Micro Borland C 3.1 and Wolfenstein 3-D

I've tried to make this as painless as possible for you. All you need is DOS or Windows and an unzip utility; the first you should have already and the second you can download from Info-Zip.org.

Alright, here goes. You will need to download three things:

  1. A minimalist installation of Borland C++ 3.1 (unless you have Borland C++ 3.x already).
  2. The original Wolfenstein 3-D source code, stripped of all extraneous packaging and offered here as a plain, ordinary ZIP file.
  3. My compile patch and makefile.

First, I'd like to explain a few things.

  1. The C compiler contains only those files absolutely necessary (except for a few files in include/) to build the program. Delete a file and don't be surprised if the compiler breaks.
  2. Make sure the directory containing the C compiler is in your path! I also suggest you check the directories in the makefile (see below).
  3. Don't unzip the source files into the directory containing the compiler.
  4. If you delete object files created in the makefile, be careful not to remove GAMEPAL.OBJ and SIGNON.OBJ. These files are not generated from source code (they form a raw bitmap image, which you see when you launch the game), therefore they are not compiled.
  5. Unzip the compile patch on top of the Wolfenstein source code, and overwrite all files.
  6. The makefile, MAKEFILE.WL6, contains directory information used to locate include files and libraries. The information is correct for me. You will need to adjust this information if you wish to use the makefile. It is a text file and can be edited with the DOS editor.
  7. Assuming everything is set up properly, type "make -f makefile.wl6" and watch the magic! The output file will be stored in the OBJ/ directory.

Steve "Usotsuki" Nickolas, steve%40dosius%2Ezzn%2Ecom