Introductory matter


As the Lorde is euer mercifull vnto his Church, and doeth not punish them, but to the intent they should see their owne miseries, and be exercised vnder the crosse, that they might contemne the world & aspire vnto the heauens: so after that he had visited the Iewes & kept them now in bondage seuentie yeeres in a strange countrey among infidels and idolaters, he remembred his tender mercies and their infirmities, and therefore for his owne sake raised them vp a deliuerer, and mooued both the heart of the chiefe ruler to pitie them, and also by him punished such, which had kept them in seruitude. Not withstanding least they should growe into a contempt of Gods great benefite, he keepeth them still in exercise, and rayseth domesticall enemies, which endeuour as much as they can to hinder their most worthie enterprises: yet by the exhortation of the Prophets they went forwarde by litle and litle till their worke was finished. The authour of this booke was Ezra, who was Priest, and Scribe of the Lawe, as chap.7.6. He returned to Ierusalem the sixt yeere of Darius, who succeeded Cyrus, that is, about fiftie yeeres after the returne of the first vnder Zerubbabel, when the Temple was built. He brought with him a great companie, and much treasures, with letters to the Kings officers for all such things as should be necessarie for the Temple: and at his comming he redressed that which was amisse, and set the things in good order.


1 Cyrus sendeth againe the people that was in captiuitie, 8 And restoreth them their holy vessels.

1 Nowe [Note: 2.Chron.36.22. 1.esdras.2.1. ierem.25.12. and 29.10. ] in [Note: [a] After that he and Darius had wonne Babylon. ] the first yere of Cyrus King of Persia (that the worde of the Lord, spoken by the [Note: [b] Who promised them deliuerance after that 70.yeres were past, Ierem.25.11. ] mouth of Ieremiah, might be accomplished) the Lorde stirred vp the [Note: [c] That is, moued him, and gaue him heart. ] spirite of Cyrus King of Persia, and hee made a Proclamation thorowe all his Kingdome, and also by writing, saying,

2 Thus saith Cyrus King of Persia, The Lorde God of heauen hath giuen me [Note: [d] For he was chiefe Monarch, and had many nations vnder his dominion, which this heathen King confesseth to haue receiued of the liuing God. ] all the kingdomes of the earth, and he hath commanded me to builde him an house in Ierusalem, which is in Iudah.

3 Who is he among you of all his people with whome his God is? let him goe vp to Ierusalem which is in Iudah, and buylde the house of

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[The nomber of them that returned from captiuitie.]

the Lorde God of Israel: he is the God, which is in Ierusalem.
4 And euery one that remayneth in any place (where he soiourneth) [Note: [e] If any through pouertie were not able to returne, the Kinges commission was that he should be furnished with necessaries. ] let the men of his place relieue him with siluer and with golde, and with substance, and with cattel, [Note: [f] Which they theselues should send toward the reparation of the Temple. ] and with a willing offring, for the house of God that is in Ierusalem.

5 Then the chiefe fathers of Iudah & Beniamin, & the Priests & Leuites rose vp, with al them whose spirit God had raysed to goe vp, to builde the house of the Lord which is in Ierusalem.

6 And all [Note: [g] The Babylonians & Chaldeans gaue them these presents: thus rather then the children of GOD should want for their necessities, he would stirre vp the heart of the very infidels to helpe them. ] they that were about them, strengthened their handes with vessels of siluer, wt golde, with substance and with cattell, and with precious thinges, besides all that was willingly offred.

7 Also the King Cyrus brought forth the vessels of the house of the Lord, [Note: 2.Kings 25 13. 2.chro 36.7. iere.27. 19,20. dan.1.2. ] which Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of Ierusalem, and had put them in the house of his god.

8 Euen them did Cyrus King of Persia bring forth by the hand of Mithredath the treasurer, & counted them vnto [Note: [h] So the Chaldeans called Zerubbabel, who was the chiefe gouernour, so that the preeminence still remayned in the house of Dauid. ] Sheshbazzar the Prince of Iudah.

9 And this is the nomber of them, thirtie basins of golde, a thousand basins of siluer, nine and twentie [Note: [i] Which serued to kill the beasts that were offred in sacrifice. ] kniues,

10 Thirtie boules of gold, and of siluer boules of the second sort, foure hundreth and tenne, and of other vessels, a thousand.

11 All the vessels of golde and siluer were fiue thousand & foure hundreth. Sheshbazzar brought vp all [Note: [k] With the Iewes that had bene kept captiues in Babylon. ] with them of the captiuitie that came vp from Babel to Ierusalem.


The number of them that returned from the captiuitie.

1 These [Note: Nebe.7.6. 1.esdr.5.7. ] also are the sonnes [Note: [a] Meaning, Iudea, which was a prouince, that is, a countrey which was in subiection. ] of the prouince, that went vp out of the captiuitie (whome Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel had caried away vnto Babel) and returned to Ierusalem, and to Iudah, euery one vnto his citie,

2 Which came with [Note: [b] Zerubbabel was chiefe captaine, & Ieshua the hie Priest: but Nehemiah a man of great authoritie went not now but came after, 64. yeeres. ] Zerubbabel, to wit, Ieshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, [Note: [c] This was not that Mordecai which was Esters kinsman. ] Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Biguai, Rehum, Baanah. The number of the men [Note: [d] Meaning, of the common people. ] of the people of Israel was,

3 The sonnes of Parosh, two thousand, an hudreth seuentie and two:

4 The sonnes of Shephatiah, three hundreth, seuentie and two:

5 The sonnes of Arah, seuen hundreth, and seuentie and fiue:

6 The sonnes of [Note: Or, of the Duke of Moab. ] Pahath Moab, of the sonnes of Ieshua and Ioab, two thousand, eight hundreth and twelue:

7 The sonnes of Elam, a thousande, two hundreth and foure and fiftie:

8 The sonnes of Zattu, nine hundreth and fiue and fourtie:

9 The sonnes of Zaccai, seuen hundreth and threescore:

10 The sonnes of Bani, sixe hundreth and two and fourtie:

11 The sonnes of Bebai, sixe hundreth, and three and twentie:

12 The sonnes of Azgad a thousand, two hundreth and two and twentie:

13 The sonnes of Adonikam, sixe hundreth, three score and sixe:

14 The sonnes of Biguai, two thousand, & sixe and fiftie:

[The nomber of them that returned from captiuitie.]

15 The sonnes of Adin, foure hundreth and foure and fiftie:

16 The sonnes of Ater of [Note: [e] Which were of the posteritie of Hezekiah. ] Hizkiah, ninetie & eight:

17 The sonnes of Bezai, three hundreth and three and twentie:

18 The sonnes of Iorah, an hudreth & twelue:

19 The sonnes of Hasshum, two hundreth and three and twentie:

20 The sonnes of Gibbar, ninetie and fiue:

21 [Note: [f] That is, inhabitants: for so this word (sonne) signifieth, when it is ioyned with the names of places. ] The sonnes of Beth-lehem, an hundreth and three and twentie:

22 The men of Netophah, sixe and fiftie:

23 The men of Anothoth, an hundreth and eight and twentie:

24 The sonnes of Azmaueth, two & fourtie:

25 The sonnes of Kiriath-arim, of Chephirah, and Beeroth, seuen hundreth & three & fourtie:

26 The sonnes of Haramah and Gaba, six hundreth, and one and twentie:

27 The men of Michmas, an hundreth & two and twentie:

28 The sonnes of Beth-el & Ai, two hundreth, and three and twentie:

29 The sonnes of Nebo, two and fiftie:

30 The sonnes of Magbish, an hundreth and sixe and fiftie:

31 The sonnes of the other Elam, a thousand, and two hundreth, and foure and fiftie:

32 The sonnes of Harim, three hundreth and twentie:

33 The sonnes of Lod-hadid, and Ono, seuen hundreth, and fiue and twentie:

34 The sonnes of Iericho, three hundreth and fiue and fourtie:

35 The sonnes of Senaah, three thousand, sixe hundreth and thirtie.

36 The [Note: [g] Before, he hath declared the two Tribes of Iudah and Beniamin, and nowe commeth to the Tribe of Leui, and beginneth at the Priests. ] Priests: of the sonnes of Iedaiah of the house of Ieshua, nine hundreth seuentie and three:

37 The sonnes of Immer, a thousand and two and fiftie:

38 The sonnes of Pashur, a thousand, two hundreth and seuen and fourtie:

39 The sonnes of Harim, a thousande and seuenteene.

40 [Note: The Leuites. ] The Leuites: the sonnes of Ieshua, and Kadmiel of the sonnes of Hodauiah, seuentie and foure.

41 [Note: The Singers. ] The Singers: the sonnes of Asaph, an hundreth and eight and twentie.

42 [Note: The Porters. ] The sonnes of the porters: the sonnes of Shallum, the sonnes of Ater, the sonnes of Talmon, the sonnes of Akkub, the sonnes of Hatita, the sonnes of Shobai: all were an hundreth and nine and thirtie.

43 The [Note: [h] So called because they were giue to the Temple, to cut wood and beare water for the vse of the sacrifices, and came of the Gibeonites which were appoynted to this vse by Ioshua, Ios 9.23. ] Nethinims: the sonnes of Ziha, the sonnes of Hasupha, the sonnes of Tabbaoth,

44 The sonnes of Keros, the sonnes of Siaha, the sonnes of Padon,

45 The sonnes of Lebanah, the sonnes of Hagabah, the sonnes of Akkub,

46 The sonnes of Hagab, the sonnes of Shamlai, the sonnes of Hanan,

47 The sonnes of Giddel, the sonnes of Gahar, the sonnes of Reaiah,

48 The sonnes of Rezin, the sonnes of Nekoda, the sonnes of Gazzam,

49 The sonnes of Vzza, the sonnes of Paseah, the sonnes of Besai,

[They that returned, are nombred.]

50 The sonnes of Asnah, the sonnes of Meunim, the sonnes of Nephusim,

51 The sonnes of Bakbuk, the sonnes of Hakupa, the sonnes of Harhur,

52 The sonnes of Bazluth, the sonnes of Mehida, the sonnes of Harsha,

53 The sonnes of Barcos, the sonnes of Sisara, the sonnes of Thamah,

54 The sonnes of Neziah, the sonnes of Hatipha,

55 The sonnes of Salomons [Note: [i] Which came of them that Salomon had appoynted for the worke of the Temple. ] seruantes: the sonnes of Sotai, the sonnes of Sophereth, the sonnes of Peruda,

56 The sonnes of Iaalah, the sonnes of Darkon, the sonnes of Giddel,

57 The sonnes of Shephatiah, the sonnes of Hattil, the sonnes of Pochereth Hazzebaim, the sonnes of Ami.

58 All the Nethinims, and the sonnes of Salomons seruants were three hundreth ninetie & two.

59 And these went vp from Telmelah, and from Telharsha, Cherub, Addan, and Immer, but they could not discerne their fathers house and their seede, whether they were of Israel.

60 The sonnes of Delaiah, the sonnes of Tobiah, the sonnes of Nekoda, six hundreth and two and fiftie.

61 And of the sonnes of the Priestes, the sonnes of Habaiah, the sonnes of Coz, the sonnes of [Note: [k] Of him is made mention, 2.Sam. 17.27. and 19.31. and because the Priests office was had in contempt, these would haue changed their estate by their name, and so by Gods iust iudgement lost both the estimation of the world & the dignitie of their office. ] Barzillai: which tooke of the daughters of Barzillai the Giliadite to wife, and was called after their name.

62 These sought their writing of the genealogies, but they were not founde: therefore were they put from the Priesthood.

63 And [Note: [l] This is a Chalde name & signifieth him that hath authoritie ouer others. ] Tirshatha saide vnto them, that they should not eate of the most holy thing, tell there rose vp a Priest with [Note: [m] Reade Exod. 28.30. ] Vrim and Thummim.

64 The whole Congregation together was two and fourtie thousande, three hundreth and threescore,

65 Beside their seruants and their maydes: of whome were seuen thousande, three hundreth & seuen and thirtie: and among them were two hundreth singing men and singing women.

66 Their horses were seuen hundreth, & sixe and thirtie: their mules, two hundreth and fiue and fourtie:

67 Their camels foure hundreth, and fiue and thirtie: their asses, sixe thousand, seuen hundreth and twentie.

68 And certeine of the chiefe fathers, when they came to the house of the Lord, which was in Ierusalem, they offred willingly for the house of God, to set it vp vpon his fundation.

69 They gaue after their abilitie vnto the treasure of the worke, euen one and threescore thousand [Note: [n] Which mount to of our money 24 826.li 13.sh. 4.d. esteeming the Frenche crowne at 6.shil.4.d for the dramme is the eight part of an ounce, and the ounce the eyght part of a marke. ] drammes of golde, and fiue thousand [Note: [o] Which are called minae and containe a piece two markes: so 5000. minaes make 550000. frankes, which mount to of our money 69666.li.13.sh.4.d. so that the whole summe was 94493.li.6.shil. 8.d. ] pieces of siluer, and an hundreth Priests garments.

70 So the Priests and the Leuites, and a certeine of the people, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims dwelt in their cities, and all Israel in their cities.


1 They build the altar of God. 6 They offer to the Lorde. 7 They prepare for the Temple, 11 And sing vnto the Lord.

1 And [Note: 1.Esdr.5 47. ] when the [Note: [a] Called Tishri which answereth to part of September, and part of October. ] seuenth moneth was come, and the children of Israel were in their cities, the people assembled themselues as one man

[The reedifying of the Temple.]

vnto Ierusalem.

2 Then stoode vp Ieshua rhe sonne of Iozadak, and his brethren the Priests, and Zerubbabel the [Note: [b] Meaning, nephewe: for he was the sonne of Pedaiah. read, 1. Chro.3.19. ] sonne of Shealtiel, and his brethren, and builded the altar of the God of Israel, to offer burnt offerings thereon, as it is written in ye Lawe of Moses the man of God,

3 And they set the altar vpon [Note: [c] In the place where Salomon had placed it. ] his bases (for feare was among them, because of the people of those countreis) therefore they offered burnt offrings thereon vnto the Lorde, euen burnt offrings in the morning, and at euen.

4 They kept also the feast of the Tabernacles, as it is written, and the burnt offring [Note: Exod.23.16. ] dayly, by nomber according to the custome day by day,

5 And afterwarde [Note: [d] That is, after the feast of Tabernacles. ] the continuall bnrnt offring, both in the newe moneths and in all the feast dayes that were consecrate vnto the Lorde, and in all the oblations willingly offered vnto the Lorde.

6 From the first day of the seuenth moneth began they to offer burnt offrings vnto the Lord: but the foundation of the Temple of the Lorde was not layed.

7 They gaue money also vnto the masons, and to the workemen, and meat and drinke, & oyle vnto them of Zidon and of Tyrus, to bring them cedar wood from Lebanon to the sea vnto [Note: Or, Ioppe. ] Iapho, according to the graunt that they had of Cyrus King of Persia.

8 And in the seconde yeere of their comming vnto the house of God in Ierusalem in the [Note: [e] Which moneth conteined part of April, and part of May. for in the meane season they had prouided for things necessarie for the worke. ] second moneth began Zerubbabel the sonne of Shealtiel, and Ieshua the sonne of Iozadak, and the remnant of their brethren the Priests and the Leuites, and all they that were come out of the captiuitie vnto Ierusalem, and appointed the Leuites from twentie yeere olde and aboue, to set forwarde the worke of the house of the Lorde.

9 And Ieshua [Note: [f] They gaue them exhortations and encouraged euery man forward in the worke. ] stood with his sonnes, and his brethren, and Kadmiel with his sonnes, and the sonnes of Iudah together to set forward ye workemen in the house of God, and the sonnes of Henadad with their sonnes, and their brethren the Leuites.

10 And when the builders layed the foundation of the Temple of the Lorde, they appoynted the Priestes in their apparel with trumpets, and the Leuites the sonnes of Asaph with cymbales, to prayse the Lord, [Note: 1.Chro.16.7, 8. ] after the ordinance of Dauid King of Israel.

11 Thus they sang when they gaue prayse, and when they gaue thankes vnto the Lorde, For he is good, for his mercie endureth for euer toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shoute, when they praysed the Lorde, because the foundation of the house of the Lorde was layed.

12 Many also of the Priests & the Leuites and the chiefe of the fathers, ancient men which had seene the first house, (when the foundation of this house was layed before their eyes) [Note: [g] Because they sawe that it was nothing so glorious as that Temple, which Salomon had buylt, notwithstanding Aggeus comforteth them & prophesieth that it shalbe more beautifull then the first: meaning the spiritual Temple, which are ye members of Christes bodie. ] wept wt a loud voyce, and many shouted aloud for ioy,

13 So that the people coulde not discerne the sound of the shoute for ioy, from the noyse of the weeping of the people: for the people shouted with a loude crie, & the noyse was heard farre off.


1 The building of the Temple is hindred and how. 11 Letters to Artaxerxes, and the answere.

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[Rehums accusation.]

1 Bvt [Note: [a] Meaning, the inhabitants of Samaria, whom the king of Assyria had placed in the stead of the ten tribes, 2. King.17 24. & 19. 37. These professed God, but worshipped idoles also, & therefore were the greatest enemies to the true seruants of God. ] the aduersaries of Iudah and Beniamin heard, that the children of the captiuitie builded the Temple vnto the Lord God of Israel.

2 And they came to Zerubbabel, and to the chiefe fathers, and sayd vnto them, We wil builde with you: for we seeke the Lord your God as ye do, and we haue sacrificed vnto him since the time of Esar Haddon king of Asshur, which brought vs vp hither.

3 Then Zerubbabel, and Ieshua, and the rest of the chiefe fathers of Israel, sayde vnto them, It is not for you, but for vs to buyld the house vnto our God: [Note: [b] For they perceiued what their pretence was, to wit, to elect idolatrie in stead of true religion. ] for we our selues together wil buylde it vnto the Lord God of Israel, as king Cyrus the king of Persia hath commanded vs.

4 Wherefore the people of the land [Note: Ebr. made their hands weake. ] discouraged the people of Iudah, and troubled them in buylding,

5 And they [Note: [c] They bribed the gouerners vnder the king, to hinder their worke. thus they that halt, can not abide, that God should be purely serued. ] hired counsellers against them, to hinder their deuise, all the dayes of Cyrus King of Persia, euen vntill the reigne of Darius King of Persia.

6 And in the reigne of [Note: [d] He was also called Artaxerxes, which is a Persian name. some thinke it was Cambises Cyrus sonne, or Darius, as vers.5. ] Ahashuerosh (in the beginning of his reigne) wrote they an accusation against the inhabitants of Iudah and Ierusalem.

7 And in the daies of [Note: [e] Called Artaxerses, which signifieth in the Persian tongue, an excellent warriour. ] Artahshashte, Mithredath, Tabeel, and the rest of their companions wrote when it was peace, vnto Artahshashte king of Persia, and the writing of the letter was the Aramites writing, and the thing declared was in the language of the Aramites.

8 Rehum the [Note: Or, Counselour. ] chancelour, and Shimshai the scribe wrote a letter against Ierusalem to Artahshashte the King, in this sort.

9 Then wrote Rehum the chauncelour, and Shimshai the scribe, and their companions [Note: [f] These were certaine people, which the Assyrians placed in Samaria in stead of the ten tribes. ] Dinaie, and Apharsathcaie, Tarpelaie, Apharsaie, Archeuaie, Bablaie, Shushanchaie, Dehaue, Elmaie,

10 And the rest of the people whom the great and noble [Note: [g] Some thinke it was Saneherib, but rather Salmanasar. ] Asnappar brought ouer, and set in the cities of Samaria, and other that are beyonde the [Note: [h] To wit, Euphrates, & he meaneth in respect of Babel that they dwelt beyond it. ] Riuer and [Note: [i] Which were a certaine people that enuied the Iewes. ] Cheeneth.

11 This is the copie of the letter that they sent vnto King Artahshashte, Thy servants the men beyond the Riuer & Cheeneth, salute thee.

12 Be it knowen vnto the King that ye Iewes, which came vp from thee to vs, are come vnto Ierusalem (a citie rebellious and wicked) and buylde, and lay the foundations of the walles, and haue ioyned the foundations.

13 Be it knowen nowe vnto the King, that if this citie be built, & the foundations of the walles layed, they will not giue tolle, tribute, nor [Note: [k] Meaning, the gifts that are wont to be giuen to Kings when they passe by any countrey. ] custome: so shalt thou hinder the Kings tribute.

14 Nowe therefore because [Note: Ebr. In the Chalde, We haue eaten the salt of the Palace. ] wee haue bene brought vp in the Kings palace, it was not meete for vs to see the Kings dishonour: for this cause haue we sent and certified the King,

15 That one may searche in the booke of the Chronicles of thy fathers, and thou shalt finde in the booke of the Chronicles, & perceiue that this citie is rebellious & noysome vnto Kings & prouinces, & that they haue moued sedition of olde time, for the which cause this citie was destroyed.

16 Wee certifie the King therefore, that if this citie be buylded, and the foundation of the walles layd, by this meanes the portion beyonde the Riuer shal not be thine.

[The buylding hindered.]

17 The King sent an answere vnto Rehum the Chauncelour, and Shimshai the Scribe, and so the rest of their companions that dwelt in Samaria, & vnto the other beyond the Riuer, [Note: [l] Some reade for Shelam, salutation or greeting. ] Shelam and [Note: [m] Called also Cheeneth, as verse 11. ] Cheeth.

18 The letter which yee sent vnto vs, hath bene openly read before me,

19 And I haue commanded & they haue searched, and founde, that this citie of olde time hath made insurrection against kings, & hath rebelled, and rebellion hath bene committed therein.

20 There haue bene mightie kings also ouer Ierusalem, which haue ruled ouer all beyonde the Riuer, and tolle, tribute, and custome was giuen vnto them.

21 Make ye now a decree, that those men may cease, and that the citie be not buylt, till I haue giuen another commandement.

22 Take heede nowe that ye fayle not to doe this: why should domage grow to hurt the King?

23 When the copie of king Artahshashtes letter was read before Rehum and Shimshai the scribe, and their companions, they went vp in all the haste to Ierusalem vnto the Iewes, & caused them to cease by force and power.

24 Then [Note: [n] Not altogether: for the Prophets exhorted them to continue, but they vsed lesse diligence because of the troubles. ] ceased the worke of the house of God, which was in Ierusalem, & did stay vnto the second yeere of Darius King of Persia.


1 Haggai and Zechariah doe prophesie. 3 The worke of the Temple goeth forward contrary to the minde of Tatnai. 6 His letters to Darius.

1 Then [Note: Or, Haggeus. ] [Note: Hag.1.1. 1.esd.6.1. ] Haggai a Prophet & Zechariah the sonne of Iddo a Prophet prophecied vnto the Iewes that were in Iudah, and Ierusalem, in the name of the God of Israel, euen vnto them.

2 Then Zerubbabel the sonne of Shealtiel, and Ieshua the sonne of Iozadak arose, and began to builde the house of God at Ierusalem, and with them were the Prophetes of God, which [Note: [a] Which incouraged them to goe forward, & accused them that they were more carefull to buylde their owne houses then zealous to buylde the Temple of God. ] helped them.

3 At the same time came to them Tatnai, which was captaine beyonde the Riuer, and Shether-boznai and their companions, and sayd thus vnto them, Who hath giuen you commaundement to buylde this house, and to lay the foundations of these walles?

4 [Note: [b] That is, the enemies asked this, as verse 10. ] Then sayde we vnto them after this maner, What are the names of the men that buylde this buylding?

5 But the [Note: [c] His fauour and the spirite of strength. ] eye of their God was vpon the Elders of the Iewes, that they coulde not cause them to cease, till the matter came to Darius: and then they answered by letters thereunto.

6 The copie of the letter, that Tatnai captaine beyond the Riuer, and Shether-boznai and his companions, Apharsechaie, (which were beyond the Riuer) sent vnto King Darius.

7 They sent a letter vnto him, wherein it was written thus, Vnto Darivs the King, all peace.

8 Be it knowen vnto the King, that we went into the prouince of Iudea, to the house of the great God, which is builded with [Note: Or, marble. ] great stones, & beames are layde in the walles, and this worke is wrought speedily, and prospereth in their hands.

9 Then asked we those Elders, and sayd vnto them thus, Who hath giuen you commandement to buylde this house, and to lay the foundation of these walles?

[The decree of Darius.]

10 We asked their names also, that we might certifie thee, & that we might write the names of the men that were their rulers.

11 But they answered vs thus, & sayd, We are the seruants of the God of heauen and earth, and buylde the house that was buylt of olde & many yeeres ago, which a [Note: [d] To wit, Salomon. ] great King of Israel [Note: 1.King.6.2. 2.chro 3.2. ] builded, and founded it.

12 But after that our fathers had prouoked the God of heauen vnto wrath, [Note: 2.King.24.12. & 25.9. ] he gaue them ouer into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel the Caldean, & he destroyed this house, & caryed the people away captiue vnto Babel.

13 But in the [Note: [e] Reade cha.1.1,2. ] first yere of Cyrus King of Babel, King Cyrus made a decree to buylde this house of God.

14 And the vessels of golde and siluer of the house of God, which Nebuchadnezzar tooke out of the Temple, that was in Ierusalem, & brought them into the Temple of Babel, those did Cyrus the king take out of the Temple of Babel, & they gaue them vnto one [Note: [f] Reade Chap.1.8. ] Sheshbazzar by his name, whome he had made captaine.

15 And he sayde vnto him, Take these vessels and goe thy way, and put them in the Temple that is in Ierusalem, and let the house of God be buylt in his place.

16 Then came the same Sheshbazzar & layde the foundation of the house of God, which is in Ierusalem, and since that time euen vntill nowe, hath it bene in buylding, yet is it not finished.

17 Nowe therefore if it please the King, let there be searche made in the house of the Kings [Note: [g] Meaning, in the librarie, or places where lay the registers, or records of times. ] treasures, which is there in Babel, whether a decree hath bene made by King Cyrus, to build this house of God in Ierusalem, and let the King send his minde concerning this.


At the commandement of Darius King of Persia, after the Temple was builded & dedicate, the children of Israel keepe the feast of vnleauened bread.

1 Then [Note: 1.Esdr.6.21. ] King Darius gaue commandement, & they made search in the [Note: Ebr. house of bookes. ] librarie of the treasures, which were there layd vp in Babel.

2 And there was founde in a [Note: [a] Wherein were the actes of the Kings of Medes and Persians. ] coffer (in the palace that was in the prouince of the Medes) a volume, and therein was it thus written, as a memoriall,

3 In the first yeere of King Cyrus, King Cyrus made a decree for the house of God in Ierusalem, Let the house be buylt, euen the place where they offred sacrifices, and let the walles thereof be ioyned together: let the height thereof be three score cubites, and the breadth thereof three score cubites,

4 Three [Note: Or, rowes, or courses. ] orders of [Note: Or, marble. ] great stones, & one order of timber, and let the expenses be giuen of the Kings house.

5 And also let them render the vessels of the house of God (of golde and siluer, which Nebuchadnezzar tooke out of the Temple, which was in Ierusalem, & brought vnto Babel) & let [Note: [b] Meaning, Zerubbabel, to whom he giueth charge. ] him goe vnto the Temple that is in Ierusalem to his place, and put them in the house of God.

6 Therefore Tatnai captaine beyond the Riuer, and Shethar Boznai, (and their companions Apharsecaie, which are beyonde the Riuer) be ye farre [Note: [c] Meddle not with them, neither hinder them. ] from thence.

7 Suffer ye the worke of this house of God, that the captaine of the Iewes and the Elders

[The Passeouer.]

of the Iewes may buylde this house of God in his place.

8 For I haue giuen a commandement what ye shall doe to the Elders of these Iewes, for the buylding of this house of God, that of the reuenues of the King, which is of the tribute beyonde the Riuer, there be incontinently expenses giuen vnto these men that they [Note: [d] For lacke of money. ] cease not.

9 And that which they shall haue neede of, let it be giuen vnto them day by day, whether it be yong bullockes, or rammes, or lambes for the burnt offrings of the God of heauen, wheate, salt, wine, and oyle, according to the appoyntment of the Priestes that are in Ierusalem, that there bee no fault,

10 That they may haue to offer sweete odours vnto the God of heauen, and praye for the Kings life, and for his sonnes.

11 And I haue made a decree, that whosoeuer shall alter this sentence, the wood shall be pulled downe from his house, and shall be set vp, and he shalbe hanged thereon, & his house shalbe made a dunghill for this.

12 And the God that hath caused his Name [Note: [e] Who hath appointed that place to haue his Name called vpon there. ] to dwell there, destroy all Kings & people that put to their hand to alter, & to destroy this house of God, which is in Ierusalem. I Darius haue made a decree, let it be done with speede.

13 [Note: 1.Esd.7.1. ] Then Tatnai the captaine beyond the Riuer, and Shethar Boznai & their companions, according to that which Darius had sent, so they did speedily.

14 So the Elders of the Iewes builded, & they prospered by the prophecying of [Note: [f] Whome God stirred vp to assure the that he would giue their worke good successe. ] Haggai the Prophet, & Zechariah the sonne of Iddo, & they buylded & finished it, by the appoyntment of the God of Israel, and by the commandement of Cyrus and Darius, and Artahshashte king of Persia.

15 And this house was finished the thirde day of the moneth [Note: [g] This is the twelft moneth, & conteineth part of Februarie and part of March. ] Adar, which was [Note: [h] And the two & fourtieth after their first returne. ] the sixt yeere of the reigne of King Darius.

16 And the children of Israel, the Priestes, and the Leuites, and the residue of the children of the captiuitie kept the dedication of this house of God with ioy,

17 And offred at the dedication of this house of God an hundreth bullockes, two hundreth rams, foure hundreth lambes, and twelue goates, for the sinne of all Israel, according to the nomber of the tribes of Israel.

18 And they set the Priests in their order, and the Leuites in their courses ouer the seruice of God in Ierusalem, as it is written in the [Note: Nom.3.6. & 8.9. ] booke of Moses.

19 And the childre of the captiuitie kept the Passeouer on ye fourtenth day of the first moneth.

20 (For the Priests and the Leuites were purified altogether) and they killed the Passeouer for all the children of the captiuitie, & for their brethren the Priests, and for themselues.

21 So the children of Israel which were come againe out of captiuitie, and all such as had [Note: [i] Which were of the heathen, & forsaked their idolatrie to worship the true God. ] separated themselues vnto them, from the filthines of the Heathen of the land, to seeke the Lorde God of Israel, did eate,

22 And they kept ye feast of vnleauened bread seuen dayes with ioy: for the Lord had made them glad, & turned the heart of the King of [Note: [k] Meaning, Darius who was King of the Medes, Persians, and Assyrians. ] Asshur vnto them, to [Note: Ebr. to strengthen their handes. ] incourage them in the worke of the house of God, euen the God of Israel.


[Page 170]

[The Kings commission.]

1 By the commaundement of the King, Ezra and his companions come to Ierusalem. 27 He giueth thankes to God.

1 Now after these things, in the reigne of [Note: [a] The Ebrewes write, that diuers of the Kings of Persia were called by this name, as Pharaoh was a common name to the Kings of Egypt, and Cesar to the Emperours Romaine. ] Artahshashte King of Persia, was Ezra the sonne of Seraiah, the sonne of Azariah, the sonne of Hilkiah,

2 The sonne of Shallum, the sonne of Zadok, the sonne of Ahitub,

3 The sonne of Amariah, the sonne of Azariah, the sonne of Meraioth,

4 The sonne of Zeraiah, the sonne of Vzzi, the sonne of Bukki,

5 The sonne of Abishua, the sonne of Phinehas, the sonne of Eleazar, the sonne of [Note: [b] Ezra deduceth his kinred, till he commeth to Aaron, to prooue that he came of him. ] Aaron, the chiefe Priest.

6 This Ezra came vp from Babel, and was a [Note: [c] He sheweth here what a scribe is, who had charge to write the Law and to expound it, whom Marke calleth a scribe, Mar.12.28. Matt. and Luke call him a Lawyer, or doctor of the Lawe, Mat.22.35. Luke 10.25. ] Scribe prompt in the Lawe of Moses, which the Lord God of Israel had giuen, and the King gaue him all his request according to the hande of the Lord his God which was vpon him.

7 And there went vp certaine of the children of Israel, and of the Priests, and the Leuites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims vnto Ierusalem, in the seuenth yere of King Artahshashte.

8 And hee came to Ierusalem in the [Note: [d] That conteyned part of Iuly and part of August. ] fift moneth, which was in the seuenth yeere [Note: [e] Of King Darius. ] of the King.

9 For vpon the first day of the first moneth began he to goe vp from Babel, and on the first day of the fift moneth came he to Ierusalem, according to the good hande of his God that was vpon him.

10 For Ezra had prepared his heart to seeke the Lawe of the Lord, and to doe it, and to teach the precepts and iudgements in Israel.

11 And this is the copie of the letter that King Artahshashte gaue vnto Ezra the Priest & scribe, euen a writer of the words of the commadements of ye Lord, & of his statutes ouer Israel.

12 Artahshashte King of Kings to Ezra the Priest and perfite scribe of the Lawe of the God of heauen, and to [Note: [f] Some take this for the name of a people, some for time or continuance, meaning that the King wished him long life. ] Cheeneth.

13 I haue giuen commaundement, that euery one, that is willing in my kingdome of the people of Israel, and of the Priestes, and Leuites [Note: [g] Which remayned as yet in Babylon, and had not returned with Zerubbabel. ] to goe to Ierusalem with thee, shall goe.

14 Therefore art thou sent of the King and his seuen counsellers, to [Note: [h] To examine who liued according to the Law. ] enquire in Iudah and Ierusalem, according to the lawe of thy God, which is in [Note: [i] Whereof thou art expert. ] thine hand,

15 And to carry the siluer and the gold, which the King & his cousellers willingly offer vnto the God of Israel (whose habitation is in Ierusalem)

16 And all the siluer and gold that thou canst finde in all the prouince of Babel, with the free offring of the people, and that which the Priestes offer willingly to the house of their God which is in Ierusalem,

17 That thou mayest bye speedily with this siluer, bullocks, rammes, lambes, with their meate offrings and their drinke offrings: and thou shalt offer them vpon the altar of the house of your God, which is in Ierusalem.

18 And whatsoeuer it pleaseth thee and thy brethren to do with the rest of the siluer, & gold, doe ye it according to the will of your [Note: [k] As ye knowe best may serue to Gods glorie. ] God.

19 And the vessels that are giuen thee for the seruice of the house of thy God, those deliuer

[Who returned with Ezra.]

thou before God in Ierusalem.

20 And the residue that shall be needeful for the house of thy God, which shall be meete for thee to bestowe, thou shalt bestowe it out of the Kings treasure house,

21 And I King Artahshashte haue giuen commandemet to all the treasurers which are beyond [Note: [l] Which was the riuer Euphrates, and they were beyond it in respect of Babylon. ] the Riuer, that whatsoeuer Ezra the Priest and Scribe of the Law of the God of heauen shall require of you, that it be done incontinently,

22 Vnto an hundreth talents of siluer, vnto an hundreth [Note: Ebr. Corim. ] measures of wheate, and vnto an hundreth baths of wine, & vnto an hundreth [Note: [m] Reade 1.King. 7.26. and 2.chro. 2.10. ] baths of oyle, and salt without writing.

23 Whatsoeuer is by the commandement of the God of heauen, let it be done speedily for the house of the God of heauen: for why should he be wroth [Note: [n] This declareth that the feare of Gods iudgemets caused him to vse this liberalitie, & not the loue that he bare to Gods glorie or affection to his people. ] against the realme of the King, and his children?

24 And we certifie you, that vpon any of the Priestes, Leuites, singers, porters, Nethinims, or Ministers in this house of God, there shall no gouernour laye vpon them tolle, tribute nor custome.

25 And thou Ezra (after the wisedome of thy God, that is in thine hand) [Note: [o] He gaue Ezra full authoritie to restore all things according to the word of God, and to punish them that resisted and would not obey. ] set iudges and arbiters, which may iudge all the people that is beyond the Riuer, euen all that knowe the Lawe of thy God, and teach ye them that know it not.

26 And whosoeuer will not doe the Lawe of thy God, and the Kings lawe, let him haue iudgement without delay, whether it be vnto death, or to banishment, or to confiscation of goods, or to imprisonment.

27 [Note: [p] Thus Ezra gaue God thankes for that he gaue him so good successe in his affaires by reason of the King. ] Blessed be the Lorde God of our fathers, which so hath put in the Kings heart, to beautifie the house of the Lord that is in Ierusalem,

28 And hath enclined mercy toward me, before the King and his counsellers, and before all the Kings mightie Princes: and I was comforted by the hand of the Lord my God which was vpon me, and I gathered the chiefe of Israel to goe vp with me.


1 The nomber of them that returned to Ierusalem with Ezra. 21 He causeth them to fast. 24 He admonisheth the Priestes of their duetie. 31 What they did when they came to Ierusalem.

1 These [Note: 1.Esd.8.29. ] are now the chiefe fathers of them, and the genealogie of them that came vp with mee from Babel, in the reigne of King [Note: [a] Reade Chap. 7.1. ] Artahshashte.

2 Of the sonnes of Phinehas, Gershom: of the sonnes of Ithamar, Daniel: of the sonnes of Dauid, Hattush:

3 Of the sonnes of Shechaniah, of the sonnes of Pharosh, Zechariah, and with him the count of the males, an hundreth and fiftie.

4 Of the sonnes of [Note: Or, captaine of Moab. ] Pahath Moab, Elihoenai, the sonne of Zerahiah, and with him two hundreth males.

5 Of the sonnes of Shechaniah, the sonne of Iahaziel, and with him three hundreth males.

6 And of the sonnes of Adin, Ebed the sonne of Ionathan, and with him fiftie males.

7 And of the sonnes of Elam, Ieshaiah the sonne of Athaliah, and with him seuentie males.

8 And of the sonnes of Shephatiah, Zebadiah the sonne of Michael, and with him fourescore males.

[A fast proclaymed.]

9 Of the sonnes of Ioab, Obadiah the sonne of Iehiel, and with him two hundreth and eighteene males.

10 And of the sonnes of Shelomith the sonne of Iosiphiah, & with him an hundreth and threescore males.

11 And of the sonnes of Bebai, Zechariah the sonne of Bebai, and with him eight and twentie males.

12 And of the sonnes of Azgad, Iohanan the sonne of Hakkatan, and with him an hundreth and ten males.

13 And of the sonnes of Adonikam, that were the [Note: [b] That came to goe with Ezra. ] last, whose names are these: Eliphelet, Iehiel and Shemaiah, and with them three score males.

14 And of the sonnes of Biguai, Vthai, and Zabbud, and with them seuentie males.

15 And I gathered them to the [Note: [c] To that place of Euphrates, where Ahaua the riuer entreth into it, looke 1.Esdas 8.41. ] Riuer that goeth toward Ahaua, and there abode we three dayes: then I viewed the people, and the Priests, and found there none of the sonnes of Leui.

16 Therefore sent I to Eliezer, to Ariel, to Shemeiah, and to Elnathan, and to Iarib, and to Elnathan, and to Nathan, and to Zechariah, and to Meshullam the chiefe, and to Ioiarib and to Elnathan, men of vnderstanding,

17 And I gaue them commandement, to Iddo the [Note: [d] Hee was the chiefest that taught there the Law of God vnto the Leuites. ] chiefest at the place of Casiphia, & I [Note: Ebr. put wordes in their mouth. ] told them the words that they should speake to Iddo, and to his brethren the Nethinims at the place of Casiphia, that they should cause the ministers of the house of our God to come vnto vs.

18 So by the good hande of our God which was vpon vs, they brought vs a man of vnderstanding of the sonnes of Mahali the sonne of Leui the sonne of Israel, and Sherebiah with his sonnes and his brethren, euen eighteene.

19 Also Hashabiah, and with him Ieshaiah of the sonnes of Merari, with his brethren, and their sonnes twentie.

20 And of the [Note: [e] Reade Chap. 2.43. ] Nethinims, whom Dauid had set, and the Princes for the seruice of the Leuites, two hundreth and twentie of the Nethinims, which all were named by name.

21 And there at the Riuer, by Ahaua, I proclaimed a fast, that we might humble [Note: [f] He sheweth that the end of fasting is to humble the body to the spirit, which must proceede of the heart liuely touched, or else it is but hypocrisie. ] our selues before our God, and seeke of him a right way for vs, & for our children, and for all our substance.

22 For I was [Note: [g] He thought it better to commit himselfe to the protectio of God, then by seeking these ordinarie meanes, to giue an occasion to others to thinke that he did doubt of Gods power. ] ashamed to require of the King an armie and horsemen, to helpe vs against the enemie in the way, because we had spoken to the King, saying, The hande of our God is vpon all them that seeke him in goodnesse, but his power & his wrath is against all them that forsake him.

23 So we fasted, aud besought our God for this: and he was intreated of vs.

24 Then I separated twelue of the chiefe of the Priests, Sherebiah, and Hashabiah, and ten of their brethren with them,

25 And weighed them the siluer and the gold, and the vessels, euen the offring of ye house of our God, which the King and his counselers, and his Princes, & all Israel that were present had offred.

26 And I weighed vnto their hand sixe hundreth and fiftie [Note: [h] Reade 1.King. 9.14. ] talents of siluer, and in siluer vessel, an hundreth talents, and in golde, an hundreth talents:

27 And twentie basins of golde, of a thousand [Note: [i] Reade Chap. 2.69. ] drammes, and two vessels of shining brasse very

[The Leuites charge.]

good, and precious as golde.

28 And I said vnto them, Ye are consecrate vnto the Lord, and the vessels are consecrate, and the gold and the siluer are freely offred vnto the Lord God of your fathers.

29 Watch ye, and keepe them vntill ye weigh them before the chiefe Priestes and the Leuites, and the chiefe fathers of Israel in Ierusalem in the chambers of the house of the Lord.

30 So the Priests and the Leuites receiued the weight of the siluer and of the golde, and of the vessels to bring them to Ierusalem, vnto the house of our God.

31 Then we departed from the Riuer of Ahauah on the twelft day of the first moneth, to go vnto Ierusalem, & the hand of our God was vpon vs, and deliuered vs from the hand of the enemie, and of such as layde [Note: [k] This declared that their iourney was full of danger, and yet God deliuered them according to their prayer. ] waite by the way.

32 And we came to Ierusalem, & abode there three dayes.

33 And on ye fourth day was the siluer weighed, and the golde and the vessell in the house of our God by the hand of Meremoth the sonne of Vriah the Priest, and with him was Eleazar the sonne of Phinehas, and with them was Iozabad the sonne of Ieshua, and Noadiah the sonne of Binnui the [Note: [l] This was a token of a good conscience and of his integritie, that he woulde haue witnesses of his fidelitie. ] Leuites,

34 By number and by weight of euery one, and all the weight was written at the same time.

35 Also the children of the captiuitie, which were come out of captiuitie, offred burnt offrings vnto the God of Israel, twelue bullockes for all Israel, ninetie and sixe rammes, seuentie and seuen lambes, and twelue hee goates for sinne: all was a burnt offring of the Lord.

36 And they deliuered the Kings commission vnto the Kings officers, and to the captaines beyond the Riuer: and they promoted the people, and the house of God.


1 Ezra complayneth on the people that had turned themselues from God, and married with the Gentiles. 5 He prayeth vnto God.

1 When [Note: 1.Esdr.8.67. ] as these things were done, the rulers came to me, saying, The people of Israel, and the Priestes, and the Leuites are not [Note: [a] From the time they came home vnder Zerubbabel vntil the comming of Ezra, they had degenerate contrary to the lawe of God, and married where it was not lawfull, Deut.7.3. ] separated from the people of the lands (as touching their abominations) to wit, of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Iebusites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians, and the Amorites.

2 For they haue taken their daughters to theselues, and to their sonnes, and they haue mixed the holy seede with the people of the landes, and the hande of the [Note: [b] That is, the gouernours are the chiefe beginners hereof. ] princes and rulers hath bene chiefe in this trespasse.

3 But when I heard this saying, I rent my clothes and my garment, and pluckt off the heare of mine head, and of my beard, and sate downe [Note: [c] As one doubting whether God woulde continue his benefites towards vs or else destroy this which he had begun. ] astonied.

4 And there assembled vnto me all that feared the words of the God of Israel, because of the transgression of them of the captiuitie. And I sate downe astonied vntil the [Note: Exod.25.39. nom. 28.3,4. ] euening sacrifice.

5 And at the euening sacrifice I arose vp fro mine heauinesse, and when I had rent my clothes and my garment, I fell vpon my knees, and spred out mine hands vnto the Lord my God,

6 And said, O my God, I am confounded & ashamed, to lift vp mine eyes vnto thee my God:

[Page 171]

[Ezras prayer.]

for our iniquities are increased ouer [Note: [d] That is, we are drowned in sinne. ] our head, & our trespasse is growen vp vnto [Note: [e] They so exceede that they can not grow greater. ] the heauen.
7 From the dayes of our fathers haue we bin in a great trespasse vnto this day, and for our iniquities haue we, our Kings, & our Priestes bene deliuered into the hand of the kings of the lands, vnto the sword, into captiuitie, into a spoyle, and into confusion of face, as appeareth this day.

8 And now for a litle space grace hath bene shewed from the Lord our God, in causing a remnant to escape, & in giuing vs a [Note: [f] In giuing vs a resting place. It is a similitude taken of them that remaine still in a place, which smite nailes to hang things vpon, Isa.22.23. ] nayle in his holy place, that our God may light our eyes, & giue vs a litle reuiuing in our seruitude.

9 For though we were bondmen, yet our God hath not forsaken vs in our bondage, but hath enclined mercy vnto vs in the sight of the Kings of Persia, to giue vs life, & to erect the house of our God, & to redresse the places thereof, and to giue vs a wall in Iudah and in Ierusalem.

10 And nowe, our God, what shal we say after this? for we haue forsaken thy commandements,

11 Which thou hast commanded by thy seruants the Prophets, saying, [Note: Exo.23.32. & 34. 32,15,16. deut.7.23. ] The land whereunto ye go to possesse it, is an vncleane land, because of the filthines of the people of the lands, which by their abominations, & by their vncleannes haue filled it from corner to corner.

12 Now therfore shal ye not giue your daughters vnto their sonnes, neither shall ye take their daughters vnto your sonnes, nor seeke their [Note: Deut.23.6. ] peace nor wealth for euer, that yee may be strong and eate the goodnes of the lande, and leaue it for an inheritance to your sonnes for euer.

13 And after all that is come vpon vs for our euill deedes, and for our great trespasses, (seeing that thou our God hast stayed vs from being beneath [Note: [g] Hast not vtterly cast vs downe and destroyed vs for our sinnes, Deut. 28.13. ] for our iniquities, and hast giuen vs such deliuerance)

14 Should we returne to breake thy commadements, and ioyne in affinitie with the people of such abominations? wouldest not thou be angrie towarde vs till thou haddest consumed vs, so that there should be no remnant nor any escaping?

15 O Lord God of Israel, thou art iust, for we haue bene [Note: [h] He sheweth that God is iust in punishing his people, & yet merciful in reseruing a residue to whome he sheweth fauour. ] reserued to escape, as appeareth this day: beholde, we are before thee in our trespasse: therfore we canot stand before thee because of it.


1 The people repent & turne, & put away their strange wiues.

1 Whiles [Note: Esd.8.90. ] Ezra prayed thus, and [Note: [a] He confessed his sinnes & the sinnes of the people. ] confessed himselfe weeping, and falling downe before the house of God, there assembled vnto him of Israel a very great Congregation of men and women and children: for the people wept with a great lamentation.

2 Then Shechaniah the sonne of Iehiel one of the sonnes of Elam answered, & sayd to Ezra, We haue trespassed against our God, & haue taken strange wiues of the people of the land, yet nowe there is [Note: [b] Meaning, that God would receiue them to mercie. ] hope in Israel concerning this.

3 Now therfore let vs make a couenant with our God, to put away [Note: [c] Which are stragers and maryed contrary to the Law of God. ] all the wiues (and such as are borne of them) according to the counsell of the Lord, and of those that feare the commandements of our God, and let it be done according to the Lawe.

4 Arise: for the matter [Note: [d] Because God hath giuen thee autoritie, and learning to perswade the people herein and to command them. ] belogeth vnto thee: we also wil be with thee: be of comfort and do it.

5 Then arose Ezra, and caused the chiefe Priestes, the Leuites, and all Israel, to sweare that

[Strange mariages.]

they would doe according to this worde. So they sware.

6 [Note: Esd.9.1. ] And Ezra rose vp from before the house of God, and went into the chamber of Iohanan the sonne of Eliashib: he went euen thither, but he did eate neither bread, nor drunke water: for he mourned, because of the transgression of them of the captiuitie.

7 And they caused a proclamation to goe throughout Iudah and Ierusalem, vnto [Note: Ebr. sonnes of the captiuitie. ] all them of the captiuitie, that they should assemble themselues vnto Ierusalem.

8 And whosoeuer woulde not come within three dayes according to the counsel of the Princes & Elders, all his substance should be [Note: Or, condemned. ] forfait, & he should be separate from the Congregation of them of the captiuitie.

9 Then all the men of Iudah & Beniamin assembled theselues vnto Ierusalem within three dayes, which was the twentieth day of the [Note: [e] Which contained part of Nouember & part of December. ] ninth moneth, and all the people sate in the streete of the house of God, trembling for this matter, and for the [Note: [f] For the season was giuen to raine, & so the weather was more sharpe & colde, & also their conscience touched them. ] raine.

10 And Ezra the Priest stoode vp, & said vnto them, Ye haue transgressed, & haue taken strange wiues, to [Note: [g] Ye haue layde one sinne vpon another. ] increase the trespasse of Israel.

11 Now therefore [Note: [h] Reade Iosh. 7.19. ] giue praise vnto the Lord God of your fathers, and do his will, and separate your selues from the people of the land, and from the strange wiues.

12 And all the Congregation answered, and sayd with a loude voyce, So will we do according to thy wordes vnto vs.

13 But the people are many, and it is a raynie weather, and we are not able to stande without, neither is it the worke of one day or two: for we are many that haue offended in this thing.

14 Let our rulers stand therefore [Note: [i] Let them be appointed to examine this matter. ] before all the Congregation, & let all them which haue taken strange wiues in our cities, come at the time appoynted, & with them the Elders of euery citie and the Iudges thereof, til the fierce wrath of our God for this matter turne away from vs.

15 Then were appoynted Ionathan the sonne of Asah-el, & Iahaziah the sonne of Tikuah ouer this matter, and Meshullam and Shabbethai the Leuites helped them.

16 And they of the captiuitie did so, & [Note: [k] They went to the chiefe cities to sit on this matter which was three moneths in finishing. ] departed, euen Ezra the Priest, & the men that were chiefe fathers to the familie of their fathers by name, and sate downe in the first day of the tenth moneth to examine the matter.

17 And vntill the first day of the first moneth they were finishing the businesse with al the men that had taken strange wiues.

18 And of the sonnes of the Priests there were men founde, that had taken strange wiues, to wit, of the sonnes of Ieshua, the sonne of Iozadak, & of his brethren, Maaseiah, Aeliezer, and Iarib and Gedaliah.

19 And they gaue [Note: [l] As a token that they would keepe promes & do it. ] their hads, that they would put away their wiues, & they that had trespassed, gaue a ramme for their trespasse.

20 And of the sonnes of Immer, Honani, and Zebadiah.

21 And of the sonnes of Harim, Maaseiah, & Eliiah, and Shemaiah, and Iehiel, and Vzziah.

22 And of ye sonnes of Pashur, Elioenai, Maaseiah, Ishmael, Nethaneel, Iozabad, and Elasah.

23 And of the Leuites, Iozabad and Shimei, [Page]

[Nehemiah mourneth. His prayer.]

and Kelaiah, (which is Kelitah) Pethahiah, Iudah and Eliezer.

24 And of the singers, Eliashib. And of the porters, Shallum, and Telem, and Vri.

25 And of [Note: [m] Meaning, of the common people: for before he spake of the Priests and Leuites. ] Israel: of the sonnes of Parosh, Ramiah, and Iesiah, and Malchiah, and Miamin, and Eleazar, and Malchiiah, and Benaiah.

26 And of the sonnes of Elam, Mattaniah, Zechariah, and Iehiel, and Abdi, and Ieremoth, and Eliah.

27 And of the sonnes of Zattu, Elioenai, Eliashib, Mattaniah, and Ierimoth, and Zabad, and Aziza.

28 And of the sonnes of Bebai, Iehohanan, Hananiah, Zabbai, Athlai.

29 And of the sonnes of Bani, Meshullam, Malluch, & Adaiah, Iashub, and Sheal, Ieramoth.

30 And of the sonnes of [Note: Or, the captaine of Moab. ] Pahath Moab, Adna, and Chelal, Benaiah, Maaseiah, Mattaniah, Bezaleel, and Binnui, and Manasseh.

[His prayer. Artahshashte.]

31 And of the sonnes of Harim, Eliezer, Ishiiah, Malchiah, Shemaiah, Shimeon,

32 Beniamin, Malluch, Shamariah.

33 Of the sonnes of Hashum, Mattenai, Mattattah, Zabad, Eliphelet, Ieremai, Manasseh, Shimei.

34 Of the sonnes of Bani, Maadai, Amram, and Vel,

35 Banaiah, Bediah, Chelluh,

36 Vaniah, Meremoth, Eliashib,

37 Mattaniah, Mattenai, and Iaasau,

38 And Banni, and Bennui, Shimei,

39 And Shelemiah, and Nathan, and Adaiah,

40 Machnadebai, Shashai, Sharai,

41 Azareel, and Shelemiah, Shemariah,

42 Shallum, Amariah, Ioseph.

43 Of the sonnes of Nebo, Ieiel, Mattithiah, Zabad, Zebina, Iadau, and Ioel, Benaiah.

44 All these had taken strange wiues: and among them were women that had [Note: [n] Which also were made illegitimate because the mariage was vnlawfull. ] children.