanting. ] too light.

28 Peres, thy kingdome is deuided, and giuen to the Medes and Persians.

29 Then at the commaundement of Belshazzar they clothed Daniel with purple, and put a chaine of golde about his necke, and made a proclamation concerning him that he should be the third ruler in the kingdome.

30 The same night was Belshazzar the King of the Caldeans slaine.

31 And Darius [Note: [o] Cyrus his sonne in lawe gaue him this title of honour although Cyrus in effect had the dominion. ] of the Medes tooke the kingdome, being threescore and two yeere olde.

[Daniels constancie.]


1 Daniel is made ruler ouer the gouernours. 5 An act against Daniel. 16 He is put into a denne of lyons by the commandement of the King. 23 He is deliuered by faith in God. 24 Daniels accusers are put vnto the lyons. 25 Darius by a decree magnifieth the God of Daniel.

1 It pleased Darius to set ouer the kingdome [Note: [a] Reade Ester, Chap.1.1. ] an hundreth and twentie gouernours, which should be ouer the whole kingdome,

2 And ouer these, three rulers (of whome Daniel was one) that the gouernours might giue accompts vnto them, and the King should [Note: Or, not be troubled. ] haue no domage.

3 Now this Daniel [Note: [b] This heathen King preferred Daniel a stranger to all his nobles and familiars, because the graces of God were more excellent in him then in others. ] was preferred aboue the rulers and gouernours, because the spirit was excellent in him, and the King thought to set him ouer the whole realme.

4 Wherefore the rulers and gouernours [Note: [c] Thus the wicked can not abide the graces of God in others, but seeke by all occasions to deface them: therefore against such assaults there is no better remedie then to walke vprightly in the feare of God, and to haue a good conscience ] sought an occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdome: but they could finde none occasion nor fault: for he was so faithfull that there was no blame nor fault found in him.

5 Then sayd these men, We shall not finde an occasion against this Daniel, except we finde it against him concerning the Law of his God.

6 Therefore the rulers and these gouernours went together to the King, and sayde thus vnto him, King Darius, liue for euer.

7 All the rulers of thy kingdome, the officers and gouernours, the counsellers, and dukes haue consulted together to make a decree for the King and to establish a statute, that whosoeuer shall aske a petition of any god or man for thirtie dayes saue of thee, O King, he shalbe cast into the denne of lyons.

8 Nowe, O King, confirme the decree, and seale the writing, that it be not changed according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not.

9 Wherefore King Darius [Note: [d] Herein is condemned the wickednesse of the King, who would be set vp as a god, and passed not what wicked lawes he approued for the maintenance of the same. ] sealed the writing and the decree.

10 Now when Daniel vnderstood that he had sealed the writing, hee went into his house, and his [Note: [e] Because hee would not by his silence shew that he consented to this wicked decree, he set open his windowes toward Ierusalem, when he prayed: both to stirre vp himselfe with the remembrance of Gods promises to his people when they should pray toward the Temple, and also that others might see, that he would neither consent in heart nor deede for these fewe dayes to any thing that was contrary to Gods glory. ] window being open in his chamber toward Ierusalem, he kneeled vpon his knees three times a day, and prayed and praysed his God, as he did aforetime.

11 Then these men assembled, and founde Daniel praying, and making supplication vnto his God.

12 So they came &, spake vnto the King concerning the Kings decree, Hast thou not sealed the decree, that euery man that shall make a request to any god or man within thirtie dayes, saue to thee, O King, shall be cast into the denne of lyons? The King answered, and sayd, The thing is true, according to the Lawe of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not.

13 Then answered they, and sayd vnto the King, This Daniel which is of the children of the captiuitie of Iudah, regardeth not thee, O King, nor the decree, that thou hast sealed, but maketh his petition three times a day.

14 When the King heard these wordes, hee was sore displeased with himselfe, and set his heart on Daniel, to deliuer him: and he laboured till the sunne went downe, to deliuer him.

15 Then these men assembled vnto the King, and sayde vnto ye King, Vnderstand, O King, that the lawe of the Medes and Persians is, that no decree nor statute which the King confirmeth,

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[A iust recompence.]

may be [Note: [f] Thus the wicked maintaine euill lawes by constancie, and authoritie, which is oft times either lightnes, or stubbernnes when as the innocents thereby perish: and therefore gouernours neither ought to feare nor be ashamed to breake such. ] altered.
16 Then the King commaunded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the denne of lyons: now the King spake, and said vnto Daniel, Thy God, whome thou alway seruest, euen he will deliuer thee.

17 And a stone was brought, and layed vpon the mouth of the denne, and the King sealed it with his owne signet, and with the signet of his princes, that the purpose might not be changed, concerning Daniel.

18 Then the King went vnto his palace, and remained fasting, neither were the instruments of musike brought before him, and his sleepe went from him.

19 Then the King arose early in the morning, & went in all haste vnto the denne of lyons.

20 And when he came to the denne, he cryed with a lamentable voyce vnto Daniel: and the King spake, and saide to Daniel, O Daniel, the seruant of ye liuing God, is not thy God (whom thou alway seruest) [Note: [g] This declareth that Darius was not touched with the true knowledge of God, because he douted of his power. ] able to deliuer thee fro the lyons?

21 Then saide Daniel vnto the King, O King, liue for euer.

22 My God hath sent his Angel and hath shut the lyons mouthes, that they haue not hurt mee: for [Note: [h] My iust cause and vprightnes in this thing, wherein I was charged, is approoued of God. ] my iustice was founde out before him: and vnto thee, O King, I haue done [Note: [i] For he did disobey the Kings wicked commaundement to obey God, and so did no iniurie to the King, who ought to comaunde nothing whereby God should be dishonoured. ] no hurt.

23 Then was the King exceeding glad for him, and commaunded that they should take Daniel out of the denne: so Daniel was brought out of the denne, and no maner of hurt was found vpon him, because he [Note: [k] Because he committed himselfe wholy vnto God whose cause he did defend, he was assured, that nothing but good could come vnto him: wherein we see the power of faith, as Ebrew.11.33. ] beleeued in his God.

24 And by the commaundement of the King these me which had accused Daniel, were brought, and were [Note: [l] This is a terrible example against all the wicked, which doe against their conscience make cruel lawes to destroy the children of God, and also admonisheth Princes how to punish such, when their wickednes is come to light: though not in euery point or with like circumstances, yet to execute true iustice vpon them. ] cast into the denne of lions, euen they, their children, and their wiues: and the lyons had the mastry of them, & brake all their bones a pieces, or euer they came at the groud of the denne.

25 Afterwarde King Darius wrote, Vnto all people, nations and languages, that dwel in all the world: Peace be multiplied vnto you.

26 I make a decree that in all the dominion of my kingdome, men tremble and feare [Note: [m] This prooueth not that Darius did worship God aright, or else was conuerted: for then hee would haue destroyed all superstition and idolatrie, and not onely giuen God the chiefe place, but also haue set him vp, and caused him to be honoured according to his worde: but this was a certaine confession of Gods power, whereunto hee was compelled by this wonderfull miracle. ] before the God of Daniel: for he is the [Note: [n] Which hath not onely life in himselfe, but is the onely fountaine of life, and quickeneth all things, so that without him there is no life. ] liuing God, and remayneth for euer: and his kingdome shall not perish, and his dominion shalbe euerlasting.

27 Hee rescueth and deliuereth, and hee worketh signes and wonders in heauen and in earth, who hath deliuered Daniel from the power of the lyons.

28 So this Daniel prospered in the reigne of Darius and in the reigne of Cyrus of Persia.


3 A vision of foure beastes is shewed vnto Daniel. 8 The tenne hornes of the fourth beast. 27 Of the euerlasting kingdome of Christ.

1 In the first yeere of Belshazzar King of Babel, Daniel sawe a dreame, and there were visions in his head, vpo his bed: [Note: [a] Whereas the people of Israel looked for a continuall quietnesse after these seuetie yeres, as Ieremiah had declared, he sheweth that this rest shal not be a deliuerance from all troubles, but a beginning, and therefore incouraged them to looke for a continuall affliction til the Messiah be vttered & reueiled, by whom they should haue a spiritual deliuerance, & all the promises fulfilled: whereof they should haue a certaine token in the destruction of the Babylonicall kingdome. ] then he wrote the dreame,

[Foure beastes.]

and declared the summe of the matter.

2 Daniel spake and saide, I sawe in my vision by night, and behold, the foure windes of the heauen stroue vpon [Note: [b] Which signified that there should be horrible troubles and afflictions in the world in all corners of the world and at sundrie times. ] the great sea:

3 And foure great beastes came vp from the sea one diuers from another.

4 The first was as a [Note: [c] Meaning, the Assyrian and Caldean empire, which was most strong and fierce in power, and most soone come to their authoritie as though they had had wings to flie: yet their wings were pulled by the Persians, and they went on their feete, and were made like other men, which is here ment by mans heart. ] lyon, & had egles wings: I beheld, til the wings thereof were pluckt of, and it was lifted vp from the earth, and set vpon his feete as a man, and a mans heart was giuen him.

5 And beholde, another beast which was the second, was like a [Note: [d] Meaning the Persians, which were barbarous and cruel. ] beare & stood vpon the [Note: [e] They were small in the beginning and were shut vp in their moutaines and had no bruite. ] one side: and hee had three ribbes in his [Note: [f] That is, destroyed many kingdomes, and was insatiable. ] mouth betweene his teeth, [Note: [g] To wit, the Angels by Gods commandement, who by this meanes punished the ingratitude of the world. ] and they saide thus vnto him, Arise and deuoure much flesh.

6 After this I behelde, and loe, there was an other like a [Note: [h] Meaning, Alexander the King of Macedonie. ] leopard, which had vpon his backe [Note: [i] That is, his foure chiefe captaines, which had the empire among them after his death. Seleucus had Asia the great, Antigonus the lesse, Cassander, and after him Antipater was King of Macedonie, and Ptolemeus had Egypt. ] foure wings of a foule: the beast had also foure heads, and [Note: [k] It was not of himselfe nor of his owne power that hee gate all these countreys: for his armie conteined but thirtie thousande men, and hee ouercame in one battell Darius, which had tenne hundreth thousande, when he was so heauie with sleepe that his eyes were scarse open, as the stories report: therefore this power was giuen him of God. ] dominion was giuen him.

7 After this I saw in the visions by night, and beholde, the [Note: [l] That is, the Romane empire which was as a monster and could not be compared to any beast, because the nature of none was able to expresse it. ] fourth beast was fearefull and terrible and very strong. It had [Note: [m] Signifying the tyrannie and greedinesse of the Romanes. ] great yron teeth: it deuoured and brake in pieces and stamped [Note: [n] That which the Romanes coulde not quietly enioye in other countreys, they would giue it to other Kings and rulers, that at all times when they would, they might take it againe: which liberalitie is here called the stamping of the rest vnder the feete. ] the residue vnder his feete: and it was vnlike to the beasts that were before it: for it had [Note: [o] That is, sundry and diuers prouinces which were gouerned by the deputies and proconsuls, whereof euery one might bee compared to a King. ] ten hornes.

8 As I considered the hornes, beholde, there came vp among them another litle [Note: [p] Which is meant of Iulius Ceasar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, &c. who were as Kings in effect, but because they coulde not rule, but by the consent of the Senate, their power is compared to a little horne. For Mahomet came not of the Romane empire, and the Pope hath no vocation of gouernment: therefore this cannot be applied vnto them. and also in this prophesie the Prophets purpose is chiefely to comfort the Iewes vnto the reuelation of Christ. Some take it for the whole body of Antichrist. ] horne, before whome there were [Note: [q] Meaning, a certaine portion of the tenne hornes: that is, a part from the whole estate was pluckt away. For Augustus tooke from the Senate the libertie of chusing the deputies to sende into the prouinces, and tooke the gouernment of certaine countreys to him selfe. ] three of the first hornes pluckt away: and behold, in this horne were [Note: [r] These Romane Emperours at the first vsed a certaine humanitie and gentlenesse, and were content that others as the Consuls and Senate shoulde beare the name of dignitie, so that they might haue the profite, and therefore in elections and counsels woulde behaue them selues according as did other Senatours: yet against their enemies and those that woulde resist them, they were fierce and cruel, which is here meant by the proude mouth. ] eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking presumptuous things.

9 I behelde, till the [Note: [s] Meaning the places where God and his Angels should come to iudge these Monarchies, which iudgement should beginne at the first comming of Christ. ] thrones were set vp, and the [Note: [t] That is, God which was before all times, and is here described as mans nature is able to comprehend some portion of his glorie. ] Ancient of dayes did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the heare of his head like the pure wooll: his throne was like the fierie flame, and his wheeles as burning fire.

10 A fierie streame yssued, and came foorth from before him: thousand thousandes ministred vnto him, and tenne thousand [Note: [u] That is, an infinite nomber of Angels, which were readie to execute his commaundement. ] thousands stoode before him: the iudgement was set, and the [Note: [x] This is meant of the first comming of Christ, when as the will of God was plainely reueiled by his Gospel. ] bookes opened.

[Christes dominion.]

11 Then I behelde, [Note: [y] Meaning, that he was astonied, when he saw these Emperours in such dignitie, and pride, and so suddenly destroyed at the coming of Christ, when this fourth Monarchie was subiect to men of other nations. ] because of the voyce of the presumptuous wordes, which the horne spake: I behelde, euen till the beast was slaine, and his body destroyed, and giuen to the burning fire.

12 As [Note: [z] As the three former Monarchies had an ende at the time that God appointed, although they flourished for a time, so shall this fourth haue, and they that paciently abide Gods appointment, shal enioy the promises. ] concerning the other beastes, they had taken away their dominion: yet their liues were prolonged for a certaine time and season.

13 As I behelde in visions by night, behold, [Note: [a] Which is ment of Christ, who had not yet taken vpon him mans nature, neither was the sonne of Dauid according to the flesh, as he was afterward: but appeared then in a figure, and that in the cloudes: that is, being separate from the common sort of men by manifest signes of his diuinitie. ] one like the sonne of man came in the cloudes of heauen, and [Note: [b] To wit, when he ascended into the heauens, and his diuine maiestie appeared, and all power was giuen vnto him in respect of that that hee was our Mediatour. ] approched vnto the Ancient of dayes, and they brought him before him.

14 And he gaue him [Note: [c] This is meant of the beginning of Christes kingdome when God the Father gaue vnto him all dominion, as to the Mediatour, to the intent that he should gouerne here his Church in earth continually till the time that hee brought them to eternall life. ] dominion, and honour, and a kingdome, that all people, nations and languages should serue him: his dominion is an euerlasting dominion, which shall neuer bee taken away: and his kingdome shall neuer be destroyed.

15 I Daniel was [Note: [d] Through the strangenesse of the vision. ] troubled in my spirit, in the middes of my body, and the visions of mine head made me afraide.

16 Therefore I came vnto [Note: [e] Meaning, of the Angels, as verse 10. ] one of them that stoode by, and asked him the trueth of all this: so he tolde me, and shewed me the interpretation of these things.

17 These great beastes which are foure, are foure Kings, which shall arise out of the earth,

18 And they shall take the [Note: [f] Because Abraham was appointed heire of all the worlde, Rom.4.13. and in him all the faithfull, therefore the kingdome thereof is theirs by right, which these foure beasts or tyrants should inuade, & vsurpe vntill the world were restored by Christ: and this was to confirme them that were in troubles, that their afflictions should haue an end at length. ] kingdome of the Saintes of the [Note: [g] That is, of the most high things, because God hath chosen them out of this world, that they should looke vp to the heauens, whereon all their hope dependeth. ] most High, and possesse the kingdome for euer, euen for euer and euer.

19 After this, I woulde knowe the trueth of the fourth beast, which was so [Note: [h] For the other three Monarchies were gouerned by a King, & the Romane empire by Consuls: the Romanes changed their gouernours yerely, & the other Monarchies reteined them for terme of life: also the Romanes were the strongest of all the other, and were neuer quiet among themselues. ] vnlike to all the others, very fearefull, whose teeth were of yron, and his nailes of brasse: which deuoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the [Note: [i] Reade vers.7. ] residue vnder his feete.

20 Also to know of the tenne hornes that were in his head, and of the other which came vp, before whome three fell, and of the horne that had eyes, and of the mouth that spake presumptuous thinges, whose [Note: [k] This is ment of the fourth beast, which was more terrible then the other. ] looke was more stoute then his fellowes.

21 I beheld, and the same [Note: [l] Meaning the Romane Emperours, who were most cruel against the Church of God both of the Iewes and of the Gentiles. ] horne made battel against the Saintes, yea, & preuailed against them,

22 Vntill [Note: [m] Til God shewed his power in the person of Christ, and by the preaching of the Gospel gaue vnto his some rest, and so obteined a famous name in the world, & were called the Church of God, or the kingdome of God. ] the Ancient of dayes came, and iudgement was giuen to the Saintes of the most High: and the time approched, that the Saintes possessed the kingdome.

23 Then he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdome in the earth, which shall be vnlike to all the kingdomes, and shall deuoure the whole earth, and shall treade it downe and breake it in pieces.

24 And the ten hornes out of this kingdome are tenne Kings that shall rise: and an other shall rise after them, and he shall be vnlike to the first, and he shall subdue [Note: [n] Reade the exposition hereof vers.8. ] three Kings,

25 And shall speake wordes against [Note: [o] That is, shall make wicked decrees and proclamations against Gods word, and sende throughout all their dominion, to destroy all that did professe it. ] the most

[A vision and the interpretation.]

High, and shall consume the Saintes of the most High, and thinke that he may [Note: [p] These Emperours shal not consider that they haue their power of God, but thinke it is in their owne power to change Gods lawes and mans, and as it were the order of nature, as appeareth by Octauius, Tyberius, Caligula, Nero, Domitianus, &c. ] change times and lawes, and they shalbe giuen into his hand, vntill a [Note: [q] God shall suffer them thus to rage against his Saintes for a long time, which is meant by the time and times, but at length hee will asswage these troubles and shorten the times for his electes sake, Matthewe 24.22. which is here meant by the deuiding of time. ] time, and times and the deuiding of time.

26 But the [Note: [r] God by his power shall restore thinges that were out of order, and so destroye this litle horne, that it shall neuer rise vp againe. ] iudgement shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and destroy it vnto the ende.

27 And the [Note: [s] Hee sheweth wherefore the beast should bee destroyed, to wit, that his Church might haue rest and quietnesse, which though they doe not fully enioye here, yet they haue it in hope and by the preaching of the Gospell enioye the beginning thereof, which is meant by these wordes vnder the heauen: and therefore he here speaketh of the beginning of Christes kingdome in this world, which kingdome the faithfull haue by the participation that they haue with Christ their head. ] kingdome, and dominion, and the greatnesse of the kingdome vnder the whole heauen shalbe giue to the holy people of the most High, whose kingdome is an euerlasting kingdome and all [Note: [t] That is, some of euery sort that beare rule. ] powers shall serue and obey him.

28 Euen this is the ende of the matter, I Daniel had many [Note: [u] Though he had many motions in his heart which mooued him to and fro to seeke out this matter curiously: yet hee was content with that which God reueiled, and kept it in memorie, and wrote it for the vse of the Church. ] cogitations which troubled mee, and my countenance changed in me: but I kept the matter in mine heart.


A vision of a battell betweene a ramme and a goate. 20 The vnderstanding of the vision.

1 In the thirde yeere of the reigne of King Belshazzar, a vision appeared vnto mee, euen vnto me Daniel, [Note: [a] After the generall vision, he commeth to certaine particular visions: as touching the destruction of the Monarchie of the Persians, and Macedonians: for the ruine of the Babylonians was at hande, and also he had sufficiently spoken thereof. ] after that which appeared vnto mee at the first.

2 And I saw in a vision, and when I sawe it, I was in the palace of Shushan, which is in the prouince [Note: [b] That is, of Persia. ] of Elam, and in a vision me thought I was by the riuer of Vlai.

3 Then I looked vp and sawe, and beholde, there stoode before the riuer a [Note: [c] Which represented the kingdome of the Persians and Medes, which were ioyned together. ] ramme, which had two hornes: and these two hornes were hie: but one was [Note: [d] Meaning Cyrus, which after grewe greater in power then Darius his vncle and father in lawe. ] hier then another, and the hyest came vp last.

4 I sawe the ramme pusshing against ye West, and against the North, and against the South: so that no [Note: [e] That is, no kings or nations. ] beastes might stande before him, nor could deliuer out of his hand, but he did what he listed, and became great.

5 And as I considered, beholde, [Note: [f] Meaning Alexander that came from Grecia with great speede and expedition. ] a goate came from the West ouer the whole earth, and touched not the grounde: and this goate had an [Note: [g] Though he came in the name of all Grecia, yet hee bare the title and dignitie of the generall captaine, so that the strength was attributed to him, which is meant by this horne. ] horne that appeared betweene his eyes.

6 And he came vnto the ramme that had the two hornes, whome I had seene standing by the riuer, and ranne vnto him in his fierce rage.

7 And I saw him come vnto the ramme, and being moued against him, he [Note: [h] Alexander ouercame Darius in two sundrie battels, and so had the two kingdomes of the Medes and Persians. ] smote the ramme, and brake his two hornes: and there was no power in the ramme to stand against him, but he cast him downe to the grounde, and stamped vpon him, and there was none that coulde deliuer the ramme out of his power.

8 Therefore the goate waxed exceeding great, and when he was at the strongest, his great [Note: [i] Alexanders great power was broken: for when hee had ouercome all the East, hee thought to returne towarde Grecia to subdue them that there had rebelled, and so dyed by the way. ] horne was broken: and for it came vp foure that

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[A vision and the interpretation.]

[Note: [k] That is, which were famous: for almost in the space of fifteene yeere there were fifteene diuers successours before this monarchie was deuided to these foure, whereof Cassander had Macedonia, Seleucus Syria, Antigonus Asia the lesse, and Ptolemeus Egypt. ] appeared toward the foure windes of ye heauen.
9 And out of one of them came foorth [Note: [l] Which was Antiochus Epiphanes, who was of a seruile and flattering nature, and also there were other betweene him and the kingdome, and therefore is here called the litle horne, because neither princely conditions, nor any other thing was in him, why he should obteine this kingdome. ] a litle horne, which waxed very great toward the [Note: [m] That is, toward Egypt. ] South, and toward the [Note: [n] Whereby hee meaneth Ptolemais. ] East, and towarde the [Note: [o] That is, Iudea. ] pleasant land.

10 Yea, it grewe vp vnto the [Note: [p] Antiochus raged against the elect of God, and trod his precious starres vnder feete, which are so called, because they are separated from the world. ] hoste of heauen, and it cast downe some of the hoste, & of the starres to the ground, and trode vpon them,

11 And extolled himselfe against the [Note: [q] That is, God, who gouerneth and maintaineth his Church. ] prince of the hoste from whome the [Note: [r] He laboured to abolish all religion, and therefore cast Gods seruice out of his Temple, which God had chosen as a litle corner from all the rest of the world to haue his Name there truely called vpon. ] dayly sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his Sanctuarie was cast downe.

12 And [Note: [s] He sheweth that their sinnes are the cause of these horrible afflictions: & yet comforteth them, in that hee appointeth this tyrant a time, whom he would not suffer vtterly to abolish his religion. ] a time shall be giuen him ouer the dayly sacrifice for the iniquitie: and it shall [Note: [t] This horne shall abolish for a time the true doctrine and so corrupt Gods seruice. ] cast downe the trueth to the ground, and thus shall it doe, and prosper.

13 Then I heard one of the [Note: [u] Meaning, that he heard one of the Angels asking this question of Christ, whome he calleth a certaine one or a secrete one, or a marneilous one. ] Saints speaking, and one of the Saints spake vnto a certaine one, saying, Howe long shall endure the vision of the dayly sacrifice, and the iniquitie of the [Note: [x] That is, the Iewes sinnes, which were cause of this destruction. ] desolation to treade both the Sanctuarie and the [Note: [y] That is, which suppresseth Gods religion, and his people. ] armie vnder foote?

14 And [Note: [z] Christ answered mee for the comfort of the Church. ] he answered me, Vnto the [Note: [a] That is, vnto so many naturall dayes be past, which make sixe yeres three moneths and an halfe: for so long vnder Antiochus was the Temple prophaned. ] euening and the morning, two thousand and three hundreth: then shall the Sanctuarie be clensed.

15 Nowe when I Daniel had seene the vision, and sought for the meaning, beholde, there stoode before me [Note: [b] Which was Christ, who in this maner declared himselfe to the olde fathers howe hee would be God manifested in flesh. ] like the similitude of a man.

16 And I heard a mans voyce betweene the bankes of Vlai, which called, and sayde, Gabriel, [Note: [c] This power to commaund the Angel, declared that hee was God. ] make this man to vnderstand the vision.

17 So he came where I stood: and when hee came, I was afraide, and fell vpon my face: but he sayd vnto me, Vnderstand, O sonne of man: for [Note: [d] The effect of this vision shal not yet appeare, but a long time after. ] in the last time shalbe the vision.

18 Nowe as he was speaking vnto me, I being a sleepe fell on my face to the ground: but he touched me, and set me vp in my place.

19 And he sayde, Beholde, I will shewe thee what shalbe in the last [Note: [e] Meaning that great rage which Antiochus should shew against the Church. ] wrath: for in the end of the time appointed it shall come.

20 The ramme which thou sawest hauing two hornes, are the Kings of the Medes and Persians.

21 And the goate is the King of Grecia, and the great horne that is betweene his eyes, is the first King.

22 And that that is broken, and foure stoode vp for it, are foure kingdomes, which shall stand vp [Note: [f] That is, out of Grecia. ] of that nation, but not [Note: [g] They shal not haue like power as had Alexander. ] in his strength.

23 And in the end of their kingdome, when the rebellious shalbe consumed, a King of [Note: [h] Noting that this Antiochus was impudent & cruel, & also craftie that he could not be deceiued. ] fierce countenance, and vnderstanding darke sentences, shall stand vp.

24 And his power shalbe mightie, but not [Note: [i] That is, not like Alexaders strength. ] in his strength: and hee shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the [Note: [k] Both the Gentiles that dwel about him, & also the Iewes. ] mightie, and the holy people.

[Daniels confession.]

25 And through his [Note: [l] Whatsoeuer he goeth about by his craft, he shal bring it to passe. ] policie also, hee shall cause craft to prosper in his hand, and he shall extoll himselfe in his heart, and by [Note: [m] That is, vnder pretence of peace, or as it were in sport. ] peace shal destroy many: hee shall also stande vp against the [Note: [n] Meaning, against God. ] prince of princes, but he shalbe broken downe [Note: [o] For God would destroy him with a notable plague, & so comfort his Church, 2.Mac.9.9. ] without hand.

26 And the vision of the [Note: [p] Reade verse 14. ] euening and the morning, which is declared, is true: therefore seale thou vp the vision, for it shall be after many dayes.

27 And I Daniel was striken and sicke [Note: [q] For feare and astonishment. ] certaine dayes: but when I rose vp, I did the Kings busines, and I was astonished at the vision, but none vnderstood it.


3 Daniel desireth to haue that performed of God, which hee had promised concerning the returne of the people from their banishment in Babylon. 5 A true confession. 20 Daniels prayer is heard. 21 Gabriel the Angel expoundeth vnto him the vision of the seuentie weekes. 24 The anointing of Christ. 25 The building againe of Ierusalem. 26 The death of Christ.

1 In the first yeere of Darius the sonne of [Note: [a] Who was also called Astyages. ] Ahashuerosh, of the seede of the Medes, which was made King ouer the [Note: [b] For Cyrus led with ambition, went about warres in other countreys, & therefore Darius had the title of the kingdom, though Cyrus was King in effect. ] realme of the Caldeans,

2 Euen in the first yeere of his reigne, I Daniel vnderstood by [Note: [c] For though he was an excellent Prophet, ye hee dayly encreased in knowledge by reading of the Scriptures. ] bookes the nomber of the yeeres, whereof the Lorde had spoken vnto Ieremiah the Prophet, that he would accomplish seuentie yeeres in the desolation of Ierusalem.

3 And I turned my face vnto the Lord God, and [Note: [d] Hee speaketh not of that ordinarie prayer, which he vsed in his house thrise a day, but of a rare and vehement prayer, least their sinnes should cause God to delay the time of their deliuerance prophecied by Ieremiah. ] sought by prayer and supplications with fasting and sackcloth and ashes.

4 And I prayed vnto the Lord my God, and made my confession, saying, Oh Lord God, which art [Note: [e] That is, hast all power in thy selfe to execute thy terrible iudgements against obstinate sinners, as thou art riche in mercie to comfort them which obey thy worde and loue thee. ] great and fearefull, & keepest couenant and mercy toward them which loue [Note: Ebr. him. ] thee, and toward them that keepe thy commandements,

5 We haue sinned, and haue committed iniquitie and haue done wickedly, yea, we haue rebelled, and haue departed from thy precepts, and from thy iudgements.

6 For we would not obey thy seruants the Prophets, which spake in thy Name to our Kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, and to all the people of the land.

7 O Lord, [Note: [f] Hee sheweth that whensoeuer God punisheth, hee doeth it for iust cause: and thus the godly neuer accuse him of rigour as the wicked doe, but acknowledge that in them selues there is iust cause why he should so intreate them. ] righteousnes belongeth vnto thee, and vnto vs [Note: Ebr. confusion of face. ] open shame, as appeareth this day vnto euery man of Iudah, and to the inhabitants of Ierusalem: yea, vnto all Israel, both neere and farre off, through all the countreys, whither thou hast driuen them, because of their offences, that they haue committed against thee.

8 O Lord, vnto vs apperteineth open shame, to our [Note: [g] Hee doeth not excuse the Kings because of their authoritie, but prayeth chiefly for them as the chiefe occasions of these great plagues. ] Kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we haue sinned against thee.

9 Yet compassion and forgiuenesse is in the Lorde our God, albeit we haue rebelled against him.

10 For we haue not obeyed the [Note: [h] Hee sheweth that they rebell against God, which serue him not according to his commaundement and worde. ] voyce of the Lord our God, to walke in his lawes, which he had laide before vs by the ministerie of his seruants the Prophets.

11 Yea, all Israel haue transgressed thy Lawe, and are turned backe, and haue not heard thy voyce: therefore the [Note: [i] As Deut.27.15. or the curse confirmed by an othe. ] curse is powred vpon vs, and the othe that is written in the Lawe of Moses [Page]

[Daniel prayeth. Of the Messiah.]

the seruant of God, because we haue sinned against him.

12 And he hath confirmed his wordes, which he spake against vs, and against our iudges that [Note: Or, gouerned vs. ] iudged vs, by bringing vpon vs a great plague: for vnder the whole heauen hath not bene the like, as hath bene brought vpon Ierusalem.

13 All this plague is come vpon vs, as it is written in the Lawe of Moses: yet made we not our prayer before the Lorde our God, that we might turne from our iniquities and vnderstand thy trueth.

14 Therefore hath the Lord [Note: Ebr. watched vpon the euil. ] made ready the plague, and brought it vpon vs: for the Lord our God is righteous in all his works which he doeth: for we would not heare his voyce.

15 [Note: Exod.14.28. baruc.2.11. ] And nowe, O Lorde our God, that hast brought thy people out of the land of Egypt with a mightie hand, and hast gotten thee renoume, as appeareth this day, we haue sinned, we haue done wickedly.

16 O Lorde, according to all thy [Note: [k] That is, according to all thy mercifull promises and the performance thereof. ] righteousnes, I beseech thee, let thine anger and thy wrath be turned away from thy citie Ierusalem thine holy Mountaine: for because of our sinnes, & for the iniquities of our fathers, Ierusalem and thy people are a reproche to all that are about vs.

17 Nowe therefore, O our God, heare the prayer of thy serunant, and his supplications, and cause thy face to [Note: [l] Shew thy selfe fauourable. ] shine vpon thy Sanctuarie, that lyeth waste for the [Note: [m] That is, for thy Christes sake in whome thou wilt accept all our prayers. ] Lords sake.

18 O my God, encline thine eare and heare: open thine eyes, and beholde our desolations, and the citie whereupon thy Name is called: for we doe not present our supplications before thee for our owne [Note: [n] Declaring, that the godly flee only vnto Gods mercies and renounce their owne works when they seeke for remission of their sinnes. ] righteousnes, but for thy great tender mercies.

19 O Lorde, heare, O Lorde forgiue, O Lorde [Note: [o] Thus he could not content himselfe with any vehemencie of wordes: for hee was so led with a feruent zeale considering Gods promes, made to the citie in respect of his Church and for the aduancemet of Gods glory. ] consider, and doe it: deferre not, for thine owne sake, O my God: for thy Name is called vpon thy citie, and vpon thy people.

20 And whiles I was speaking and praying, and confessing my sinne, and the sinne of my people Israel, and did present my supplication before the Lord my God, for the holy Mountaine of my God,

21 Yea, while I was speaking in prayer, euen the man [Note: Chap.8.16. ] Gabriel, whome I had seene before in the vision, came flying, and touched mee about the time of the euening oblation.

22 And he informed me, and talked with me, and sayd, O Daniel, I am now come forth to giue thee knowledge and vnderstanding.

23 At the beginning of thy supplications the commaundement came foorth, and I am come to shewe thee, for thou art greatly beloued: therefore vnderstande the matter and consider the vision.

24 Seuentie [Note: [p] He alludeth to Ieremiahs prophecie, who prophecied that their captiuitie should be seuentie yeeres: but nowe Gods mercie should seuen folde exceede his iudgement, which should be foure hundred and ninetie yeeres, euen to the comming of Christ, and so then it should continue for euer. ] weekes are determined vpon [Note: [q] Meaning Daniels nation, ouer whome he was carefull. ] thy people and vpon thine holy citie, to finish the wickednes, and to seale vp the [Note: [r] To shew mercy & to put sinne out of remembrance. ] sinnes, and to reconcile the inquitie, and to bring in euerlasting righteousnesse, and to seale vp the vision and prophecie, and to anoynt the most Holy.

25 Knowe therefore and vnderstande, that from [Note: [s] That is, from the time that Cyrus gaue them leaue to depart. ] the going foorth of the commaundement to bring againe the people, and to builde Ierusalem, vnto Messiah the prince, shall be seuen [Note: [t] These weekes make fourtie nine yeere, where of 46. are referred to the time of the building of the Temple, and 3. to the laying of the foundation. ] weekes and [Note: [u] Counting from the sixt yeere of Darius who gaue the second commandement for the building of the Temple, are 62. weekes, which make 439. yeeres, which comprehende the time from this building of the Temple vnto the Baptisme of Christ. ] threescore and two weekes, and the

[Of the Messiah. A vision.]

streete shalbe built againe, and the wall euen in a [Note: Ebr. in streights of time. ] troublous time.

26 And after threescore and two [Note: [x] In this last weeke of the seuentie shal Christ come and preach and suffer death. ] weekes, shal Messiah be slaine, and shal [Note: [y] He shall seeme to haue no beautie, nor to be of any estimation, as Isa.53.2. ] haue nothing,, and the people of [Note: [z] Meaning, Titus Vespasianus sonne, who should come and destroy both the Temple and the people without all hope of recouerie. ] the prince that shal come, shal destroy the citie and the Sanctuarie, and the end thereof shalbe with a flood: and vnto the end of the battell it shalbe destroyed by desolations.

27 And he [Note: [a] By the preaching of the Gospel he confirmed his promes, first, to the Iewes, and after to the Gentiles. ] shal confirme the couenant with many for one weeke: and in the middes of the weeke he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to [Note: [b] Christ accomplished this by his death & resurrection. ] cease, [Note: [c] Meaning, that Ierusalem & the Sanctuarie should be vtterly destroyed for their rebellion against God and their idolatrie: or as some reade, that the plagues shall bee so great, that they shall all be astonied at them. ] and for the ouerspreading of the abominations, he shall make it desolate, euen vntill the consummation determined shalbe powred vpon the desolate.


There appeareth vnto Daniel a man clothed in linnen, 11 Which sheweth him wherefore he is sent.

1 In the [Note: [a] He noteth this third yere, because at this time the building of the Temple began to be hindred by Cambyses Cyrus sonne, when the father made warre in Asia minor against the Scythians, which was a discouraging to ye godly and a great feare to Daniel. ] third yeere of Cyrus King of Persia, a thing was reueiled vnto Daniel (whose name was called Belteshazzar) and the worde was true, but the time appointed was [Note: [b] Which is to declare that the godly should not haste too much but patiently to abide the yssue of Gods promes. ] long, and he vnderstood the thing, and had vnderstanding of the vision.

2 At the same time I Daniel was in heauines for three weekes of dayes.

3 I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint my selfe at all, till three weekes of dayes were fulfilled.

4 And in the foure and twentieth day of the [Note: [c] Called Abib, which conteineth part of March and part of April. ] first moneth, as I [Note: [d] Being caried by the Spirit of prophecie to haue the sight of this riuer Tygris. ] was by the side of that great riuer, euen Hiddekel,

5 And I lift vp mine eyes, and looked, and beholde, there was a man [Note: [e] This was the Angel of God, which was sent to assure Daniel in this prophecie that followeth. ] clothed in linnen, whose loynes were girded with fine golde of [Note: Iere.10.9. ] Vphaz.

6 His body also was like the Chrysolite, and his face (to looke vpon) like the lightning, & his eyes as lamps of fire, and his armes and his feete were like in colour to polished brasse, & the voyce of his wordes was like the voyce of a multitude.

7 And I Daniel alone sawe the vision: for the men that were with me, sawe not the vision: but a great feare fell vpon them, so that they fled away and hid themselues.

8 Therefore I was left alone, and sawe this great vision, and there remained no strength in me: for [Note: [f] The worde also signifieth comelines, or beautie, so that for feare he was like a dead man for deformitie. ] my strength was turned in me into corruption, and I reteined no power.

9 Yet heard I the voyce of his wordes: and when I heard the voyce of his wordes, I slept on my face: and my face was toward the ground.

10 And behold, an hand [Note: [g] Which declareth that when we are striken downe with the maiestie of God, we cannot rise except he also lift vs vp with his hand, which is his power. ] touched me, which set me vp vpon my knees and vpon the palmes of mine hands.

11 And he sayde vnto me, O Daniel, a man greatly beloued, vnderstand the wordes that I speake vnto thee, and stand in thy place: for vnto thee am I nowe sent. And when hee had sayde this worde vnto me, I stood trembling.

12 Then sayd he vnto me, Feare not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou diddest set thine heart to vnderstand, and to humble thy selfe before thy God, thy wordes were heard, and I am come for thy wordes.

[Page 101]

[A mightie King.]

13 But the [Note: [h] Meaning, Cambyses who reigned in his fathers absence, and did not only for this space hinder the building of the Temple, but would haue farther raged, if God had not sent me to resist him, and therefore haue I stayed for the profite of the Church. ] prince of the kingdome of Persia withstoode me one and twentie dayes: but loe, [Note: [i] Though God coulde by one Angel destroy all the world, yet to assure his children of his loue, he sendeth foorth double power euen Michael, that is, Christ Iesus the head of Angels. ] Michael one of the chiefe princes, came to helpe me, and I remained there by the Kings of Persia.

14 Nowe I am come to shewe thee what shall come to thy people in the latter dayes: for yet the [Note: [k] For though the Prophet Daniel should ende and cease, yet his doctrine should continue till the comming of Christ, for the comfort of his Church. ] vision is for many dayes.

15 And when he spake these wordes vnto me, I set my face towarde the grounde, and helde my tongue.

16 And beholde, [Note: [l] This was the same Angel that spake with him before in the similitude of a man. ] one like the similitude of the sonnes of man touched my lippes: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said vnto him that stoode before me, O my Lord, [Note: [m] I was ouercome with feare and sorowe, when I sawe the vision. ] by the vision my sorowes are returned vpon me, and I haue reteined no strength.

17 For howe can the seruant of this my Lorde talke with my Lord being such one? for as for me, straight way there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me.

18 Then there came againe, and touched me one like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me,

19 And said, O man, greatly beloued, feare not: [Note: [n] He declareth hereby that God would be mercifull vnto the people of Israel. ] peace be vnto thee: be strong and of good courage. And when he had spoken vnto me, I [Note: [o] Which declareth that when God smiteth downe his children, he doeth not immediatly lift them vp at once (for nowe the Angel had touched him twise) but by litle and litle. ] was strengthened, and saide, Let my Lord speake: for thou hast strengthened me.

20 Then saide he, Knowest thou wherefore I am come vnto thee? but nowe will I returne to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, loe, the [Note: [p] Meaning that he would not onely himselfe bridle the rage of Cambyses, but also the other Kings of Persia by Alexander the King of Macedonia. ] prince of Grecia shall come.

21 But I will shew thee that which is decreeed in the Scripture of trueth: [Note: [q] For this Angel was appointed for the defence of the Church vnder Christ, who is the head thereof. ] and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.


A prophesie of the kingdomes, which should be enemies to the Church of God, as of Persia, 3 Of Greece, 5 Of Egypt, 28 Of Syria, 36 And of the Romanes.

1 Also I, in ye first yere of Darius of ye Medes, euen I [Note: [a] The Angel assureth Daniel that God hath giuen him power to performe these things, seeing he appointed him to assist Darius, when he ouercame the Caldeans. ] stood to incourage & to strengthen him.

2 And now wil I shew thee ye trueth, Behold, there shall stand vp yet [Note: [b] Whereof Cambyses that nowe reigned, was the first, the seconde Smerdes, the third, Darius the sonne of Hystaspis, and the fourth Xerxes, which all were enemies to the people of God and stood against them. ] three Kings in Persia, and the fourth shall be farre richer then they all: and by his strength, and by his riches he shall stirre vp [Note: [c] For he raysed vp all the East countreis to fight against the Grecians: and albeit he had in his armie nine hundreth thousand men, yet in foure battels he was discomfited and fled away with shame. ] all against the realme of Grecia.

3 But a [Note: [d] That is, Alexander the great. ] mightie King shall stand vp, that shall rule with great dominion, and doe according to his pleasure.

4 And when he shal stand vp, [Note: [e] For when his estate was most flourishing, he ouercame himselfe with drinke, and so fell into a disease: or as some write, was poysoned by Cassander. ] his kingdome shall be broken, [Note: [f] For his twelue chiefe princes first deuided his kingdome among themselues. ] and shall be deuided towarde the [Note: [g] After this his Monarchie was deuided into foure: for Seleucus had Syria, Antigonus Asia minor, Cassander the kingdome of Macedonia, & Ptolemeus Egypt. ] foure windes of heauen: and not to his [Note: [h] Thus God reuenged Alexanders ambition and crueltie in causing his posteritie to be murthered, partly of the fathers chiefe friends, and partly one of another. ] posteritie, nor according to [Note: [i] None of these foure shall be able to be compared to the power of Alexander. ] his dominion, which he ruled: for his kingdome shall be pluckt vp, euen to be for others besides [Note: [k] That is, his posteritie hauing no part thereof. ] those.

[The holy land consumed.]

5 And ye [Note: [l] To wit, Ptolemeus king of Egypt. ] King of ye South shalbe mightie, and one of [Note: [m] That is, Antiochus the sonne of Seleucus, and one of Alexanders princes shall be more mightie: for he shoulde haue both Asia & Syria. ] his princes, and shall preuaile against him, & beare rule: his dominio shalbe a great dominion.

6 And in the ende of yeeres they shalbe ioyned together: for the Kings [Note: [n] That is, Berenice the daughter of Ptolemeus Philadelphus shall be giuen in mariage to Antiochus Theos, thinking by this affinitie that Syria and Egypt shoulde haue a continuall peace together. ] daughter of ye South shall come to the King of the North to make an agreement, but she shall not reteine the power of the [Note: [o] That force and strength shall not continue: for soone after Berenice and her yong sonne after her husbands death, was slaine of her stepsonne Seleucus Calinicus the sonne of Laodice, the lawfull wife of Antiochus, but put away for this womans sake. ] arme, neither shall [Note: [p] Neither Ptolemeus nor Antiochus. ] he continue, nor his [Note: [q] Some reade, seede, meaning the children begotten of Berenice. ] arme: but she shall be deliuered to death, and they that brought her, and he [Note: [r] Some reade, she that begate her, and thereby vnderstand her nurse, which brought her vp: so that all they that were occasion of this mariage, were destroyed. ] that begate her, and he that comforted her in these times.

7 But out of the bud of her [Note: [s] Meaning, that Ptolemeus Euergetes after the death of his father Philadelphus should succeede in the kingdome being of the same stocke that Berenice was. ] rootes shall one stand vp in his stead, [Note: [t] To reuenge his sisters death against Antiochus Calinicus king of Syria. ] which shall come with an armie, and shall enter into the fortresse of the King of the North, and doe with them as he list, and shall preuaile,

8 And shall also carie captiues into Egypt their gods wt their molten images, and with their precious vessels of siluer and of golde, and he shall continue [Note: [u] For this Ptolemeus reigned sixe and fourtie yeeres. ] mo yeeres then the King of the North.

9 So the King of ye South shall come into his kingdome, and shall returne into his owne land.

10 Wherefore his [Note: [x] Meaning, Seleucus and Antiochus the Great, the sonnes of Calinicus shall make warre against Ptolemeus Philopater the sonne of Philadelphus. ] sonnes shall be stirred vp, and shall assemble a mightie great armie: and one [Note: [y] For his elder brother Seleucus died, or was slaine whiles the warres were preparing. ] shall come, and ouerflowe, & passe through: then shall he [Note: [z] That is, Philopater when he shall see Antiochus to take great dominions from him in Syria, and also ready to inuade Egypt. ] returne, and be stirred vp at his fortresse.

11 And the King of the South shall be angrie, and shall come foorth, and fight with him, euen with the King of the North: for he shall set foorth a great [Note: [a] For Antiochus had sixe thousand horsemen and three score thousand sootemen. ] multitude, and the multitude shall be giuen into his hand.

12 Then the multitude shall be proude, and their heart shall be lifted vp: for hee shall cast downe thousands: but he shall not still preuaile.

13 For the King of the North [Note: [b] After the death of Ptolemeus Philopater, who left Ptolemeus Epiphanes his heire. ] shall returne, and shall set foorth a greater multitude then afore, and shall come foorth (after certeine yeeres) with a mightie armie, and great riches.

14 And at the same time there shall [Note: [c] For not only Antiochus came against him, but also Philip King of Macedonia, and these two brought great power with them. ] many stand vp against the King of the South: also the rebellious children of thy [Note: [d] For vnder Onias which falsely alleadged that place of Isa.19.19. certeine of the Iewes retyred with him into Egypt to fulfill this prophesie: also the Angel sheweth that all these troubles which are in the Church, are by the prouidence and counsell of God. ] people shal exalt them selues to establish the vision, but they shall fall.

15 So the King of the North shall come, and cast vp a mount, and take the strong citie: and the armes of the South shall [Note: [e] The Egyptians were not able to resist Stopas Antiochus captaine. ] not resist, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

16 But he that shall come, shall doe vnto him as he list, and none shall stand against him: and he shal stand in the [Note: [f] He sheweth that he shall not onely afflict the Egyptians, but also the Iewes, & shall enter into their countrey, whereof he admonisheth them before, that they may know yt al these things come by Gods prouidence. ] pleasant land, which by his hand shalbe consumed.

17 Againe he shall [Note: [g] This was the second battel that Antiochus fought against Ptolemeus Epiphanes. ] set his face to enter with the power of his whole kingdome, and his confederates with him: thus shal he doe, and he shal giue him the [Note: [h] To wit, a beautifull woman, which was Cleopatra Antiochus daughter. ] daughter of women, to destroy [Note: [i] For he regarded not the life of his daughter in respect of the kingdome of Egypt. ] her: but [Page]

[The Kings dissemble.]

[Note: [k] She shall not agree to his wicked counsell, but shall loue her husband, as her duetie requireth, and not seeke his destruction. ] she shall not stande on his side, neither bee for him.

18 After this shall he turne his face vnto the [Note: [l] That is, toward Asia, Grecia, and those yles which are in the Sea called Mediterraneum: for the Iewes called al countreys yles which were deuided fro them by Sea. ] yles, and shall take many, but a prince [Note: [m] For where as Antiochus was wont to contemne the Romanes, and put their ambassadours to shame in all places, Attilius the Consull, or Lucius Scipio put him to flight and caused his shame to turne on his owne head. ] shal cause his shame to light vpon him, beside that he shall cause his owne shame to turne vpon [Note: [n] By his wicked life and obeying of foolish counsell. ] himselfe.

19 For he shal turne his face toward the fortes of [Note: [o] For feare of the Romanes he shall flee to his holdes. ] his owne land: but he shall be ouerthrowen and fall, and be no more [Note: [p] For when as vnder the pretence of pouertie he would haue robbed the Temple of Iupiter Dodoneus, the countrey men slewe him. ] founde.

20 [Note: [q] That is, Seleucus shall succeede his father Antiochus. ] Then shal stand vp in his place in the glorie of the kingdome, one that shall raise taxes: but after fewe dayes he shall be destroyed, neither in [Note: [r] Not by foreine enemies, or battell, but by treason. ] wrath, nor in battell.

21 And in his place shall stand vp a [Note: [s] Which was Antiochus Epiphanes, who as is thought, was the occasion of Seleucus his brothers death, and was of a vile, cruell and flattering nature, and defrauded his brothers sonne of the kingdome, and vsurped the kingdome without the consent of the people. ] vile person, to whom they shall not giue the honour of the kingdome: but he shall come in peaceably, and obteine the kingdome by flatteries.

22 And the [Note: [t] He sheweth that great foreyne powers shall come to helpe the young sonne of Seleucus against his vncle Antiochus, and yet shall be ouerthrowen. ] armes shall be ouerthrowen with a flood before him, and shall be broken: and also the prince of the [Note: [u] Meaning Ptolemeus Philometor Philopaters sonne, who was this childes cousin germaine, & is here called the prince of the couenant, because he was the chiefe, and all other followed his conduite. ] couenant.

23 And after [Note: [x] For after the battell Philometor & his vncle Antiochus made a league. ] the league made with him, he shall worke deceitfully: for he shall come vp, and ouercome with a [Note: [y] For he came vpon him at vnwares, and when he suspected his vncle Antiochus nothing. ] small people.

24 He shall enter into the quiet and plentifull prouince, and he shall doe that which his fathers [Note: [z] Meaning, in Egypt. ] haue not done, nor his fathers fathers: he shal deuide among them the pray and the spoyle, and the substance, yea, and he shall forecast his deuises against the strong holdes, euen for a [Note: [a] Hee will content himselfe with the small holdes for a time, but euer labour by craft to attaine to the chiefest. ] time.

25 Also he shal stirre vp his power and his courage against the King of the South with a great armie, and the King of the South shall be stirred vp to battell with a very great and mightie armie: but he shall not [Note: [b] He shall be ouercome with treason. ] stand: for they shall forecast and practise against him.

26 Yea, they that feede of the portion of [Note: [c] Signifying his princes and the chiefe about him. ] his meate, shall destroy him: & his armie [Note: [d] Declaring that his souldiers shall brast out and venture their life to slaye and to be slayne for the sauegarde of their prince. ] shall ouerflowe: and many shall fall, and be slaine.

27 And both these Kings hearts shall be to do [Note: [e] The vncle and the nephewe shall take truce, and banket together, yet in their heartes they shall imagine mischiefe one against another. ] mischiefe, and they shall talke of deceite at one table: but it shall not auaile: for [Note: [f] Signifying, that it standeth not in the counsell of men to bring thinges to passe, but in the prouidence of God, who ruleth the Kings by a secrete bridle, that they cannot doe what they list themselues. ] yet the ende shall be at the time appointed.

28 Then shall he returne into his land with great [Note: [g] Which hee shall take of the Iewes in spoyling Ierusalem and the Temple, and this is tolde them before to moone them to patience knowing that all things are done by Gods prouidence. ] substance: for his heart shall be against the holy couenant: so shall he doe and returne to his owne land.

29 At the time appointed he shall returne, and come toward the South: but the last shall not be as the first.

30 For the shippes [Note: [h] That is, the Romane power shall come against him: for P. Popilius the Ambassadour appointed him to depart in the Romanes name, to which thing he obeyed, although with griefe, and to reuenge his rage he came against the people of God the second time. ] of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shalbe sorie and returne, and freat against the holy couenant: so shall he

[The Kings impietie and might.]

doe, he shall euen returne [Note: [i] With the Iewes which shall forsake the couenant of the Lord: for first he was called against the Iewes by Iason the high priest, & this second time by Menelaus. ] and haue intelligence with them that forsake the holy couenant.

31 And armes [Note: [k] A great faction of the wicked Iewes shall holde with Antiochus. ] shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the Sanctuarie [Note: [l] So called, because the power of God was nothing diminished, although this tyrant set vp in the Temple the image of Iupiter Olympius, and so began to corrupt ye pure seruice of God. ] of strength, and shall take away the dayly sacrifice, and they shall set vp the abominable desolation.

32 And such as wickedly [Note: [m] Meaning such as bare the name of Iewes but in deede were nothing lesse: for they solde their soules, and betrayed their brethren for gaine. ] breake ye couenant, shall he cause to sinne by flatterie: but the people that do know their God, shall preuaile & prosper.

33 And they yt vnderstand among [Note: [n] They that remaine constant among the people, shall teache others by their example and edifie many in the true religion. ] the people, shall instruct many: [Note: [o] Whereby he exhorteth ye godly to costancie, although they should perish a thousand times, and though their miseries endure neuer so long. ] yet they shall fall by sword, & by flame, by captiuitie & by spoile many dayes.

34 Nowe when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a [Note: [p] As God will not leaue his Church destitute, yet will he not deliuer it all at once, but so helpe, as they may still seeme to fight vnder the crosse, as he did in the time of the Maccabees whereof he here prophesieth. ] litle helpe: but many shall cleaue vnto them [Note: [q] That is, there shall be euen of this small number many hypocrites. ] fainedly.

35 And some of the [Note: [r] To wit, of them that feare God and will lose their life for the defence of true religion, signifying also that the Church must continually be tryed and purged, and ought to looke for one persecution after another: for God hath appointed the time: therefore we must obey. ] of vnderstanding shal fall to trie them, & to purge, & to make them white, till the time be out: for there is a time appointed.

36 And the [Note: [s] Because the Angels purpose is to shewe the whole course of the persecutions of the Iewes vnto the comming of Christ, hee nowe speaketh of the Monarchie of the Romanes which he noteth by the name of a King, who were without all religion and contemned the true God. ] King shall doe what him list: he shall exalt himselfe, and magnifie himselfe against all, that is God, & shall speake marueilous things against ye God of gods, & shall prosper, till ye wrath [Note: [t] So long the tyrants shall preuaile as God hath appointed to punish his people: but he sheweth that it is but for a time. ] be accomplished: for ye determination is made.

37 Neither shall he regard the [Note: [u] The Romanes shall obserue no certaine forme of religion as other nations, but shall change their gods at their pleasures, yea, contemne them & preferre themselues to their gods. ] God of his fathers, nor the desires [Note: [x] Signifying that they should be without all humanitie: for the loue of women is taken for singular or great loue, as 2.Sam.1.26. ] of women, nor care for any God: for he shall magnifie himselfe aboue all.

38 But in his place shall he honour the [Note: [y] That is, the god of power and riches: they shall esteeme their owne power aboue all their gods and worship it. ] god Mauzzim, and the god whom his fathers knewe not, shall he honour with [Note: [z] Vnder pretence of worshipping the gods, they shal enrich their citie with the most precious iewels of all the world, because yt hereby all men should haue them in admiration for their power & riches. ] golde and with siluer, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shal he do in [Note: [a] Although in their hearts they had no religion, yet they did acknowledge the gods & worshipped them in their temples, least they should haue bene despised as Atheists: but this was to increase their fame and riches: and when they gate any countrey, they so made others ye rulers thereof, that the profite euer came to ye Romanes. ] the holdes of Mauzzim with a strange god whom he shall acknowledge: he shall increase his glory, and shall cause them to rule ouer many and shall deuide ye land for gaine.

40 And at ye end of time shall the King of the [Note: [b] That is, both the Egyptians and the Syrians shall at length fight against the Romanes, but they shalbe ouercome. ] South push at him, & the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlewind wt charets, & with horsemen, and wt many ships, & he shall enter into ye countreis, & shal ouerflow & passe through.

41 He shall enter also into the [Note: [c] The Angel forewarneth the Iewes that when they should see the Romanes inuade them, and that the wicked shoulde escape their handes, that then they should not thinke but that all this was done by Gods prouidence, for asmuch as hee warned them of it so long afore, and therefore he would still preserue them. ] pleasant land, and many countreis shalbe ouerthrowen: but these shal escape out of his hand, euen Edom and Moab, and the chiefe of the children of Ammon.

42 He shall stretch foorth his hands also vpon the countreis, and ye land of Egypt shall not escape.

43 But he shall haue power ouer the treasures of golde and of siluer, and ouer all the precious things of Egypt, and of the Lybians, and of the blacke Mores where he shall passe.

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[The generall resurrection.]

44 But the tidings out of the East & the North shall [Note: [d] Hearing that Crassius was slaine and Antonius discomfited. ] trouble him: therefore he shall goe foorth [Note: [e] For Augustus ouercame the Parthians, and recouered that which Antonius had lost. ] with great wrath to destroy & roote out many.

45 And he shall plant the tabernacles [Note: [f] The Romanes after this reigned quietly through all countreis and from sea to sea, and in Iudea: but at length for their crueltie God shall destroy them. ] of his palace betweene the seas in the glorious and holy mountaine, yet he shal come to his end, and none shall helpe him.


1 Of the deliuerance of the Church by Christ.

1 And at yt [Note: [a] The Angell here noteth two things: first that the Church shalbe in great affliction and trouble at Christes comming, and next that God will send his Angell to deliuer it, whome here hee calleth Michael, meaning Christ, which is published by the preaching of the Gospel. ] time shal Michael stand vp, ye great prince, which standeth for ye children of thy people, & there shall be a time of trouble, such as neuer was since there began to be a nation vnto yt same time: and at yt time thy people shal be deliuered, euery one yt shal be foud written in ye boke.

2 And many [Note: [b] Meaning, all shall rise at the generall resurrection, which thing he here nameth, because the faithful should haue euer their respect to that: for in the earth there shalbe no sure cofort. ] of them that sleepe in the dust of the earth, shall awake, some to euerlasting life, and some to shame and perpetuall contempt.

3 And they yt be [Note: [c] Who haue kept the true feare of God and his religion. ] wise, shal shine, as ye brightnes of the firmament: and they yt [Note: [d] Hee chiefly meaneth the ministers of Gods word and next, all the faithful which instruct the ignorant, & bring them to the true knowledge of God. ] turne many to righteousnes, shal shine as the starres, for euer & euer.

4 But thou, O Daniel, [Note: [e] Though the most part despise this prophesie, yet keepe thou it sure and esteeme it as a treasure. ] shut vp the words, and seale the boke [Note: [f] Till the time that God hath appointed for the full reuelation of these things: and then many shall runne to and fro to search the knowledge of these mysteries, which things they obteine nowe by the light of the Gospel. ] til the end of the time: many shal run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

[Of patient abiding.]

5 Then I Daniel loked, & behold, there stood other two, ye one on this side of ye brinke of ye [Note: [g] Which was Tygris. ] riuer, & the other on yt side of ye brinke of the riuer.

6 And one saide vnto the man clothed in linen, which was vpon ye waters of the riuer, When shalbe the ende of these wonders?

7 And I heard ye man clothed in line which was vpon the waters of the riuer, when he helde vp his [Note: [h] Which was as it were a double oth and did the more cofirme the thing. ] right hand, & his left hand vnto heauen, & sware by him that liueth for euer, that it shall tarie for a [Note: [i] Meaning, a long time, a longer time, and at length a short time: signifying that their troubles shoulde haue an ende. ] time, two times & an halfe: & when he shal haue accomplished [Note: [k] When ye Church shalbe scattered & diminished in such sort as it shal seeme to haue no power. ] to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

8 The I heard it, but I vnderstood it not: the said I, O my Lord, what shalbe ye end of these things?

9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for ye words are closed vp, and sealed, till the ende of the time.

10 Many shalbe purified, made white, & tried: but the wicked shall doe wickedly, and none of the wicked shall haue vnderstanding: but the wise shall vnderstand.

11 And fro the time yt the [Note: [l] From the time that Christ by his sacrifice shall take away the sacrifice and ceremonies of the Lawe. ] daily sacrifice shalbe take away & the abominable desolatio set vp, there [Note: [m] Signifying than the time shall be long of Christes second comming, and yet the children of God ought not to be discouraged, though it be deferred. ] shalbe a thousand, two hundreth & ninetie daies.

12 Blessed is he that waiteth & commeth to the thousand, three hundreth & [Note: [n] In this number he addeth a month and an halfe to the former number, signifying that it is not in man to appoynt the time of Christes comming, but that they are blessed that patiently abide his appearing. ] fiue & thirtie daies.

13 But go [Note: [o] The Angell warneth the Prophet patiently to abide, till the time appoynted come, signifying that he should depart this life, and rise againe with the elect, when God had sufficiently humbled and purged his Church. ] thou thy way til ye end be: for thou shalt rest & stand vp in thy lot, at ye end of ye daies.